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Sneak Peek at Generations Devastator from Nuremberg Toy Fair

Sneak Peek at Generations Devastator from Nuremberg Toy Fair

Devastator!!! - Fellow Transformers fan daimchoc has shared a photo by Jason Tolputt from the currently happening Nuremberg Toy Fair - showing off a glimpse of the big green mean machine itself: Devastator! Whatever the rumour train was carrying, this definitely sends off a loud whistle in the right direction - just look at the image below for the size of this upcoming Generations figure!
New Galleries: Platinum Edition Year of the Goat Soundwave with Cassettes

New Galleries: Platinum Edition Year of the Goat Soundwave with Cassettes

Year of the Goat - Did you baaaah-y into the Platinum edition Transformers Masterpiece reissues? Or were you feeling a bit sheepish about the whole thing? Well, the following gallery might make you change your mind - take a look at the latest offering in the Year of the ____ cycle of re-editions of previous toys, featuring the master communicator himself and this year's Chinese zodiac symbol: MP Soundwave and fellow cassettes, under a gold, white and translucent deco for Year of the Goat!
IDW Publishing Transformers Comics April 2015 Solicitations: Defensor, Devastator, Windblade & More

IDW Publishing Transformers Comics April 2015 Solicitations: Defensor, Devastator, Windblade & More

COMBINER WARS!!! - Our friends over at IDW Publishing have released the comics solcitiation for their April 2015 releases, featuring not only the continuation of the two current ongoings The Transformers and More Than Meets the Eye, but also the return of Widndblade as it takes its own component of Combiner Wars! We also get to look at some more Transformers vs G.I. Joe, and the possible cover of the seventh volume of what used to be called Robots in Disguise, collecting the pre-CW arc. Check them all out below, including our first look at CW Defensor, Devastator, and the various team members.
Twincast / Podcast #109

Twincast / Podcast #109

I Can Deal With That - Get ready to command some cities with the Twincast! Join host ScottyP, regulars Counterpunch, Jon3.0, xRotorstormx, Razorclaw0000, Seibertron, and Twincast auditioner Leader Ultra Magnus as they delve into an all toy, all the time episode. This episode covers everything from Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, Combiner Wars Devastator rumors, Generations Arcee and Chromia, Combiner Wars Wave 1, the theme for BotCon 2015, inexcusable flaws with Transformers toys, Ask The Twincast, and Bragging Rights. Enjoy!
New Galleries: Combiner Wars Voyager Silverbolt and Optimus Prime

New Galleries: Combiner Wars Voyager Silverbolt and Optimus Prime

Voyager Class - For the first time since 1986, the Aerialbots are coming back to store pegs and shelves as you had fondly remembered them: Classic G1. Up first in our gallery listing for today is Aerialbot leader Silverbolt, and he's looking better than ever with a rather impressive range of motion and a killer headsculpt. Forget those Energon Combiners, this is the real deal, but heavily updated for today's sophisticated requirements. Followed by Optimus Prime who reminds us he shouldn't be left out of the Combiner Wars, with his new found ability to create the super robot Ultra Prime! Energon Optimus could combine, you might say, and you'd be right but this time it's no set of drones or an Omega Supreme or Wing Saber he had hanging around, no, this is the core of Ultra Prime! Powerlinx to the extreme!

Peter Cullen to Attend TFcon Toronto 2015

Posted 6 hours ago by william-james88 - 1,468 views

TF Con has happily announced that Peter Cullen, the legend behind the voice of Optimus Prime, will attend their show. He will be appearing Saturday July 18th. The event will be held from July 17th to 19th at the Delta Meadowvale Hotel and Conference Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. TFcon Toronto is Canada’s annual Transformers collectors’ convention, and is the largest fan-run Transformers convention in the world. Tickets will be available in the coming - Read More

Full preview for Transformers vs G.I. JOE #5

Posted 6 hours ago by william-james88 - 1,506 views

Here is the official solicit for the long awaited Transformers vs G.I. JOE #5, followed by a full preview found on Comic Alliance. Transformers vs G.I. JOE #5 Tom Scioli & John Barber (w) • Scioli (a & c) IT GETS CRAZIER! The biggest space battle ever grows to universal proportions! Will the G.I. JOE team and the AUTOBOTS make peace—before COBRA and the DECEPTICONS end the war… the bad way?! FC • 32 pages • $3.99 It should be shipping on February - Read More

New Interview with Mairghread Scott About Windblade and Combiner Wars

Posted 6 hours ago by william-james88 - 1,969 views

Comics Alliance has recently interviewed Mairghread Scott, writer of Windblade, about both Windblade and the upcoming Combiner Wars crossover. Key news emerging from this interview includes the following: - Combiner Wars will be a six issue crossover taking place over the course of three months. - Scott has long term plans for the Windblade series and character. You can read the whole interview - Read More

TFsource Weekly WrapUp! TFCC Exclusives, Mega Steel Buster, and More!

Posted 15 hours ago by Va'al - 4,115 views

TFsource Weekly WrapUp! TFCC Exclusives, Mega Steel Buster, and More! Greetings Sourcefans! We're wrapping up this week with several new preorders from Takara, including Transformers-Q, Transformers Adventure, and Transformers Unite - TU-01 Superion! We also have preorders for TFCC 2015 Subscription Exclusive Figures, Sentinel - Mega Drive Megatron - Sega Genesis Version - LE1000, Unique Toys - Y01 - Provider, Generations - Combiner Wars 2015 Voyager/Deluxe/Legends Wave 2 & Leader - Read More

New Details on Accessories and Features for Asia Premium Series Ultimate Optimus Prime APS-01U

Posted 22 hours ago by william-james88 - 7,666 views

Soon after the unveil of Asia Premium Series Ultimate Optimus Prime APS-01U, Transformers Asia has released more details regarding this new release's accessories and special features. The most notable new inclusion would be the brass knuckle Optimus used against Shockwave in DOTM as well as fully articulated hands. APS-01U Optimus Prime (ULTIMATE EDITION) Accessories / Weapons List : ION BLASTER X 1 BATTLE BLADE X 2 BATTLE HOOK X2 (DETACHABLE) KNUCKLE X 1 (NEW PARTS) JETWING X - Read More Newsletter #1259

Posted 1 day ago by Autobot032 - 7,410 views

ROBOTKINGDOM.COM Newsletter #1259 Hi, Here is a quick update from Free TF Movie 3 Trading Cards for every orders and unsent Preorders! For every USD50 ordered, 4 pack of TF Movie 3 Trading card will be included. For over USD300 Order, A Card Album will also be included! #1 Hot News Takara Asia Exclusive APS-01U Ultimate Optimus Prime Photos Update! ... 600&type=1 Hasbro Platinum Edition G1 Reissue Insecticons Box - Read More

March 2015 Dengeki Hobby, Hobby Japan Magazine Scans: Transformers United Warriors, Adventure, Legends, Masterpiece and More

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 14,654 views

Here at we've made the leap into Japanese hobby specialist magazine, in our mission and dedication to bring the best content to our members and fellow Transformers fans! To that purpose, check out below a full scan of the latest issue of Dengeki and Hobby Japan magazines, featuring Takara Tomy's offerings in the United Warriors (Combiner Wars), Adventure (RID), QT, Legends and Masterpiece lines, including their own Superion - and full Aerialbot shots - main animated series cast - Read More

Transformers Collector's Club To Retire "Classics" Seeker Mold

Posted 2 days ago by Mindmaster - 14,222 views

Sad news for Collectors' Club members who are fans of the old Classics Seeker mold. Courtesy of the Transformers Collector's Club Twitter page, we have news that after the shipping of Generation 2 Starscream and Nacelle that the Club plans to retire the mold. Unfortunate news, as we have yet to see characters like Redwing be realized. Does this news sadden you? Does it bring relief? Speak your thoughts in the Energon - Read More

Transformers: Rescue Bots Rescan Blurr and Optimus Prime Sighted in Hong Kong

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 12,648 views

Thanks to fellow user Sabrblade, and via fellow Transformers fansite, we have a reported sighting in Hong Kong of a new Transformers Rescue Bots Optimus Prime and previously unknown, purple speed racer Blurr! Check them out in the images below. - Read More

Transformers: Legends Mobile Device Game - Dan Khanna Signature Series Episode Details

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 8,330 views

Another episode update from the DeNA Mobage mobile device game Transformers: Legends - and it's a signature series events featuring artist Dan Khanna! Check out the personalised update below, including a look at some of the artwork. Hello Transformers fans, Dan Khanna here! It’s been an honor to be featured in my own TRANSFORMERS Legends Signature Series event! I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to get a chance to draw some of my personal favorite all-time classic characters. I hope - Read More

New Galleries: Takara Transformers Legends LG-08 Swerve and Tailgate

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 8,343 views

As hinted in the Legends LG-09 Brainstorm gallery posted yesterday, we now have galleries available for Takara Transformers Legends LG-08 Swerve and Tailgate. You can use these to compare with the Hasbro versions and see what the differences are. Since these are only sold as a full set from Takara, some collectors have one or the other already and may be wondering if these are worth the double dip. Click any of the images below to be taken to the full gallery to see Swerve, Phaser, Tailgate - Read More

In-Hand Image of TFSS 3.0 Nacelle

Posted 2 days ago by Mindmaster - 15,274 views

Straight from the source, we have our first in-hand image of TFSS 3.0 Nacelle, courtesy of the official Transformers Collectors' Club Facebook page! Nacelle, who is based on a protoype of Generation One Thrust, will be available later this year as part of the Transformers Subscription - Read More

New Galleries: Transformers Legends LG-09 Brainstorm with Arcana

Posted 2 days ago by Autobot032 - 14,495 views proudly presents our newest gallery: TakaraTomy Transformers Legends LG-09 Brainstorm with Arcana. This version of the figure features more paint apps than the Hasbro release, and all of the plastics used match evenly on both versions of the figure, save for the canopy. Brainstorm and Arcana are shipping now from US retailer, and our sponsor, BBTS. To see more of the Japanese version of the release, as well as a comparison set with the US version, click any of the images below - Read More

Sneak Peek (Part 2) at Generations Devastator from Nuremberg Toy Fair

Posted 2 days ago by Seibertron - 25,900 views

From our source that provided the picture of the highly anticipated Combiner Wars Devastator earlier, we now have a second blurry/distant look at Devastator that shows a little bit more of the robot mode. We cropped the photo to help all of us get a slightly closer look. This photo is from the same anonymous user who provided us with the first picture we posted earlier today at this news story. Please share your thoughts about Devastator in our forums by clicking - Read More

Bounty for clear high res photos of Combiner Wars Devastator!

Posted 2 days ago by Seibertron - 17,193 views wants a picture of Combiner Wars Devastator to share exclusively with our users! Devastator is currently on display at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. We're putting out a bounty to get our first peak at Combiner Wars Devastator. Here's our offer ... I will pay $50 to the first person who can provide a clear high res shot of Combiner Wars Devastator. The image that you provide us must be exclusive to The photo you provide can't show up on anywhere online - Read More

New in hand images of Takara Transformers Cloud TFC-A04 Autobot Roadbuster

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 12,039 views

Right off the heels of the Cloud Hellwarp images, E-bay seller lena81822 has posted images of upcoming Transformers Cloud TFC-A04 Autobot Roadbuster to go with the toy's listings. Cloud Roadbuster uses the Generations Roadbuster mold with deco homaging Energon Ironhide. Here are the mirrored - Read More

BBTS Sponsor News: Pacific Rim, Transformers & More!

Posted 3 days ago by Autobot032 - 8,151 views

WINTER SALE! Over 3500 products have had their prices reduced! HOT TOYS & SIDESHOW SALE! 100 Items have been discounted from 1/6 scale figures to premium format figures. -------------- NEW PRE-ORDERS -------------- PACIFIC RIM SERIES 06 JAEGER SET PLUS BABY OTACHI This new set features a new Gypsy Danger figure and the fan requested Horizon Brave, a Mark-1 Chinese - Read More

Video Review - Kre-O Battle Changers Optimus Prime

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 8,553 views

With the official Hasbro commercial just showing up, we're happy to share fellow Seibertronian chuckdawg1999's video review of the Optimus Prime set from the Transformers Kre-O Battle Changers line. Check out the video embedded below! I was never sure if I'd see these sets released in the US but with a commercial popping up on Hasbro's YouTube channel there may be some hope yet. Optimus Prime is a fun build but keep in mind that the Transformation may be a bit fiddly causing parts to pop - Read More

IDW Transformers Drift: Empire of Stone #3 Review

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 7,580 views

Rock-Solid (Spoiler free-ish) Synopsis THE STONE ARMY! The secrets of DRIFT’S past become his present-day problems… and RATCHET’S none too happy about being dragged along! Oh Ratchet Story We've arrived at the third chapter of the four-issue mini-series following Drift, after his exile from the Lost Light, and in case you hadn't noticed... Drift is an ex-Decepticon turned Autobot with issues, gone ultra good then riddled with guilt and in search of redemption - and the - Read More

Hasbro Transformers Kre-O Battle Changers Commercial

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 9,360 views

It's been a while since we last heard about the Hasbro Transformers Kre-O Battle Changers, but thanks to their YouTube channel, we now have a 15 second commercial showing off some stop-motion animation for the line! Check out Grimlock, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in the embedded clip - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #109 - I Can Deal With That
Twincast / Podcast #109:
"I Can Deal With That"
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