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New Galleries: Age of Extinction Generations Lockdown and Movie Advanced AD26 Lockdown

New Galleries: Age of Extinction Generations Lockdown and Movie Advanced AD26 Lockdown

Bounty Hunter - You think these galleries were born? They were built ... and now we're sharing them with you here on Turn your (gun) faces to witness the Deluxe class incarnations of Transformers: Age of Extinction Lockdown, in both the Hasbro Generations and Takara Tomy Movie Advanced Line AD-26 versions. Warning: there may or may not be trophies within.
New Gallery: Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Class Slog

New Gallery: Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Class Slog

Dinobot Slog - Sauropod Sunday, anyone? Join in welcoming the latest gallery, featuring the Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Slog in all his red weaponed glory! Dinobot Slog transforms into a Brachiosaurus. Click on any of the images below to view the full gallery, which includes comparison shots with its G1 predecessor and the current Dinobot line-up.
New Gallery: Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Class Drift

New Gallery: Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Class Drift

Voyager Class Drift - The figure is based off of the DOTM Skyhammer mold, but sports a blue and gold colorscheme, new weapons and a new head to bring you Drift in his third mode, a helicopter. The helicopter mode (and transformation to and from) were shown very briefly in this summer's TF film, Age Of Extinction. Considering the difficulties of taking a Bugatti Veyron and turning it into a robot AND a helicopter, a reuse of the Skyhammer mold was the next best possible plan.
New Galleries: Club Subscription Exclusive Treadshot with Catgut and United Warpath

New Galleries: Club Subscription Exclusive Treadshot with Catgut and United Warpath

Action Master - Arriving now in your mailboxes, if you're a member of the Transformers Collectors' Club, is the new offering in the exclusive figures gallery: Treadshot with partner Catgut! The two toys are repaints of previous Generations Deluxe Warpath and that Arms Micron that kinda looks like Ravage, shown in the galleries with their original incarnations - and just to keep you entertained, make sure to check out the third new addition: United Deluxe Warpath, the Takara repaint!
Twincast / Podcast #98

Twincast / Podcast #98

Combiner Wars - This episode we start off discussing the highly anticipated theme for the 2015 Generations line ... Combiner Wars! Has Hasbro finally answered our prayers for combiners or is something else motivating them? We then follow up with some in depth discussion about the Stunticons. Up next we will discuss our thoughts on the new Generations Sky-Byte and Roadbuster. Tankor and Rattrap are finally starting to appear at retail. The SDCC exclusives have finally hit the Hasbro Toy Shop! Up next, we discussed the TFCC and their 2 big figure reveals. The 2015 membership freebie figure, Lio Convoy, and the club exclusive figure, Nova Prime. We then talk about the new images of Masterpiece Star Saber that surfaced well will this MP figure do? Is Star Saber popular enough? Tune in to hear our answers. Up next, we have our favorite segment...Listener questions are next followed with some bragging rights.

New Galleries: Lost Age Movie Advanced AD27 Bumblebee and AD04 High Octane Bumblebee

Posted 6 hours ago by Va'al - 3,032 views

It might be Labor Day weekend in the States, but the worker bees of are still busy! Check out the first two Bumblebee galleries this weekend featuring none other than Takara Tomy's Movie Advanced AD27 Bumblebee and AD04 High Octane Bumblebee, the counterparts to the Hasbro Age of Extinction Deluxes. Head back later this weekend for 3 more AOE Bumblebee galleries swarming in. Takara Tomy: Movie Advanced Bumblebee Takara Tomy: Movie Advanced - Read More

How It's Made: Stomp And Chomp Grimlock Exhibit At Pawtucket Arts Festival

Posted 6 hours ago by Autobot032 - 2,570 views

Mr. Herb Weiss is the Economic and Cultural Affairs officer for the city of Pawtucket Rhode Island, the home of Hasbro's headquarters, and he stopped by to let us know of a rather unique experience. Hasbro will be part of the annual Pawtucket Arts Festival. Their exhibition is titled: "From Sketches to Product Development of a Transformer Figure" The exhibit will show several steps from design drawings all the way up to the finished product, to give people a little insight into how some of - Read More

Sneak Peek - IDW Transformers: Primacy #2

Posted 12 hours ago by Va'al - 3,595 views

There may be no new Transformers comics coming out next week, but iTunes (via IDW's Mariel Romero) comes to our rescue by providing the usual three-page preview. Check out below a sneak peak at the second issue of Transformers: Primacy! DECEPTICONS ASSEMBLE! The war for CYBERTRON begins in earnest! MEGATRON brings together the deadliest of his troops for an unbelievable assault on the AUTOBOTS—and the TRANSFORMERS’ world is shaken to the core! - Read More

Artist Ken Christiansen to Attend Salt Lake Comic Con - September 4th-6th

Posted 13 hours ago by Va'al - 3,459 views

Our friend Ken Christiansen, artist for IDW, Hasbro and more, from comic covers to concept art for the movies to artwork for the Transformers: Legends mobile game, has dropped us a line to let us (and everyone else) know about his attendance at the Salt Lake Comic Con next weekend. Drop by his blog, Facebook page, and make sure to say his at the con! September 4th - 6th, Salt Palace Convention Center, in Salt Lake City, Utah! I'm happy to announce that I will be a guest in the Artist Alley - Read More

Transformers: Age of Extinction Platinum Leader Pack Optimus Prime and Grimlock Sighted in Malaysia

Posted 13 hours ago by Va'al - 5,514 views

Fellow Transformers fan Rubin Kumar from Malaysia was able to find, purchase and take some photos of the Transformers: Age of Extinction Platinum Edition two-pack Optimus Prime and Grimlock, each figure being a redeco of their respective Leader Class figures. Check out the images he sent us below from te Aeon Seremban 2 shopping mall in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, and make sure to flag up any sightings of your own in the appropriate section and forums! - Read More

Takara Tomy Masterpiece Star Saber Comparison Shots - Saber as Torso

Posted 13 hours ago by Va'al - 5,023 views

Thanks to a tip from fellow user Sabrblade and the TFYuki Twitter account, we get some more comparison shots of the upcoming Takara Tomy Masterpiece Transformers Star Saber. This time it's Saber in his torso configuration for his "Battle Up!" combination with the V-Star to form Star Saber - check 'em out mirrored below! - Read More

TFsource Weekly WrapUp! Warbotron, Fansproject, Shuraking, Impossible Toys Clearance and More!

Posted 19 hours ago by Va'al - 6,166 views

TFsource Weekly WrapUp! Warbotron, Fansproject, Shuraking, Impossible Toys Clearance and More! Greetings Sourcefans! We're wrapping up this week with new instock items like Warbotron - WB01-A - Air Burst, Fansproject - Lost Exo Realm - LER-01 Columpio and Drepan, Before & After Six Sigma - Red and Black Arm versions, TFCC 2014 Subscription Exclusive - Treadshot with Catgut, TFC Toys - Prometheus - Warning Line, TFsource New Recruits and AFA Graded Items, and a restock of the very - Read More

Angry Birds Transformers Sunbow Style Animated Trailer

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 12,835 views

Fellow user Sabrblade has spotted a Sunbow styled trailer for the upcoming Angry Birds Transformers crossover spanning comic-line-toys-videogames - which even uses Vince DiCola's music! Check out further information at the official site, and below, and take a look at the embedded clip. Birds disguised as robots in disguise! The mysterious EggSpark has crashed onto Piggy Island, transformerizing everything in its path! Even the eggs have become robots, and are running riot - Read More Newsletter #1237

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 12,572 views

Hi, Here is a quick update from Free TF Movie 3 Trading Cards for every orders and unsent Preorders! For every USD50 ordered, 4 pack of TF Movie 3 Trading card will be included. For over USD300 Order, A Card Album will also be included! #1 Hot News Movie 4 Platinum Edition Breakout Scene Pack. Photo Updated! Pre-order, Start Shipping on 1st September 2014. US$89.9 Generations 2014 Voyager Brainstorm. Pre-order, - Read More

Transformers: Age of Extinction Blu-Ray Exclusives, Creating the Dinobots Clip

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 13,565 views

For those of you waiting for Transformers: Age of Extinction to be able to view from your own home, have updated their site with a clip from Paramount Pictures on the creation of the Dinobots, teasing the release of the disc on 30th September. In addition, they've rounded up most of the variant releases of the movie exclusive to different retailers, and we've mirrored both clip and pictures below - check them out! Paramount Home Media Distribution has sent us a new clip from a - Read More

New Galleries: Generations Leader Class Jetfire and Cybertron Con 2013 Henkei Jetfire

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 16,077 views

Are you ready to rumble? is proud to present the first Transformers Leader class of the Generations line, part of the Thrilling 30 Anniversary monicker: the Autobot that wasn´t to begin with, Jetfire! Check out the impressive gallery by clicking on any of the images below, and compare it to the Cybertron Con Henkei version too, all below for your enjoyment. Generations Jetfire Transformers Henkei - Read More

New Transformers 30th Anniversary Multimedia: Music and Clips from Japanese Animated Series Listings

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 14,787 views

Thanks to a tip from fellow user Stormrider, we have located two new listings on, concerning two Transformers multimedia releases! The first one, The Transformers: Song Masterpiece, priced at 6480 Yen (around 65$) is a four-disc collection of theme songs, intros, end credits and more from the Japanese animated shows, with some nice Optimus Prime cover art. The second, The Transformers Music Matrix, is priced at 3536 Yen (around 35$), and includes a DVD with clips and - Read More

IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #33 Convention Exclusive Cover by Casey Coller and JP Bove

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 14,840 views

Issue #32 just came out, and you can read our review here, but news is already trickling through for Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #33, starting with this exclusive convention cover for Alamo City Comic Con by the ever-talented c-c-c-combo of Casey Coller and JP Bove. Check out the Jurassic Park-esque Fall of Cybertron Grimlock in Alamo - Read More

IDW Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #2 Review

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 13,388 views

Ain't Easy Being Green (Spoiler free-ish) Synopsis BOOTS ON THE GROUND! The war has begun—and no bars will be held! SCARLETT’s forces go head-to-head with MEGATRON’s hordes—and the most off-beat adventure in comic book history hits a new level of dangerous alliances, deadly invasions, and devastating betrayals! Flagg: F**k yeah Story The introduction to Tom Scioli's world of G.I. Joe and Transformers has really been like nothing else so far, in issues #0 and #1, even - Read More

Video Review - Transformers: Age of Extinction Walmart Exclusive Grimlock and Optimus Prime Set

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 19,019 views

The repaint trend continues, with another video review by fellow Seibertronian grimdragon2001, who was able to find a Walmart exclusive two-pack Transformers: Age of Extinction Grimlock and Optimus Prime! This is the one featuring the Energon Cruellock repaint for the Dinobot leader, and a redeco of Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Optimus Prime. Check it out - Read More

Wal*Mart Exclusives Age of Extinction Decepticon Stinger & Dinobot Slug Video Review

Posted 3 days ago by Autobot032 - 19,088 views

A fellow fan, by the name of Jeremy Boutwell, has shared a link to his video review of the Wal*Mart Exclusive Decepticon Stinger (Legion/Legends Class) and Dinobot Slug (Deluxe Class) 2-Pack, on our Facebook page. Consisting of a redeco of the Legends Class ROTF Sideways figure and a redeco (and faction change!) of Beast Wars Neo Guiledart, the set is affordable at it's current price of $14.88 and it's available now at most Wal*Mart stores across the country. Check out the video review - Read More

"Rusty" Prime Video Review

Posted 3 days ago by Autobot032 - 21,079 views message board member Chuckdawg1999 has provided us a video review of the Takara Tomy Toys "R" Us exclusive "Rusty" Optimus. This redeco and remold of the Evasion Mode Optimus mold features a plastic with the color of a white chocolate with "rusty" paint apps strewn about throughout the mold. This Optimus also features a head with a faceplate instead of the exposed face of the original. You can see the video review below: Keep your optics tuned to for the - Read More

Million Publishing Generations Shouki Gun Mode revealed

Posted 4 days ago by mooncake623 - 19,505 views member Sabrblade just dropped by and pointed us to TFYUKI's twitter page where he revealed that Million Publishing Generations Shouki has Gun Mode. You can check out the image TFYUKI shared imbedded below. member Powered convoy also took a scan from the manga that shows off this gun mode being wielded by Goshooter - Read More

Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece Star Saber Discussion Thread - More Size Comparison Images

Posted 4 days ago by Va'al - 19,629 views

Once again coming at us from Hisashi Yuki on Twitter, we get some comparison shots of the third part of the prototype for Masterpiece Star Saber - and it's Yuuki no Brain, Brainmaster of Courage! Check out the images showing the tiny figure alongside its predecessors and some other size comparisons. - Read More

z75sales Hasbro Rarities Update - Transformers mock ups, dinobots & prototypes

Posted 4 days ago by Va'al - 18,637 views

Continuing in the stream of clips from the gigantic, exclusive and rare collection of old Transformers gems, including unreleased items from Hasbro and toy prototypes, eBay seller z75sales has uploaded another video showing the unboxing of further material during the inventory, featuring Gobots, G2 figures, Dinobots, and mock-ups. Check out the clip below, and let us know what you think of it - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #98 - Combiner Wars
Twincast / Podcast #98:
"Combiner Wars"
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Posted: Thursday, August 14th, 2014