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New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

New Galleries: Combiner Wars Cyclonus and Galvatronus

Cyclonus - Our latest figure gallery features an unexpected repurposing of a previous wave figure: feast your eyes below on Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Cyclonus! The figure is a fairly significant remold of the Silverbolt toy, featuring a new head, torso, paint job, wings - and an entirely new combiner head, ready to form an almost Decepticon leader - Galvatronus, nemesis to fan-built Victorion and possessor of mind-bending powers.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #116 "Character Piece"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #116 "Character Piece"

Character Piece - Welcome to the latest episode of the Twincast / Podcast! This episode features your no-longer-on-the-market host ScottyP, site owner and photographer extraordinaire Seibertron, Not-Optimus RodimusConvoy13, and the late (to the show) Jon3.0. On this episode we start out by catching up on some comic talk. The not-quite latest issue of More Than Meets The Eye kicks things off, as we take a rather long time to catch up on the dastardly(?) deeds of the DJD.
New Galleries: Q-Transformers Optimus Prime, Megatron, Nemesis Prime, Hound and Bluestreak

New Galleries: Q-Transformers Optimus Prime, Megatron, Nemesis Prime, Hound and Bluestreak

Q-Transformers - We have some more exclusive toy galleries, featuring some more superdeformed Takara Tomy Q Transformers! Feast your eyes below on the leaders of the Autobot and Decepticon factions from wave 5 - the same as Nemesis Prime here: QT-19 Optimus Prime (Convoy), in his G1 flatnosed truck cab, QT-20 Megatron, sporting a Lamborghini Veneno altmode, QT-18 Nemesis Prime (Western Star 4900 SB), QT-15 Hound (Suzuki Hustler) and QT-16 Bluestreak (Subaru WRX STI).
New Gallery: Transformers Adventures TAV-14 Ultra Magnus

New Gallery: Transformers Adventures TAV-14 Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus - Seibertron has been hard at work to bring you new galleries today, first of Transformers Adventures TAV-13 Nemesis Prime and now TAV-14 Ultra Magnus! The figure originates from the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters line, but sports a brand new paint scheme to dazzle the eyes. We invite you take a closer look at this fella and stick around to browse our Galleries, join the Conversations, and keep up to date with all your Transformers News at!
New Galleries: Platinum Edition Triple Changers Astrotrain and Blitzwing

New Galleries: Platinum Edition Triple Changers Astrotrain and Blitzwing

Triple Changers - When the Platinum Edition of Blitzwing and Astrotrain was first revealed, everyone was a little confused about the colour decos on the two, the latter in particular. Taking the 1985 Takara mold and eHobby exclusive, and painted in bright orange and white (almost Alpha Bravo colours!) was definitely quite a peculiar choice to accentuate, as the other toy in the box is really quite close to the original figure, though the mold is once more the Takara G1 version. Nonetheless, still brings you the full gallery treatment to this bizarre Platinum Edition set of the two Decepticon triplechangers, showing off all their three modes, comparisons with previous incarnations of the characters and our trademark under the foot shots - click on any image below to view them!

TakaraTomy Transformers Legends Black Convoy Teaser & E-Hobby Grand Scourge

Posted 11 hours ago by shajaki - 4,007 views

The now famous TFyuki has taken to Twitter once again with a new tease of Transformers Legends Black Convoy alongside RID series comrades Gelshark (SkyByte) and TAV-08 Gregevor (possibly a homage to Ruination's Rollbar). He'll be a Tokyo Toy Show 2015 exclusive alongside Legends Armada Megatron, and is very reminiscent of the 2014 Collector Club's Scourge. And if that weren't enough we have another Black Convoy (of sorts) lighting up Twitter today, E-Hobby Unite Warriors Grand Scourge! He's - Read More

First Images of Takara Tomy Transformers MP-26 Road Rage finished vehicle mode

Posted 17 hours ago by william-james88 - 6,069 views

Fellow Seibertronian Cyberpath has sent our way some new MP 26 Roadrage pictures provided by Dengeki Hobby. These pictures feature our first look at how the vehicle mode will look like in colour. A picture of the recolored Blaster accessory was also provided. For those who aren't in the know, Masterpiece Roadrage will be a redeco and retool (head and hips) of Masterpiece - Read More

Transformers Robots in Disguise Super Bumblebee Sighted at US Retail

Posted 17 hours ago by Va'al - 5,116 views

While we've seen in-hand images of the Transformers: Robots in Disguise Super Bumblebee from Hong Kong, our first US sighting comes from a Toys'R'Us store in Baton Rouge, LA (and via fellow Seibertronian carytheone)! Check out the photo proof for the giant three-step toy below, priced at around $50, and make sure to flag it up in our Sightings section and forums to help out other collectors if you come across one - Read More

New Combiner Wars figures available on HTS: Quickslinger Brakeneck and more

Posted 17 hours ago by william-james88 - 5,588 views

Fellow Seibertronians reluctantyouth and LongHaulLaser have brought to our attention a slew of new Transformers figures now available on We first learnt that the highly sought after Brakeneck and Quickslinger were available as well as Combiner Wars Cyclonus. We then received this message from LongHaulLaser: LongHaulLaser wrote:Now HotSpot is up on HTS as well, and apparently it is shipping in one business day ( ... - Read More

TFsource Weekly Wrapup! Combiner Wars, Warbotron, X-transbots and More!

Posted 17 hours ago by Va'al - 4,829 views

TFsource Weekly Wrapup! Combiner Wars, Warbotron, X-transbots and More! Great News Sourcefans! We're wrapping up this week with new instock items like Warbotron Sly Strike, Fierce Attack and X-Ray, BadCube OTS-04 Wardog, ToyWorld Combiners - Shinebug, Sideload and Expressway, MMC Reformatted - R-09 - Eupatorium the Warrior, and DX9 D05 - Chigurh! We also have new preorders for Transformers Unite Warriors - TU-03 - Defensor Set w/ Exclusive Groove Figure, Xtransbots - MX-II Andras, - Read More

Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #41 Full Preview

Posted 19 hours ago by Va'al - 5,442 views

Comics and entertainment website Newsarama have received their usual exclusive from IDW Publishing, allowing us to post our own full preview of next week's Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #41! Check it out below, though beware of some spoilers, and head back here next week for the review. Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #41 James Roberts (w) • Alex Milne (a & c) “Dear RODIMUS and crew… It’s my funeral tomorrow and I’d love it if you could all be there. - Read More Newsletter #1274

Posted 24 hours ago by LOST Cybertronian - 6,412 views

ROBOTKINGDOM.COM Newsletter #1274 Hi, Here is a quick update from All ORDERS WITH GENERATIONS 2015 ITEMS WILL RECEIVE 1 HASBRO EXCLUSIVE COMBINER WARS STRICKER PER ORDER! ... 600&type=1 Free TF Movie 3 Trading Cards for every orders and unsent Preorders! For every USD50 ordered, 4 pack of TF Movie 3 Trading card will be included. For over USD300 Order, A Card Album will also be included! #1 Hot News Transformers - Read More

Devastator In-Hand Images With Size Comparisons

Posted 1 day ago by Autobot032 - 17,124 views

Thanks to fellow fan and collector Johnny Lau over on Weibo, we have several in-hand images of the upcoming Titan Class Devastator to share with you! ...including size comparisons! Considering he's 18 inches tall and most of the other Combiner Wars combiners are roughly a foot tall at or around 12 inches tall, he dwarfs them by quite a bit. He's a massive beast and looks to be well worth the $150.00 asking price. Without further ado, the images in question, comparisons and - Read More

Official Takara Tomy Legends Black Convoy And Armada Megatron Images

Posted 1 day ago by Autobot032 - 9,909 views

Thanks to fellow fan, collector and Seibertronian, Cyberpath, we have new official images of Legends (what we call Generations/Combiner Wars) Car Robots Black Convoy/RID (2001) Scourge and Armada Megatron to feast upon! The images come from the official Takara Tomy Twitter feed and feature the Black Convoy/Scourge/Nemesis Prime color scheme on the G2 Optimus Prime mold from 2010's Reveal The Shield, as well as Leader Class Armada Megatron from the currently released Combiner Wars line. (You - Read More

Quickslinger And Brake-Neck Now Available At BBTS, TFSource, TRU & Target

Posted 1 day ago by Autobot032 - 8,569 views

Ah, Quickslinger (Slingshot) and Brake-Neck (Wildrider), you've finally come along to G1-ify our Superions and Menasors. First, it was Amazon! Then, it was Walmart! And now both BBTS and TFSource get their listings out there for all to shop! (It should also be noted that they both played by the rules and followed the street date of 5/22 (AKA May Mayhem) while Amazon and Walmart did not.) Up first, the BBTS listings for Brake-Neck and - Read More

Unite Warriors Defensor (With Deluxe Groove) Preorders Now Live

Posted 1 day ago by Autobot032 - 6,811 views

A Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Groove, you say? Oh wait, he seems to be a Unite Warriors Takara Tomy Mall exclusive to Japan? Well... darn. Wait, what's this? BBTS and TFSource have preorders you say? You betcha! sponsors BBTS, TFSource and have posted new preorders for the upcoming Unite Warriors Defensor with new Deluxe Class Groove figure! Both US based sites have it priced at $159.99 and have an expected release date of late December. (What a great - Read More

Platinum Edition Trypticon and Blaster / Perceptor 2-Pack Reissues Preorders Now Live

Posted 1 day ago by Autobot032 - 8,013 views

What a busy late night/early morning for news! Hasbro and Takara have been hitting us left and right with fantastic news and it's not even close to over because we have two new G1 reissue listings to get your blood pumpin', your wallet open and your significant others angry! Up first, a gem we've covered before (we're not going to jump to the good stuff just yet, it's worth the wait!) Platinum Edition Reissues of Blaster and Perceptor, plus a ton of awesome cassette bots and accessories! - Read More

Botcon 2015 Reveals Hat / T-shirt Design; Registration to Possibly go Live Tomorrow

Posted 1 day ago by LOST Cybertronian - 3,579 views

A small update to the BotCon 2015 website shows the designs for the hat and t-shirt this year. The hat features the typical BotCon 2015 logo while the t-shirt shows Battletrap, Shattered Glass Stepper, Packrat and Megatron wanted deactivated or funtioning. The club also sent out an email regarding Botcon registration saying it should go live tomorrow. Hello Everyone! Barring any final issues, we are doing the final touches tonight and should have registration live tomorrow. I'll send - Read More

Transformers Combiner Wars Leader Class Thundercracker Spotted at ToysRus

Posted 1 day ago by shajaki - 5,102 views

We told you about Transformers Combiner Wars Leader Class Thundercracker showing up in specialty shops, but now he's been spotted at general retail! Thanks to Seibertron forum member TRozok21 we have a shot of the blue Generations Jetfire retool, coming out of a ToysRus in Ottowa Canada. So let the hunt begin, and stay tuned to for all your Transformers - Read More

Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015): Chuck Reviews Warrior Class Jazz

Posted 1 day ago by shajaki - 6,087 views

Youtuber Chuck (or chuckdawg1999 to us Seibertronians) has posted a new review tonight of Transformers Robots in Disguise Warrior Class Jazz! He comes in Wave 3 alongside Sideswipe and online retailers have them slated for release this month, so hopefully they will be popping up on stores shelves soon. Keep scrolling to watch Chucks review, and stay tuned to for all your Transformers - Read More

Out of Box and Individual Constructicon Images of SDCC 2015 Exclusive Devastator

Posted 1 day ago by LOST Cybertronian - 10,619 views

The Official Transformers Facebook page has updated with a couple new images of the upcoming SDCC exclusive Devastator. The images gives us an out of box look at Devy as well as the individual Constructicons. Devastator features a G1 deco with vac metal purple bits. - Read More

Transformers Collectors' Club Subscription Service 3.0 Carzap with G.B. Blackrock Now Arriving

Posted 1 day ago by LOST Cybertronian - 4,919 views

Thanks to fellow Seibertronians Bounti76 and Megatronus for letting us know that the first figure from Transformers Collectors' Club subscription service 3.0 has started to arrive in mailboxes. Even better they sent us pics of the newly arrived figure. Bounti76 has Nova Prime unboxing the figure while Chromia looks on. The images that Megatronus sent us gives us another look at the figure as well as the Kre-O pieces that make up G.B. Blackrock and a laser blaster that converts to a gaspump. - Read More

Deluxe Groove to seemingly be a Japan exclusive mold as part of Unite Warriors Guardian set

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 8,673 views

While we have all been excited about the new Deluxe Groove mold that was just revealed, the same source for the images, Takratomymall, also has some fine print that might have been glossed over. Below is the rough translation of the statement: Third in a series, "Unite Warriors" that focuses on popular coalescence warrior of Transformers, with Tomy mall limited sale, Protectobots coalescence warrior "guardian" appeared of Cybertron! Hot spot five bodies of the Grey's Street Wise First Aid - Read More

Official images for Takara Tomy TAV Drift, Adams, Powerglide and Phantom Jaw and new TED Products

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 7,611 views

We just got the reveal of a bunch of first Images for upcoming figures in the TAV and TED Takara lines and we now have new clearer images of these from Takara Tomy Mall. It's about time too, since all of these figures are coming out in a month. Below you will find images for: TED-09 Grimlock - June 27 - 1,620 Yen ($13 USD) TAV -18 Drift - June 27 -2,700 Yen ($22 USD) TAV-19 Powerglide - June 27 - 1404 Yen ($13 USD) TAV-20 Adams (Cosmos) - June 27 - 1404 Yen ($13 USD) TAV-VS03 Strong - Read More

Official Images of Takara Transformers Unite Warriors Groove

Posted 2 days ago by mooncake623 - 7,713 views

Just yesterday Unite Warriors deluxe Groove was revealed for Takara's Defensor. And today Thanks to Autobase Aichi via Facebook we have some official prototype images of Unite Warriors deluxe Groove! The pictures shows off Groove in both is robot and alt modes as well as his arm and leg modes when combine to form Defensor! Check out the images we've mirrored below and remember keep your optics tuned to for the latest in news and updates! - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #116 - Character Piece
Twincast / Podcast #116:
"Character Piece"
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Posted: Tuesday, May 5th, 2015