New Galleries: Unite Warriors UW-08 Technobots Combiner Computron Set

New Galleries: Unite Warriors UW-08 Technobots Combiner Computron Set

UW-08 Computron - Seibertron recently unveiled the gallery for Combiner Wars Computron and now we have his Japanese fraternal twin to share with you in this gallery of the Unite Warriors UW-08 Technobots Combiner Computron Set. This is historically unprecedented in the hobby where both Takara and Hasbro are releasing such different versions of a character. It's not just a change in deco, or head or some extra tooling, but a major change in toys constituting the same combiner. As you will see from the comparisons, the only toy which is the same in both sets is Afterburner, who still has a very different paint scheme and accessories from the Hasbro version. Every other member either has new tooling or is a completely different mold, which is the case for Nosecone, Strafe and Lightspeed. They are all sporting heads never released by Takara yet and all feature their own individual and unique guns which can be combined to give Computron a nice big techno assault rifle.
New Galleries: Combiner Wars Computron set with Technobots and Scrounge

New Galleries: Combiner Wars Computron set with Technobots and Scrounge

Combiner Wars Computron - is proud to bring to you today our galleries of Transformers: Combiner Wars Computron with the Technobots and Scrounge! Computron is comprised of 6 different bots, each from a different mold. The leader, Scattershot, is based on the Silverbolt mold with some new alt mode parts and a new robot mode head. Strafe is a retool of Air Raid, complete with all new jet mode retooling. Afterbreaker is a retool of Deluxe Groove with a new windscreen and robot mode head. Lightsteed is a straight redeco of Streetwise and Nosecone is a straight redeco of Brawl. Rounding out the team is new bot Scrounge and shuttle partner Cybaxx, who are a retool and a redeco, respectively, of Cosmos and Payload and are the first representations of the characters in plastic form. You can check out our galleries here.
New Galleries: Titans Return Legends Rumble, Ravage and Laserbeak

New Galleries: Titans Return Legends Rumble, Ravage and Laserbeak

Legends Class Laserbeak, Ravage and Rumble - The very first Transformers figures for the Titans Return line appeared during the tail-end of Combiner Wars, with Buzzsaw - now, with our newest toy galleries, we delve back into the current line, and its Legends class, with Soundwave's other cassette minions: Rumble, Ravage, and Laserbeak! Rumble continues the age-old diatribe about the colouring, for some, as is presented in a small, black and red tank and tablet modes alongside his robot one; Ravage also shares a tablet mode, but couples his cat-like stealth to a jet mode; Laserbeak swoops in with another variation of the spy tablet, and a questionable spiky armored vehicle mode. And of course, all of them are compatible with Soundwave by fitting into his chest!
Twincast / Podcast Episode #155 "Pillarboxed"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #155 "Pillarboxed"

Pillarboxed - Episode 155 of the Twincast Podcast begins with an in depth look at the imminent Bluray release of the 1986 Transformers: The Movie from Shout! Factory. Comparisons of the special features and audio/visual quality of this version to other past versions await listeners. Recent Transformers Masterpiece toy reveals and rumors for characters such as Grapple, Megatron, and Shattered Glass Optimus Prime comprise the next points of discussion. After a brief, casual chat about recent Generations toys and G2 toy advertisements, the latest Generations Titans Return products such as Chromedome, Mindwipe, and Alpha Trion are analyzed. Quick reviews and recaps of recent Transformers comics comes next, followed by a listener question about preferences regarding which characters end up being represented as toys. The recurring Bragging Rights segment caps off the show.
New Galleries: Titans Return Leader Soundwave with Soundblaster

New Galleries: Titans Return Leader Soundwave with Soundblaster

Leader Class Soundwave - Our offering today in terms of new toy galleries - a staple feature of - is once more from the Transformers Titans Return line: Leader class Soundwave, with Titan Master Soundblaster! That's right, Soundblaster the clone/rebuild of Soundwave from the original cartoon series finds its way into the new toy line in the form of a Headmaster under a new name, though still sporting the blue and grey colours of the bigger robot. As for the Decepticon communications specialist himself, this being the Hasbro version we get yellow visor, and a general retool and redeco of the Blaster mold, complete with base mode, boombox/audio dock hybrid mode and compatibility with the Legends class figures. Check out a sample from the galleries below, and click on any of the images to view the full works!

IDW Transformers Classics UK Volume 6 Cover Artwork

Posted 3 hours ago by ScottyP - 1,522 views

NEW! With the sixth volume of IDW's Transformers Classics UK series drawing towards release at last, we now have a look at the cover artwork for the book. Andrew Wildman returns with a stellar new cover, which has been revealed on the Amazon listing for Volume 6. Check out the cover below featuring the Quintesson Judge, Metroplex, Optimus Prime, Galvatron, Arcee, and even Carnivac and Snarler. The listing has also confirmed the contents of this collection, which is currently set for release - Read More

Takaratomy Masterpiece MP-14+ Alert Anime Color Edition images

Posted 7 hours ago by Kurona - 4,469 views

And rounding up our redeco news from fellow board member Logan., he tells us that Twitter user Tagoal has uploaded images of the upcoming MP-14+ Alert Anime Colour Edition; the more cartoon-accurate redeco of Masterpiece Red Alert. Does this redeco still interest you? Do you want to see more from the line of the cartoon-accurate redecos MP-14+ is apparently the start of? Let us know in the Energon - Read More

Takara Tomy Transformers Adventure Nemesis Prime and Windblade images

Posted 7 hours ago by Kurona - 6,222 views

Again thanks to Seibertronian Logan., we have more images of upcoming Transformers to show you through Twitter user Tagoal!! Below are three pictures each of TakaraTomy's own version of the recently released Robots in Disguise (2015) Warrior Windblade as well as TAV56 Nemesis Prime, their exclusive black repaint of the recently released Robots in Disguise (2015) Warrior Power Surge Optimus Prime. Take a look and tell us what you think of their - Read More

More Masterpiece Shattered Glass Optimus Prime images from Hasbro Asia

Posted 8 hours ago by Kurona - 5,228 views

Thanks to fellow Seibertronian Logan., we now know that Hasbro Asia has brought us a dozen new images of the upcoming Masterpiece Shattered Glass Optimus Prime through their Facebook page. The MP-10 redeco is shown to come with the trailer, all of Optimus' accessories - including a matrix and an eerie translucent green axe - and is also shown standing off against his positive universe counterpart as well as Optimus' other evil double. Check out the images below and see if any have swayed you - Read More

Additional images of Transformers Ultimetal Ultra Magnus from Superfest Japan

Posted 12 hours ago by Bronzewolf - 6,742 views

Seibertronians, xRotorstormx has shared with us some more photos from Superfest Japan after sending us some of the upcoming LG-EX Convobat. This time around they feature Ultimetal Ultra Magnus and his various accessories. These include a Rocket Launcher/large gun, an Optimus Prime-style Ion Blaster, and a Matrix of Leadership and a Energon Axe very similar to the ones that came with MP-10, perhaps just on a bigger scale. The photos of the giant figure can be seen below. Take a look then - Read More

Additional Images of Takara Transformers LG-EX Convobat from Superfest Japan

Posted 13 hours ago by Bronzewolf - 6,659 views

Seibertronians, our very own xRotorstormx is currently reporting directly from the Japanese convention Superfest. She's shared with us some exclusive additional pictures of LG-EX Convobat, along with his Ape-x drone. Check 'em out below and then tell us in the comments below: Do these additional images make you like the figure more or less? Will you be getting it when it comes out in December? And, as always, keep your optics tuned to for all the latest - Read More

Takara Tomy Transformers Legends In-Hand Roundup: Fortress Maximus, Broadcast, Rewind, And More

Posted 18 hours ago by D-Maximus_Primal - 9,365 views

Seibertronian Logan. has been hard at work hunting down almost 50 new in-hand images of upcoming Takara Tomy Legends figures! In order of appearance in this pictorial round-up, we have: *3 Images of Fortress Maximus, as Tweeted by TFyuki *3 Images of Fortress Maximus compared to G1 Fortress Maximus, courtesy of Planet Iacon on Facebook. *23 Images of Broadcast and Rewind, courtesy of Loopaza Megastore *5 Images of Fortress Maximus courtesy of @tagoal on twitter *15 Images of Wheelie - Read More

TakaraTomy Diaclone Reboot: Dia Battles V2 Cosmo Maneuver Type On Display

Posted 1 day ago by shajaki - 11,662 views

Who's hungry for more Diaclone goodness? Fresh from the floors of the 56th All Japan Hobby & Model Show 2016 and thanks to でじたみん 楽天市場店 and Amiami, we have some new display shots of Dia Battles V2 Cosmo Maneuver Type! This fella is a pretty white retool of TakaraTomy's first Diaclone Reboot figure Dia Battles V2 (Red/Blue and Grey Moon Base prototype) and appears to be sporting to new weaponry, boosters, and other trinkets. They also show off his capabilities to mix it up - Read More

Transformers 5: The Last Knight: Michael Bay Responds to Churchill Controversy

Posted 2 days ago by Bronzewolf - 13,649 views

Seibertronians, in response to the story we reported on earlier today about how the TF5 filming had chosen Winston Churchill's birthplace to use as a Nazi base, and the controversy it spawned, Michael Bay has released a statement in a short interview with the BBC. People haven't been fortunate enough to read the script and they don't know that Churchill in this movie is a big hero He said. Another notable quote from the interview, available in full on the BBC Website, is that Bay - Read More


Posted 2 days ago by Tigertrack - 11,330 views

It’s the end of September, and THE REVOLUTION has started! The multi-issue, multi-brand crossover has officially begun. IDW does its best to meet big boys MARVEL and DC on the big kids playground, to crossover in a way that they hope is as popular as the big uns’ special events. Will it make the cut? And should you care enough to pick this up? Back Cover Tease: Explosions rip across Earth—and all sides blame OPTIMUS PRIME and the TRANSFORMERS! G.I.JOE refuses to go quietly—and they - Read More

New Pre-orders! MMC Demonicus, TFC P04, ST-01 Apollo MP Shattered Glass Prime and more...

Posted 2 days ago by D-Maximus_Primal - 7,370 views

** Product Updates ------------------------------------------------------------ September 23, 2016 ... df&mc_eid=[UNIQID] ... df&mc_eid=[UNIQID] ... df&mc_eid=[UNIQID] ... df&mc_eid=[UNIQID] ** Mmc - R11D Demonicus Prominon ------------------------------------------------------------ - Read More

New Galleries: Masterpiece MP-31 Delta Magnus with Marissa Faireborn

Posted 2 days ago by D-Maximus_Primal - 12,455 views

Fresh off the camera today, is proud to bring to you today our latest gallery, that of MP-31 Delta Magnus with Marissa Faireborn! Delta Magnus is a redeco of the Masterpiece Ultra Magnus figure, and as such features the massive weight and blockiness of the original mold. The original Delta Magnus figure was once a diaclone figure named Powered Convoy, and while that toy was recolored to make Ultra Magnus, the original color scheme was kept and repurposed for Delta Magnus. Delta - Read More

IDW More Than Meets The Eye #57 Full Preview

Posted 2 days ago by D-Maximus_Primal - 9,698 views

Newsarama has uploaded a new preview for all of us to enjoy, this time in the form of More Than Meets The Eye 57, the last issue of More Than Meets The Eye before the Revolution crossover issue and then the continuation of the story in Transformers: Lost Light. You can check out the full preview below, and come back here next Wednesday for your review of the More Than Meets The Eye Finale! - Read More

Comic for Takara Transformers Unite Warriors EX Megatronia

Posted 2 days ago by D-Maximus_Primal - 16,838 views

Seibertronian Cyberpath has alerted us to the full comic now being available for Unite Warriors EX Megatronia! The comic is 8 pages long and the story is written and illustrated by Hayato Sakamoto and features a very bad set of gals as they tear through and frighten the living sparks out of 3 separate combiners. It also includes a teaser for yet another combiner dealing with Unicron and the rising issues of the current combiners. You can check out the full comic below or find it at its original - Read More

Takara Tomy Transformers Legends Fortress Maximus Manga and Box Art

Posted 2 days ago by D-Maximus_Primal - 13,967 views

Seibertronian Cyberpath has alerted us to the presence of Takara Tomy's Transformers Legends Fortress Maximus, which has had its box art and manga revealed thanks to Loopaza Mega Store! The manga is a 6 page comic featuring Fortress as well as the full Fortress Maximus body, while the boxart shows off Fortress Maximus standing tall and ready to battle. You can check out the comic as well as the manga below, and let us know what you think in the comments section below. - Read More

Churchill home transformed into Nazi Base for Transformers 5: The Last Knight

Posted 2 days ago by Bronzewolf - 22,911 views

Seibertronians, multiple news sources from the U.K. are reporting that Transformers: The Last Knight has continued filming in England by turning a home owned by Winston Churchill and his estate into Nazi Headquarters. Yes, they have turned "Blenheim Palace", the early seventeen hundreds castle which was the birthplace of the WWII hero, into a recreation of Hitler's main HQ, with large Swastika flags and reportedly SS soldiers on the grounds. This desicion has drawn some controversy from - Read More

Robot Kingdom Newsletter #1344: MP Shattered Glass Optimus Prime, Titans Return Stickers, and More

Posted 2 days ago by D-Maximus_Primal - 6,614 views

ROBOTKINGDOM.COM Newsletter #1344 Hi, Here is a quick update from 1. Rogue One – A Star Wars Story Preorder Started! More listings will be ready on 1st October 2016. 2. Titan Return Stickers Wave 2 Available on 3rd October 2016! For any customers who purchased the Hasbro Titans Return Wave 2 items with USD40 or above, will receive 1 Hasbro Exclusive Titans Return Wave 2 Sticker Per Order! ... - Read More

New Images of Transformers Masterpiece MP-35 Grapple With Size Comparison and Part Sharing Breakdown

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 15,440 views

Fellow Seibertronian Cyberpath has found some cool images for us coming from Loopaza who uplaoded scans of a Japanese hobby magazine. In it we can find a size comparison of Transformers Masterpiece MP-35 Grapple with MP-10 Optimus Prime & MP-20 Wheeljack. He looks to be about the height of Ironhide. We also see shots of all his faces and magical back shots of both him and Inferno. We also see something really cool. It's as if Takara has been reading our boards and noticing how much we like - Read More

Sound Effects for Takara Tomy Transformers Legends LG-31 Fortress Maximus

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 9,728 views

Fellow Seibertronian Logan79 is on fire today, finding Transformers news and sharing it with us. He has found this short video from "three star star" on youtube which shows us the sound effects made by Takara's Transformers Legends LG31 Fortress Maximus. The toy has far more sound effects than the standard Hasbro release with many Japanese lines along with "TransfOOOrm!" and, best of all, the Japanese theme song to the cartoon (starting at the 53 second mark). The toy is being released in Japan - Read More

Images of Asia Exclusive Stickers Applied On Titans Return Wave 2 Deluxes

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 10,206 views

Fellow Seibertronian Logan79 has found some great images of the Asia exclusive stickers applied on the Wave 2 deluxes of the Titans Return line. These images were found on Chinese site, Toy People News and we have taken a handful of those images to show you what the stickers add to Chromedome, Mindwipe, Wolfwire and Highbrow. While the stickers add colour and further detail, they don't seem to reference detail found on either the original toys or the look of these characters on the show. - Read More

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