Marissa Faireborn & Afterbreaker and Old Snake & Stealth B.A.T.s in the Club Store now!

Marissa Faireborn & Afterbreaker and Old Snake & Stealth B.A.T.s in the Club Store now!

Yo Joe! - Hey everyone, your patience has now been rewarded! The 2015 G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover figures are now online and ready to order from both the TCC and GIJCC Club Stores! Marissa Faireborn & Afterbreaker are listed at $42, while Old Snake and the Stealth B.A.T.s are $79. You can find them in the Transformers Collectors' Club Store here.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #121 "SDCC 2015"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #121 "SDCC 2015"

SDCC 2015 - In this episode we will be discussing all the latest news coming out of San Diego Comic Con from rumors and reveals to new comics that will be headed to a comic shop near you. San Diego Comic Con, the place where everyone wants to be, is taking place this week (July 9-12) and we've got the latest scoop on all the big surprising and those not so surprising reveals in the Transformers world BUT we decided to throw you a curve ball tonight and start off with a little discussion of non-TF SDCC news that we are each looking forward to.
Transformers Subscription Service 4.0 - 6th Figure Reveal

Transformers Subscription Service 4.0 - 6th Figure Reveal

IMPACTOR!!! - At BotCon this year, the Transformers Collectors' Club revealed five of the six figures being sold in the Transformers Subscription Service 4.0. Those five were Ruckus, Windsweeper, Spinister, Needlenose, and Bludgeon - Members of the Mayhem Attack Squad and components to the Mayhem Maximus combiner. Now the sixth figure for TFSS 4.0 is ready to be revealed! One of the last survivors of his team, IMPACTOR seeks revenge against the Mayhem Attack Squad. Willing to put it all on the line, this gruff warrior will show he's made of the metal to stand up against any combiner!
New Galleries: SDCC Constructicons Scrapper, Hook, Long Haul, Bonecrusher, Scavenger and Mixmaster

New Galleries: SDCC Constructicons Scrapper, Hook, Long Haul, Bonecrusher, Scavenger and Mixmaster

Constructicons - By now you have undoubtedly checked out our SDCC 2015 Devastator gallery (If you haven't then by all means get to clicking). Now its time to break down Devy into his component Constructicons featuring Scrapper, Hook, Long Haul, Bonecrusher, Scavenger and Mixmaster. This sextet features more paint apps than the standard retail edition and as you can see the chrome purple also extends into the robot modes of Scrapper, Hook and Mixmaster as well.
Hasbro's Official Transformers Products Images

Hasbro's Official Transformers Products Images

Official Pics - You know the drill by now, after all the many reveals today from the Hasbro Brand Panel comes official Images. This photogallery of images covers the gambit including G2 Superion and Menasor (and their component bots), Scattershot, Fan's Choice Combiner Victorion, RID Clash of the Transformers, Masterpiece and Platinum Editions. Click on the links above to see our individual SDCC 2015 coverage galleries, click on the images below to see the official images.

TF Yuki Tweets New Transformers Legends Ultra Magnus Image

Posted 2 hours ago by LOST Cybertronian - 1,064 views

NEW! It's been a minute since we have seen new images of Takara Tomy's Transformers Legends Ultra Magnus. In steps TF Yuki who comes through with a nice in-hand image. We see Ultra Magnus posed with his Transformers Adventure self and the massive TAV 21 Optimus Prime. Ultra Magnus has a September release date. - Read More

Marissa Faireborn & Afterbreaker and Old Snake & Stealth B.A.T.s in the Club Store now!

Posted 8 hours ago by TF_JW - 3,777 views

Hey everyone, your patience has now been rewarded! The 2015 G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover figures are now online and ready to order from both the TCC and GIJCC Club Stores! 2015 Transformers Club Exclusive MARISSA FAIREBORN™ & AFTERBREAKER™ (1 pc). EDC CYBERTRONIAN LIAISON With two parents on the elite interdisciplinary G.I. JOE® team, MARISSA was an army brat through and through. Growing up, she came to appreciate the beauty and fragility of the varied environments of - Read More

Interview with Hasui Shogo regarding Takara Transformers Unite Warriors UW 04 Devastator

Posted 9 hours ago by william-james88 - 4,085 views

This is really really cool. As a fan of the toys first and foremost, I really like getting an inside look at the process and decisions that took place when producing a toy. The latest Figure King magazine actually had an interview with Hasui Shogo, the man behind MP-10 and a truck load (ha!) of MP figures as well as most Starscream figures since Armada, regarding his work as Devastator's main designer. The interview was translated by TF fan Deruji who posted in on a TFW board. There are a - Read More

Takara Masterpiece MP-18B Blue Streak Collector Coin Revealed

Posted 10 hours ago by william-james88 - 2,967 views

As is the case with all Masterpiece releases distributed by Hasbro Asia, MP-18B Blue Bluestreak will come with a Collector Coin. This coin will be Asian distribution outside of Japan. That coin has been revealed on Hobby Ark Toy Store's Facebook page, enjoy the pics - Read More

Transformers IDW Torchbearers Artwork

Posted 12 hours ago by mooncake623 - 5,339 views

Thanks to Sara Pitre-Durocher via tumblr we get a look at the artwork she did for new Torchbearers, the all female combiner team that forms Victorian! From Sara Pitre-Durocher NOW THAT COMBINER HUNTERS IS OUT…! The Torchbearerrrrrs! I drew them from an early draft of the toys. There was certainly a fine balance to be found between “stay close to the toys’ designs” and “follow your heaaaart” but I think I did alright..! Anyways enough of me freaking out; Enjoy! and - Read More

Autobot August Promotion with Clash of the Transformers Exclusive Toysrus Robots in Disguise Subline

Posted 24 hours ago by william-james88 - 7,908 views

Toysrus appears to be pretty confident in their alliance with the Robots in Disguise line. Not only do they have exclusives in the Legends, Warrior, 3 Step and Ultra classes but these exclusives are worldwide, including Japan's Toysrus stores, where those same exclusive figures are distributed by Takara. An exclusive sublne this wide is unprecedented. While this subline is not found in the US yet, it is very prominent in Canada, with Toysrus displaying the subline and line as a whole in - Read More

Video Review for Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends Rodimus

Posted 1 day ago by william-james88 - 5,087 views

Seibertron's very own ChuckDawg1999 has sent a new video review our way. This time, it is for Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Legends Rodimus. chuckdawg1999 wrote:Legends Rodimus is an interesting figure. Most fans would agree that the original Classics mold has needed an update, well we got that update plus a downsizing. I'm a bit disappointed that the mold wasn't adjusted further to allow the ax weapon to be pegged in, in robot mode thus creating the iconic spoiler. If you're a fan - Read More

New In Hand Images of Takara Transformers TAV 21 Optimus Prime and TAV 23 Jazz

Posted 1 day ago by william-james88 - 7,815 views

Seibertron's very own Kanrabat was kind to snap a bunch of photos providing a more in depth look at Takara's TAV 21 Optimus Prime (get it? because the trailer has depth this time, I am here all week!), which is an exclusive Takara mold. He was released the same time as TAV 23 Jazz, of which Kanrabat also took some picutres. -Kanrabat- wrote:Here's the pictures I took of TAV-21 Optimus Prime and TAV-23 Jazz. Despite his finnicky transformation, Optimus is well worth owning and the infamous - Read More

Video Review of ToysRus Exclusive: Hasbro Transformers Masterpiece Bluestreak

Posted 1 day ago by william-james88 - 5,340 views

With Toysrus' Exclusive Hasbro Masterpiece Bluestreak in stock in both the US and Canada, a review was inevitable. Of course, it has been said that the amount of differences between this release and the Takara one are between negligible and non existent but as fellow Seibertronian [url]IJK Productions[/url] puts it : I just figured that I'd send in the video that I did about Hasbro's MP-06 Bluestreak and point out that it is exactly the same a Takara's MP-18 Streak. - Read More

IDW Transformers: Combiner Hunters One-Shot Review

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 11,566 views

What's On The Box? (Spoiler free-ish) Synopsis COMBINER WARS FALLOUT! Because you demanded it—WINDBLADE and CHROMIA team up with ARCEE to put an end to the menace of the COMBINER WARS—but will they end each other first?! Snark off! Story The one-shot that unofficially accompanies the SDCC exclusive Combiner Hunters box set, obviously sharing its title, is also the first introduction, and so far only look at, the team of character that form and become Victorion, the first - Read More

IDW Transformers: Windblade #5 Review

Posted 2 days ago by ScottyP - 10,810 views

"America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, bad ass speed." Eleanor Roosevelt, 1936 Velocitron Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Blurry Race Against The Light, Which Is Totally Not A Title From MTMTE, We Promise Remember back about a decade ago, when you first watched Transformers: Cybertron on TV? The first few episodes start with a bang, taking you away on a fast-paced adventure spanning three planets within the span of just the first four episodes. One of these planets was - Read More

IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #43 Review

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 10,324 views

I'm No Superbot (Spoiler free-ish) Synopsis Three years into their quest, and the crew of the Lost Light were starting to think that the universe held no more nasty surprises. And then a planet started chasing them. Nobel-worthy dialogue Story There comes a point in a series, be it on television, in comics, or whatever else have you, when a certain sentence is brought onto the picture, featuring an aquatic creature, a certain type of physical effort and usual negative - Read More

Steven DeKnight on Paramount Transformers Universe Writers Room

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 9,241 views

Fellow user SlyTF1 has alerted us to a new article discussing the goings-on at Paramount, and specifically in the writers room for the extended Transformers universe, as IGN caught up with Daredevil's Steven DeKnight on the current situation with Akiva Goldsman's project, and the surprise visit from Steven Spielberg! Read more below, and head here for the full piece. Taking a page from how a TV show is run, Paramount assembled a big group of experienced writers to help chart - Read More

In hand pictures of Clash of the Transformers Warrior Class Optimus Prime and Sideswipe

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 12,198 views

Here are some in hand images of ToysRUs Exclusive Robots in Disguise Clash of the Transformers Warrior Class Optimus Prime and Sideswipe. These are allspark blue infused redecos of Robots in Disguise Warrior Class Optimus Prime and Sideswipe attempting to mirror their deco in the season one finale. These have yet to be found in the - Read More

Auto Assembly 2015 Guest Update - Peter Spellos

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 9,138 views

Auto Assembly Announces returning guest: It's Peter Spellos! It’s not very often that voice actors make a return appearance at Auto Assembly. Not because we don’t want to see many of our guests come back but with a limited budget for voice actors for the convention we tend to focus on bringing actors to Auto Assembly who haven’t visited the event before so it’s rare that actors make return appearances and if they do it’s not usually for a few years. However, something rather - Read More

SDCC 2015 Transformers Exclusives is currently in-stock at Hasbro Toy Shop

Posted 2 days ago by mooncake623 - 14,582 views

Transformers Exclusives on Hasbro Toy Shop is now Live! Go get them while they're still instock! Please note that the site is extremely slow at the - Read More

REMINDER SDCC Exclusives up on Hasbro Toy Shop today July 28 2015

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 14,049 views

Hold on to your butts! Today is the day the SDCC 2015 Hasbro Exclusives are available on Hasbro Toy Shop. Though the time is unknown, here is a tip from Seibertron's own Chuckdawg: Refresh the home page because there will be a link there. Some people have tried doing searches for SDCC and Comic Con but that's not a guarantee to work. FYI I've now heard that the stuff will go up between 9:30-10:30AM EST The big ticket items this year are SDCC Devastator and the Combiner Hunters 3 - Read More

Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-11T Thundercracker Announced!

Posted 3 days ago by Mindmaster - 14,446 views

Great news for those who own Takara's interpretation of Starscream and Skywarp using the MP-11 mold! Thanks to an announcement from Takara Tomy Mall, we now have news that Thundercracker will also receive Takara's MP-11 treatment, using a more cartoon-inspired deco! MP-11T will be exclusive to Takara Tomy Mall (similar to Unite Warriors UW-04 Defensor), will cost 14,904 yen (approximately $120 USD), limited to 2,000 units, and will be available mid-November of this year. This will probably - Read More

Figure King #210 Scans - UW Devastator, MP Ironhide, Diabattles, Adventure, QT

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 18,405 views

Fellow Seibertronian Powered Convoy, also an active member over at fellow fansite the Allspark, has sent us some high-resolution scans of previously revealed or seen coming items from Takara Tomy's stables and their licensees, courtesy of the Figure King magazine issue #210. You can check out the images mirrored below, featuring Diaclone Diabattle, MP-27 Ironhide, Q Transformers, UW Devastator and more! - Read More

TFcon Toronto 2015 Charity Auction raises $10417.40 for Make-A-Wish Canada

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 6,621 views

We receive news from TFcon Toronto that their charity auction really went down a treat last weekend! They were able to raise a whopping $10417.40 for Make-A-Wish Canada, and that is all thanks to the fans attending and bidding - so they've sent the informative and thankful post below, for everyone to read and share in the warm glow. TFcon is very proud to announce that our 2015 charity auction was able to raise $10417.40 for Make-A-Wish® Canada. We are very proud of everyone in our - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #121 - SDCC 2015
Twincast / Podcast #121:
"SDCC 2015"
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