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New Gallery: Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Scorn

New Gallery: Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Scorn

Spinosaurus - Building up on the Age of Extinction hype put forth by February's Toy Fair, is proud to present its latest addition to the Age of Extinction fray: Dinobot Scorn! This Deluxe-class fella, along with fellow Dinobots Slash and Strafe, is a new entry to the universal Dinobot roster, transforming into a red Spinosaurus with a optics of a homicidal maniac heroic Dinobot. His robot mode bears a passing resemblance to Beast Wars Megatron, with his right arm being formed by his dino mode's jaw and his left arm comprised of aforementioned mode's tail, in which his hacksaw-like sword is stored. Check out our gallery by clicking here.
IDW Transformers: Windblade #1 Review

IDW Transformers: Windblade #1 Review

Windblade #1 Review - WHO IS WINDBLADE? In the aftermath of DARK CYBERTRON, WINDBLADE takes the planet by storm! But where did she come from—and what does her secret mean to the future of the TRANSFORMERS? A powerful new chapter in the TRANSFORMERS saga begins in this book! Check out's review by clicking here.
New Gallery: Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe High Octane Bumblebee

New Gallery: Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe High Octane Bumblebee

High Octane Bumblebee - We continue our Transformers: Age of Extinction toy galleries with Deluxe Class High Octane Bumblebee! Bumblebee gets another vintage Camaro alt mode in the form of 1967 SS. Just like in the first 2007 live action Transformers movie Bumblebee will sport two Camaro alt modes in the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction. We were first introduced to the movie universe version of Bumblebee as a beat up 1977 Camaro who later upgraded himself to a slick 2006 Concept Camaro. Similarly, Transformers: Age of Extinction will see Bumblebee as both a vintage 1967 SS Camaro and a 2014 Concept Camaro. Enjoy our high quality comprehensive gallery of Deluxe High Octane Bumblebee by clicking here.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #90

Twincast / Podcast Episode #90

Dark Scorponok - Botcon 2014 inches closer and we have a pair of exciting reveals to discuss. We share our thoughts on Scorponok and Devcon. Our focus then shifts over to the latest Transformers comics as we discuss Dark Cybertron and Windblade. After that it's time again for more toys, namely Masterpiece Soundblaster and Ratbat set, Wheeljack and the shadow of Ultra Magnus. Our toy talk wraps up with a brief discussion of upcoming Age of Extinction toys, which are hitting shelves even now in some parts of the world! We wrap up this episode with a few listener questions and some new bragging rights.
New Gallery: Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Grimlock

New Gallery: Age of Extinction Generations Voyager Grimlock

AOE Voyager Grimlock - The time has come for you all to witness the newest addition to the Transformers Age of Extinction galleries. Voyager Grimlock is in the first wave of AoE toys along with wave mate Evasion Mode Optimus Prime. These toys are scheduled to hit stores in may, however a few leaked out early in Canada. Until you can get your hands on this guy, enjoy our comprehensive high quality gallery and join our discussion by clicking here.

IDW Publishing Live Transformers Panel - Barber, Roberts and Scott Answer Your Questions!

Posted 18 minutes ago by Va'al - 176 views

NEW! The amazing people over at IDW Publishing have set up a live streaming of a discussion panel taking place next Tuesday April 22nd, during which Transformers comics writers John Barber (Robots in Disguise), James Roberts (More than Meets the Eye) and Mairghread Scott (Windblade) will be answering questions sent by us, the readers and fans! To get your question into the discussion, either comment on the IDW Facebook thread, tweet using the #TFDawn hashtag, or leave a comment below, and we'll make - Read More

Chevrolet Returns to the Big Screen This Summer in Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Age of Extinction”

Posted 18 minutes ago by El Duque - 184 views

NEW! Chevrolet has issued a new press release regarding their involvement in Transformers: Age of Extinction. As we all know Chevrolet has had their vehicles prominently displayed and used for alt modes in all three past live action movies, and Transformers: Age of Extinction will continue that tradition. Their vehicles appearing in the upcoming film include the Camaro, Corvette, Trax, and Sonic. The full press release can be found below: Chevrolet Returns to the Big Screen This Summer in - Read More

My Little Pony #19 Transformers Crossover Convention Exclusive Cover Revealed

Posted 32 minutes ago by El Duque - 277 views

NEW! Remember last year's BotCon exclusive My Little Pony Micro Series convention exclusive cover featuring Optimus Prime and Pinkie Pie? It was very popular and became quite the hot item on the secondary market. Following up on that cover's popularity IDW has revealed another upcoming My Little Pony/Transformers crossover cover, My Little Pony #19 featuring Starscream and Rainbow Dash. Like the previous crossover cover this one will also be a convention exclusive, which convention has not be - Read More

Transformers Movie Kre-O Microchangers Wave 2 Revealed

Posted 47 minutes ago by El Duque - 623 views

NEW! Online retailer Red Mercury has revealed another upcoming wave of Kre-O Microchangers! Some pretty interesting new entries from across the Transformers universe. Check out the list and image below: Decepticon Runamuck , Fuselage , Autobot Gears, Frostbite , Autobot Seaspray , Trailbreaker , Decepticon Blackarachnia , Skimmer , Decepticon Skalor , Sunstreaker , Scattershot , Autobot Wheelie. - Read More

Andrew Wildman Auctions 30 Transformers: Regeneration One #100 Special Variant Covers with Sketch

Posted 3 hours ago by Va'al - 940 views

NEW! Once again, long-standing Transformers artist Andrew Wildman celebrates the end of ReGeneration One and the 30th Anniversary of the Transformers with his own spin. Starting Monday 21st April, he will be auctioning 30 issues of the convention variant cover for issue #100 of IDW Transformers: ReGeneration One, especially to reach non-UK fans or those who cannot attend conventions as easily, and each copy will come with a sketch of one of six characters! Check out below, or head to his blog, for - Read More

Transformers: 30th Anniversary 'Tunnel of Time' Exhibition in Brazil

Posted 3 hours ago by Va'al - 1,743 views

NEW! Our Brazilian friends over at Transformers: Dioramas bring us more Transformers news, and this time, it's a 30th Anniversary special franchise spanning exhibition in São Paulo. The news comes to us via IDW artist Marcelo Matere's Facebook page, who has prepared a special celebratory poster for the event, featuring Optimus Prime in both G1 and current movieverse styles (mirrored below). The free, officially endorsed by Hasbro Brazil exhibition will run from 17th April to 4th May, featuring a - Read More

Linkin Park Not Returning for Transformers: Age of Extinction?

Posted 3 hours ago by Va'al - 1,293 views

NEW! Quite a while back we reported on Chester Bennington of Linkin Park claiming that it 'made total sense' for the band to be working on Transformers: Age of Extinction, seeing their past relationship with the previous films. In a recent episode of Tweet Out, on Geek Nation, however, band member and director Joe Hahn was asked whether Linkin Park will be working with Steve Aoki on the movie, and gave an ambiguously negative response. Does this mean they won't be returning? Will Imagine Dragons - Read More

Takara Tomy Fan Choice Masterpiece Star Saber - Development Diary and Early Study Sketches

Posted 3 hours ago by Va'al - 1,484 views

NEW! Thanks to a tip from fellow user fenrir72, we took a look at the official Takara Tomy website (and Twitter account) to find some further information on the Fan's Choice Masterpiece figure: Star Saber! The site offers some information, Google translated and tweaked below and an early stages study sketch, also mirrored below, confirming its mass release and the creation of a 'development diary'. So stay tuned with and Takara as we bring you more about this figure - Read More

ROBOTKINGDOM .COM Newsletter #1288

Posted 5 hours ago by Autobot032 - 1,545 views

NEW! Hi, Here is a quick update from Free Trading Cards for every orders and unsent Preorders! #1 Hot News! Takara Movie Advanced Series Photos Updated! Movie Advanced AD-20 Black Night Grimlock. Pre-order. Available in July 2014. US$62.9/pcs ... /ad20.html Movie Advanced AD-21 Hound. Pre-order. Available in July 2014. US$37.9/pcs ... /ad21.html Movie Advanced AD-22 - Read More

Ages Three and Up Product Updates 4 / 17 / 14

Posted 14 hours ago by LOST Cybertronian - 3,597 views

A3U @ Retro & Relevant 2 (http://agesthreeandup.us2.list-manage.c ... d4b6d79446) Bot of the Week: Get a $20 Gift Card! (http://agesthreeandup.us2.list-manage.c ... d4b6d79446) ------------------------------------------------------------ ** A3U will be seeing you at Retro & Relevant 2 (http://agesthreeandup.us2.list-manage.c ... d4b6d79446) ------------------------------------------------------------ Retro and Relevant, Vancouver's Retro and Modern toy show returns on June 1st! - Read More

Transformers Generations Voyager Roadbuster and Sky Byte Available for Pre-order

Posted 21 hours ago by El Duque - 9,015 views

Site sponsor BigBadToyStore has opened pre-orders for the highly anticipated Transformers Generations Voyagers Roadbuster and Sky Byte! These two are tentatively scheduled to arrive in June. The pre-order links can be found below: Generations 2014 Voyager Series 02 Revision 03 - Set of 2 (Roadbuster & Sky Byte) Generations 2014 Voyager Series 02 Revision 03 - Roadbuster Here's a few of images of the pair from our Toy Fair 2014 coverage, the full gallery can be found by click here. - Read More

Transformers Universe Updates

Posted 24 hours ago by El Duque - 6,849 views

We have several updates on Jagex's free to play browser based MOTA game Transformers Universe. CVG has uploaded an interview with Transformers Universe creative directors Alex Horton and Alex De Rakoff. We Got Game has uploaded footage from the UK Gadget Show, which features game play footage. The official Transformers Universe Facebook page has posted images from the aforementioned Gadget Show and concept art for their in game character Catapult. Check 'em out mirrored - Read More

Transformers: Legends "Five Faces of Darkness Part 2"

Posted 24 hours ago by El Duque - 5,344 views

DeNA has revealed the next episode in their Transformers: Legends mobile device game, Five Faces of Darkness Part 2. Check out the brief synopsis and promo art below featuring Blaster, Motormaster, and Runamuck. You can download the app by clicking here. Will newly revived Galvatron succeed in becoming the leader of the Decepticons once again? Find out in the "Five Faces of Darkness: Part 2" episode in TRANSFORMERS Legends: - Read More

Takara Tomy Movie Advanced Line Revealed

Posted 1 day ago by El Duque - 12,123 views

Takara Tomy has fully revealed their upcoming Movie Advanced line! The new line features a hodgepodge of figures from the previous movie lines with new decos, plus new Lost Age (Age of Extinction) molds with alternate decos compared to their Hasbro counterparts. The figures include: AD01 Optimus Prime, AD02 Classic Optimus Prime, AD03 Grimlock , AD04 Classic Bumblebee, AD05 Scorn, AD06 Crosshairs, AD07 Slug, AD08 Battle Blade Bumblebee, AD09 Protoform Optimus Prime, AD10 Starscream, AD11 - Read More

Official 30th. Anniversary Plans Provided By Takara Tomy

Posted 1 day ago by Autobot032 - 15,318 views

This has been a busy week for Transformers news, we already reported on the G1 deco Slug (which will be updated momentarily), and now we have some really amazing information to share with you! Another site update from Takara Tomy reveals their plans for the 30th Anniversary of the Transformers Franchise. The following information comes directly from Takara Tomy's event update page and was translated from Japanese to English, so please understand why the phrasings aren't the easiest to - Read More

New Gallery: Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Crosshairs

Posted 1 day ago by Autobot032 - 11,482 views

His background is unknown. His weapon of choice is a sub machine gun, and he's packin' 3 of 'em. He parachutes in behind enemy lines, with guns blazing, and all while rockin' a trenchcoat! Our newest gallery features one of the newest movieverse recruits: Crosshairs! His beautiful vehicle mode is based on a modified Chevy Corvette C7, dressed in a snazzy looking black and green deco. His robot mode looks like a cross between a spy and spec ops with the cool 3-D looking - Read More

Exclusive Special Edition Takara Tomy G1 Color AOE Deluxe Class Slug

Posted 1 day ago by Autobot032 - 15,027 views

An upcoming Transformers Expo will be releasing a special G1 redeco of Age Of Extinction Deluxe Class Slug. This is as close as we're going to get for a G1 Slag, and it looks quite nice. Project3 ■ ■ Exhibition of Transformers largest ever 17 (Sun) held determined from (Saturday) "Transformers Expo" 8/9! Over on Sunday the 17th from Saturday, August 9, at the Pacifico Yokohama (Exhibition Hall B · C) It is an event of Transformers largest ever in Japan that the "Transformers - Read More

BBTS Sponsor News: Transformers, Acid Rain, Breaking Bad, Elder Scrolls, Game of Thrones, and More!

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 10,405 views

Spring Cleaning Sale! Part 1: Transforming, Star Wars & GI Joe Figures Part 2: Marvel and DC Figures Part 3: Movie, TV & video Games Figures -------------- NEW PRE-ORDERS -------------- ACID RAIN AGURTS INFANTRY FIGURE The new Agurts Infantry figure comes dressed for battle and includes a handgun, a - Read More

New Transformers: Age of Extinction Trailer Listed

Posted 2 days ago by El Duque - 13,515 views

The British Board of Film Classification has listed details on a new Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer. The new trailer clocks in at 2 minutes and 25 seconds and carries a rating of 12A (PG-13). Hopefully this new trailer will start running soon. TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION TYPE Trailer , APPROVED RUNNING TIME 2m 25s , DIRECTOR(S) Michael Bay , CUT This work was passed uncut.. - Read More

Transformers Rising - New Mobile Game from DeNA

Posted 2 days ago by El Duque - 7,787 views

DeNA, the company behind Transformers: Legends, is set to release another Transformers themed mobile device game called Transformers Rising. Closed beta testing in the Chinese market is expected soon. Hopefully an English version will follow. Check out the screen cap mirrored below courtesy of 2P: 2P wrote:Transformers Rising takes the story of The Transformers as the background. Players will have the chance to act as the leader of Transformers base to fight. Except inheriting the gameplay - Read More

View the rest of our exciting Transformers news here!

Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #90 - Dark Scorponok
Twincast / Podcast #90:
"Dark Scorponok"
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Posted: Monday, April 7th, 2014