New Gallery: Combiner Wars Leader Class Skywarp

New Gallery: Combiner Wars Leader Class Skywarp

Skywarp - Take a Transformers Generations Leader class Jetfire, like the mold, bring it into the Combiner Wars line with a new head, new paintjob, and some remolding as Starscream, ruler of Cybertron. Change the deco to mostly blue, and you get another Seeker, Thundercracker (though there is no dog). Change the deco again to black and purple, and you have the latest instalment of the photo galleries: Leader class Skywarp!
Vote today for the next Titan Class figure!

Vote today for the next Titan Class figure!

Scorponok vs Trypticon vs Omega Supreme - With the epic Titans Return chapter of the Generations Prime Wars Trilogy comes a new line of Titan Class toys. It’s about time these legendary, city sized Titans hit shelves. Fortress Maximus will lead the release, and we need YOU to choose his successor. Scorponok, Trypticon and Omega Supreme will be stumping for your vote this week. Get ready to go to our page on Tuesday, November 24th and cast your vote on the official voting post!
Upcoming 2016 Combiner Wars G2 Bruticus Official Product Images

Upcoming 2016 Combiner Wars G2 Bruticus Official Product Images

G2 Bruticus - If the Combiner Wars G2 Menasor and G2 Superion sets announced earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con were up your alley, then you'll be equally excited about Combiner Wars G2 Bruticus! A poor quality image of the front of the box leaked online yesterday, but now we've got some official images directly from Hasbro that we can share with all of you that Hasbro showed us during a presentation earlier this week. Bruticus is a Decepticon Combiner made from the Combaticons Onslaught, Swindle, Brawl, Vortex and Blast Off. As an extra bonus, a Legends Class Shockwave figure is included!
Packaging artwork of Titans Return Fortress Maximus and Powermaster Optimus Prime revealed

Packaging artwork of Titans Return Fortress Maximus and Powermaster Optimus Prime revealed

Titans Return Packaging Artwork - It's been a busy news day here at, and now we've got some additional breaking news for all of you Seibertronians out there! Courtesy of our friends at Hasbro via Hasbro Pulse, the packaging artwork for Titans Return Titan Class Fortress Maximus and Leader Class Powermaster Optimus Prime has been revealed!
Titans Return FORTESS MAXIMUS Titan Class Artwork Revealed!

Titans Return FORTESS MAXIMUS Titan Class Artwork Revealed!

Fortress Maximus - It's been just over a week since Titans Return Fortress Maximus leaked. Are you as excited about him as much as all of us at We don't have any official pictures yet of the upcoming Fort Max toy, but Hasbro thought they'd tease us a little more by showing off this amazing artwork of Titans Return Fortress Maximus.

Video Review - Transformers Robots in Disguise Legion Clampdown

Posted 6 hours ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 2,531 views

NEW! Coming once again from fellow Seibertronian chuckdawg1999 We have a new review, this time of the little legions crab guy we all love and know of as: Clampdown! This is the first toy of Clampdown that we have gotten and Chuck goes into nice detail talking about how this guy stands up to several others and just how interesting he really is. Enjoy the video below, and stay tuned for more reviews of Robots In Disguise to come! - Read More

Product updates from Premium Collectables

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Premium Collectables Weekly News IN STOCK Takara Tomy MP-10R BAPE RED ... e-red-camo NEW PRE ORDERS THIS WEEK MMC R-11 Seraphicus Prominon COMBO Core + Armour Set ... armour-set MP-30 Takara Tomy Ratchet ... my-ratchet Free Shipping Packages to USA,Canada,UK and NZ depending on size of - Read More

New Images: Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Sky Lynx

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Via the Planet Iacon Facebook page (though originally from user 风守老人 via weibo), we now have even more images of the coming Combiner Wars voyager Sky Lynx, this time in torso mode for the mighty Sky Reign! Check him out below, and stay tuned for more images of upcoming Combiner Wars figures. - Read More

TFsource Source News: Cyber Monday Sale

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TFsource SourceNews! Cyber Monday Sale! 12 amazing deals, only available on Cyber Monday – so don’t miss out! TFsource Cyber Monday Sale! 12 amazing deals, only available on Cyber Monday – so don’t miss out! Check out all the items by clicking here. FEATURED DEALS: MP-21G - Masterpiece G2 Bumblebee - $40 Generations - Combiner Wars 2015 - Deluxe Class Series 4 - Set of 4 - $39.96 (just $9.99 each) sold only in set of 4 Transformers Unite Warriors - UW-01 - Superion Set - Read More

Platinum Trypticon for less than 120$ at Amazon for this day only

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For all those wanting a Platinum Trypticon (G1 rerelease), now is your best chance yet since Amazon has him on sale for $118.99. This was brought to our attention by fellow TF fan Alex: Platinum Trypticon in United States is officially bring sold directly from Amazon for $118.99!!! Please share with everyone the good news as it looks like it's only on sale for the next 15 hours Grab him while you - Read More

Takara Transformers Unite Warriors TFYuki Images Round-Up

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Just to give you something else to look forward to in December, find below three images from regular suspect TFYuki, two featuring members of UW04 Guardian (Defensor, to some of us) both deluxe Groove going solo and the gestalt Transformer, a shot alongside UW05 Devastator, and finally, a teaser of the upcoming Takara Tomy take on the definitely-not-Galvatron combiner torso. Check them out! - Read More

Bamloff Transforfun WooBots - Wooden Transformables

Posted 17 hours ago by Va'al - 8,401 views

With a bit of a slow news weekend, we thought we might direct your attention to a fun little project brought about by Bamloff, who are creating a line of thinly veiled Transformers homages... out of wood! Little vehicles transforming into humanoid robots, made out of tiny blocks of wood and elastic - a perfect, if slightly expensive, stocking filler. Check out some of the images below, and the full story over here, including pretty cool GIFs for each figure. They’re robots. They’re - Read More

Even More In-Hand Images - Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Skylynx

Posted 18 hours ago by Va'al - 11,998 views

Adding to the couple of news stories involving the upcoming Combiner Wars SkyLynx, weibo user 风守老人 has uploaded some extra shots of the jet-lynx-creature-bot, showing off the poseability of the new figure, and how the parts fit together. Check them out mirrored below! - Read More

Video Review for Takara Transformers Adventure TAV Battle Mode Jazz & Origin Mode Drift

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 14,851 views

Fellow Seibertronian Chuckdawg1999 has a new video review for us giving us the best look yet at Transformers Adventure TAV VS 05 Battle Mode Jazz & Origin Mode Drift. chuckdawg1999 wrote:Leave it to Takara to give us a set of figures with great paint jobs, and new heads. Jazz is the version of the character fans have wanted for a year, while Drift is an amalgamation of the movie, comic, and animated character. These are fantastic figures and worth a place in your - Read More

Combiner Wars Sky Lynx: Additional In-hand Images

Posted 2 days ago by LOST Cybertronian - 28,781 views

We get to see more in-hand images of the upcoming Combiner Wars Sky Lynx via a Taobao auction. A previous in-hand image showed the top-down shuttle mode view obscured by a plastic bag. There are a few new images that also show the figure in a fan made lynx mode as well as what is considered to be his main robot mode. Also more shuttle mode images featuring top-down and side views as well as the Sky Reign toro mode. - Read More

Top 5 Best Ironhide Transformers Toys

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 24,590 views

Every two weeks, brings you a Top 5 list related to all things Transformers written by me, your fellow editor. These are my opinions (just like movie or game reviews hosted by sites are still just the opinion of one person) so what matters most is what you guys think of the topic or list, and I hope to see your own lists or comments on omissions and ranking. Let's have fun! All previous lists can be found here. Top 5 Best Ironhide Transformers Toys While waiting for the - Read More

IDW The Transformers #48 Full Preview

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 16,022 views

Looks like a woof week ahead for the smallest dynamic duo currently around in IDW Publishing's The Transformers - check out below a full preview for the next issue of the ongoing series, as D.O.C. and Buster take centre stage and try to save the universe. We will be bringing you a review, as always, once the book is released, so stay tuned! Transformers #48 John Barber (w) • Andrew Griffith (a & c) CONQUERORS, part 3! It all comes down to this… the fate of the AUTOBOTS, the survival of - Read More Newsletter #1301

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 18,029 views

ROBOTKINGDOM.COM Newsletter #1301 Hi, Here is a quick update from 1.For any Orders with Perfect Effect items PE-DX07 or purchased over USD129.9 Perfect Items , a Perfect Effect Convention Exclusive PE-10X Shadow Bat will be included For FREE! ***This gift is limited to 1pcs per order*** 2. New Stickers Wave 2 Available! All ORDERS WITH GENERATIONS 2015 ITEMS WILL RECEIVE HASBRO EXCLUSIVE COMBINER WARS STRICKER PER ORDER! - Read More

TFNation 2016 Guest Update - Guido Guidi

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Yet another update from steaming ahead UK-based convention TFNation, as they announce fan-favourite artist Guido Guidi on their guest roster! Check out more information below and at their site here. Transmission_Initiated Transmission_Initiated TransmissionID: 000009 TFNation_2016 Operation: All Hail Guido TFNation is delighted to welcome artist extraordinaire Guido Guidi to its inaugural convention! An exceptionally popular comic artist who has worked with Transformers since the - Read More

YaHobby Sponsor News: 11-27 Weekly News!

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Greetings from Here is the latest YaHobby update this week: ======================================== NEW ARRIVALS & PREORDERS ======================================== Transformers Masterpiece MP-11T Thundercracker Exclusive - 189.99 - In Stock! ... -4355.html Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-30 Ratchet - 69.99 - Preorder ... -4348.html Transformers X-Transbots - Read More

TFsource Sponsor News: Black Friday Sale is Now Live!

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TFsource SourceNews - Black Friday Sale is Now Live! We’ve got two amazing deals, as well as we’ve brought back the countdown to Black Friday deals as well! See all deals here: TFSource – Black Friday Deals! COMBINER WARS 2015 - TITAN CLASS – DEVASTATOR - $109- save 40.99! MP-10 - MASTERPIECE OPTIMUS PRIME – REISSUE - $140 – save $49.99! FP-DX ARMORED BATTALION - SET OF 3 - $75 – save $74.99! Make Toys - MTCM-03 Quantron - Set of 5 - $250 – save $180! - Read More

In Hand Images of Transformers Generations Legends Shockwave

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 27,017 views

Thanks to fellow Seibertronian Fenrir72, we are now aware of some in hand images of Generations Legends Shockwave, brought to us by TF fan Anselm who found him in stores in Sanchung, New Taipei City. These give us the best look at the figure yet, along with a detailed look at how it can be connected to Bruticus and held as a gun by any figure with standard 5mm peg - Read More

Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-11NR Ramjet Back Online with Pre Order Details

Posted 4 days ago by william-james88 - 26,510 views

Fellow Seibertronian Cyberpath has reported to us that Masterpiece MP-11NR Ramjet is now back on He has noted a few changes to the photos. The listings confirms once again that he is limited to 2000 in Japan at the ¥15,984 price, meaning that anyone outside Japan will have to buy the pricier Asia release (which has yet to be announced) to obtain this toy. Any of our Japanese members however can reserve their copy from November 30th to December 8th 2015. Cyberpath - Read More

Transformers Collectors' Club Black Friday Sale

Posted 4 days ago by Va'al - 20,394 views

If you're a member of the Transformers Collectors' Club, you will have received the same email as fellow Seibertronian Sabrblade, with details on their Black Friday special deals on their store page - which we have copied and offered below for your convenience. Anything catching your optics? Black Friday starts in a few short hours! We have some AMAZING SPECIALS available to Transformers Club members, but you have to act fast! These deals will be gone almost as fast as they first - Read More

Written Review of Generations Platinum Dinobots Set (classic heads): Deco and QC issues breakdow

Posted 4 days ago by william-james88 - 15,270 views

While the Platinum Dinobots set is still unavailable in the US, it has been available in other territories for a while, including Canada. It is even on sale at the time of writing this article at 100$ cdn (75$ US) at its exclusive retailer Toysrus. While it is unavailable online, there are still several boxes found in stores scanning the same discount (even if the price tag has not been changed). Since I bought one set and had some problems with it, I wished to make a quick review on some - Read More

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