Transformers Earth Wars Real Time Strategy Combat Mobile App Pre-Registration Now Available for iOS and Android Devices

Transformers Earth Wars Real Time Strategy Combat Mobile App Pre-Registration Now Available for iOS and Android Devices

Earth Wars Pre-Registration - This spring, fans of the beloved TRANSFORMERS brand from Hasbro, Inc. will have the opportunity to harness legendary characters, including OPTIMUS PRIME, MEGATRON, BUMBLEBEE and STARSCREAM, in the palm of their hands with TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS - the latest real-time combat strategy mobile app. Published by Backflip Studios (DragonVale, Ninjump, Paper Toss) and developed by Space Ape Games (Rival Kingdoms, Samurai Siege), TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS brings the excitement of the battle between AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS to supported mobile devices with fast-paced gameplay and beautiful 3D animation, allowing the characters to attack, battle, and change form right before a player’s eyes.
Transformers Inspired Album "ROLL OUT" Set for Release by Hasbro Studios & Sony Music Entertainment

Transformers Inspired Album "ROLL OUT" Set for Release by Hasbro Studios & Sony Music Entertainment

Roll Out - Transformers Roll Out heralds the global pop-culture Transformers phenomenon, featuring a collection of hit original songs inspired by the Hasbro Transformers franchise from leading established and up-and-coming alternative, rock and alt-pop artists, morphing together to create an epic portfolio of hard-hitting tunes that truly embodies the soul of the Hasbro Transformers brand. Read the full press release here.
Hasbro and Mattel Talk Possible Merger

Hasbro and Mattel Talk Possible Merger

Hasmat - Mattel Inc. and Hasbro Inc. have held talks about merging two of the world’s biggest toy companies, according to people familiar with the matter, in a deal that would bring together the manufacturer of Hot Wheels with the maker of My Little Pony. Join the discussion here!
Twincast / Podcast Episode #136 "The Gathering"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #136 "The Gathering"

The Gathering - We start out with more listener questions, beginning with a brief discussion over sticker placement on Takara's Arms Micron series Rumble and Frenzy toys. After that we answer a question related to availability at our local stores. We wrap up listener questions with a look at different types of Transformers fiction, in a pseudo continuation of our discussions from the previous episode of the show. Some current events talk is next, with a look at IDW Publishing's Sins of the Wreckers issue 3, followed by a brief chat regarding recently leaked images of more of the upcoming Titans Return line. Combiner Wars continue on after this, as the cast picks a favorite between popular Transformers combiner characters Superion and Bruticus. The particular winner of this mock battle may surprise listeners. The cast then begins a discussion of their new viewing of the Beast Wars cartoon television series for the twentieth anniversary of the show. Episode 1 of Beast Wars is discussed on this episode. Finally, the show ends with each podcaster choosing a particular favorite discussion thread from our forums that they've seen recently.
New Galleries: Takara Beast Wars D-4 Tarantulas and D-8 Blackarachnia

New Galleries: Takara Beast Wars D-4 Tarantulas and D-8 Blackarachnia

Takara Beasties - Here is something special regarding variants in the Beast Era. For Takara's version of Tarantulus and Blackarachnia, there were variants that are noticeably different from the Hasbro versions. The key to knowing if the boxed toy is the variant or not is the green sticker on the front of the package. If it has the white and red sticker, it's the same as the Hasbro version. The green sticker versions are intended to be the more screen accurate versions, though that will be for you to judge when you will see the galleries.

Toy Fair New York 2016 Coverage - Hasbro Webcast

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NEW! While was on its way to New York and the Javits Centre (and something slipped in the internet cracks), Toy Fair 2016 has already started for Hasbro and the Transformers brand! Tuning in to the investors webcast, we have collated below all of the relevant information for fans of the giant robot franchise, including all the relevant images from the presentation shown during the event. Note: Opinions and statements expressed during webcast may not result in actual results. - Read More

Transformers: Earth Wars Character art, Video, Pre-Registration

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To go along with all the Earth Wars mobile game updates, we now have tons of new images of the characters this game will include. The whole collection can be found Here in our gallery. The characters included in this gallery are: Bludgeon, Bumblebee, Skydive, Grimlock, Ironhide, Jetfire, Kickback, Megatron, Mirage, Optimus, Prowl, Ratchet, Razorclaw, Shockwave, Shrapnel, Skywarp, Soundwave, Starscream, Swindle, and Thundercracker. Some of the images have been mirrored below for - Read More

New Sightings Combiner Wars and Rescue Bots at Toys R Us and Walmart

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Fellow Seibertronians, courtesy of our friend ScottyP we have several new sightings from the Toys R Us in Raleigh, North Carolina USA! First up is the first sighting of the Combiner Wars Wave 6 Deluxes at retail for $19.99: And after that, we have the first sighting of Rescue Bots Deep Water Rescue High Tide, also from the Toys R Us and also costing $19.99: This Rescue Bots wave was also spotted at Walmart in Canada. High Tide's wave mate Optimus was available as well. It is a - Read More

Combiner Wars Computron Full Image

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Courtesy of our old friend zmulitplier from Weibo, we now have the full colored image of Combiner Wars Computron! This new image confirms the molds, with the Scattershot mold being recolored as the torso, Nosecone being Brawl redone using the General Ramhorn drill piece, either the Dead end or Wheeljack mold for Lightspeed, Afterburner being a Unite Warriors Groove retool, Air Raid repurposed as Strafe, and what appears to be Legends class Cosmos and Payload recolored in yellow mounted on - Read More

New Galleries - Encore Ironhide and Ratchet, e-Hobby Black Ironhide and Green Ratchet, and DOTM Cannon Force Ironhide

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Hot on the heels of the Masterpiece MP-27 Ironhide gallery, we are proud to present galleries for Encore Emergency Green Ratchet, Encore Protection Black Ironhide, Encore Ratchet, Encore Ironhide and Dark of the Moon Cannon Force Ironhide. Encore Emergency Green Ratchet was released in 2008 as a Japanese mail away exclusive to those that purchased the Transformers Visualworks book. The green deco is an homage to the way Ratchet looked in the live action movies. ¹ Encore Protection Black - Read More

In-Hand Imagesof Transformers Adventure TAV37 Megatronus

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Thanks to Hisashi Yuki, we get some new in-hand images of the upcoming Transformers Adventure release of Robots in Disguise Megatronus! Check out the images below and remember keep your optics tuned to for the latest in news and - Read More

Interview - Hasbro's CEO Brian Goldner, Talks Brand "Blueprints" With CNBC Squawk Box

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Seibertronian AzT has alerted us to a CNBC Squawk Box interview with Hasbro's CEO Brain Goldner. During the interview Goldner speaks about Hasbro's brand "blueprints" which are being driven by media properties. To that; Goldner briefly mentions the new Transformers live action movie and speaks of Hasbro's partnership with Backflip Studios, one of the developers of the new mobile game, Transformers: Earth Wars. Goldner also "squashes" the Hasbro/Mattel merger rumor as "just a - Read More

Transformers Combiner Wars Official T.V. Commercial Featuring Sky Reign

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Fellow Seibertronian Bumblebee21 has shared an official television commercial with us via the Transformers Official YouTube account. The commercial features Sky Reign battling Bruticus. Remember to keep your browsers pointed to for the latest in Transformer news, the largest Transformers galleries found on the web and the liveliest Transformers discussion this side of a space - Read More

Steal of a Deal on Masterpiece Tracks and Roadrage

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For one reason or another, it seems Masterpiece Tracks and Roadrage aren't as popular as previous MP releases in Japan, leading to many Japanese merchants to lower their prices. The Seibertronian community has found these great deals and we would like to share them with all of you. Firstly, Shajaki, found both Tracks and Roadrage on Hobbysearch with prices ranging from 29.95 - 32$ US These can be shipped worldwide. If you buy both using the SAL shipping option, it comes out to USD - Read More

In-Hand Image - Takara Transformers Unite Warriors UW07 Bruticus

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Via Takara Tomy's PR machine TFYuki on Twitter, and courtesy of fellow Seibertronian fenrir72, we have a new in-hand image of the upcoming Transformers Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus in his combined mode! Check out below the mirrored image, and let us know what you think of Blast-Off's colour: orange or brown? (Other comments also - Read More Sponsor News: Batman V Superman, Predator, Marvel, Star Wars, & More

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-------------- NEW PRE-ORDERS -------------- BATMAN V SUPERMAN BARBIE Each fully articulated doll is inspired in sculpt and costume by their silver screen counterparts in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman each come with a figure stand and feature character specific accessories like Superman’s cape, Wonder Woman’s sword and shield, and Batman’s Batarang. $44.99 each ... e%20barbie ULTIMATE - Read More

Transformers: Earth Wars - Space Ape Founders Interview: Windblade, Slipstream, Gameplay

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Even more coverage is rolling in about the newly and fully announced Transformers: Earth Wars mobile game from Hasbro, Space Ape and Backflip - with new reveals too in the form of Windblade and Slipstream as playable characters! The interview with Space Ape founders John Earner and Simon Hadesnippeted below from also offers insights into the game type, the build the companies have been using, and the companies' commitment to the project and aesthetic choices. Check it out, and - Read More

Sighting - Robots in Disguise Battle Pack Grimlock vs Decepticon Back and Bumblebee vs Major Mayhem

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Howdy fellow Seibertronians. It's been a minute since we shared with you the in-hand images and video review of Robots in Disguise Battle Pack Grimlock vs Decepticon Back and Bumblebee vs Major Mayhem. Yours truly has spotted both today at the Toys R Us in Baton Rouge, LA. It must have been a banner restock day at Toys R Us, because legion Clampdown, Drift, Thunderhoof and Windblade were also hanging on pegs. Check out the freshly minted in-store photos below. When you're done with those, - Read More

Hasbro will be Revealing Toy Images of Transformers Titans Return Fortress Maximus on Instagram

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While Instagram might be a place filled with pictures of meals and duckface selfies, it will now finally have some awesome stuff in terms of official Transformers Images from Hasbro. Fellow Seibertronian AZT found this interesting announcement on the official Transformers Facebook page: It’s high time the Transformers team gets on Instagram. So Bumblebee is packing up the crew and snapping pics in New York to kick it off. @TransformersOfficial goes live this week with a big announcement - Read More

Transformers Titans Return Brainstorm Vehicle Mode Leaked

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Yesterday, the sneaky monkey known as Zmultiplier on weibo gave us the bottom half of what appeared to be Titans Return Brainstorm. The legs were very similar to Blurr's which had a lot of people wondering how you could turn Blurr, a cybertronian car, into Brainstorm, a cybertronian jet. Well, now this same weibo user has given us a full image, pinch yourselves, of Brainstorm's vehicle mode. Let us know if you think this retool - Read More

Transformers: Earth Wars Real Time Combat Strategy Mobile App Game from Hasbro, Space Ape and Backflip

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As USA Today is once again used to launch a new Transformers media feature, the lovely folk over at Space Ape Games have followed it up with the full press release and a number of tasty treats in the form of art and more for new mobile game Transformers: Earth Wars! Keep your optics tuned here at for some more game-related goodies soon, too... Hasbro, Backflip Studios and Space Ape Games Bring The Fight Home with TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS; Game Coming To iOS And Android in - Read More

IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #49 Review

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SINS OF THE --wait (Spoiler free-ish) Synopsis SHUTDOWN! A vengeful god stalks the corridors of the Lost Light, murdering everyone who makes eye contact. The crew must answer two questions: Why have they been singled out for punishment? And how do you stop someone who can kill you just by thinking about it? ..sure, that'll work Story We have reached the second part of the final arc before the 50th milestone, and the last chance to see what is going in some of the Lost Light's - Read More

Titans Return Brainstorm Teased

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Just when you thought you had had enough of those half-images teasing upcoming toys, we now have another one! Courtesy of our typical source zmultiplier on weibo we now have the bottom half (yes, not the left or right half) of what appears to be Titans Return Brainstorm! This is anticipated to be a brand new deluxe class figure, different from his Generations version, and rumor has it that this mold is to be an extensive retool of our old friend Blurr. What do you make of this new image? Sound - Read More

Transformers Inspired Album "ROLL OUT" Set for Release by Hasbro Studios & Sony Music Entertainment

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In addition to the information posted earlier this morning, we received an official press release from Hasbro just moments ago pertaining to this exciting album which includes 10 tracks from various bands listed below. Hasbro wrote:Hi there, Reaching out today to share some exciting news from Hasbro Studios, who just announced the first-ever album inspired by the Transformers franchise. Transformers Roll Out was made available for digital pre-order this morning, with two singles off the - Read More January Update

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Yes, we know it's February, but quality takes time Check our set for the entirety of CW Bruticus! ... ticus.html As well as CW Leader Skywarp: ... ywarp.html We also have new ultra-chrome gold symbols: ... mbols.html For the MP Scale section, sets for Sphinx, Gundog, Andras, Quakewave and Spartan: ... - Read More

View the rest of our exciting Transformers news here!

Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #136 - The Gathering
Twincast / Podcast #136:
"The Gathering"
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