Twincast / Podcast Episode #145 "May Mayhem"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #145 "May Mayhem"

May Mayhem - We start the show with a continuation of our Beast Wars Season 1 rewatch. The Beast Wars fun continues after that as the cast members "draft" characters for a fantasy team of robots in three fun rounds. A critical look at the most recent comics releases follows, with both The Transformers #53 and More Than Meets The Eye #53 in the crosshairs. A special topic about the place of music in the Transformers universe, inspired by the recent Sony Music release of the Roll Out album, continues the show, and this features both a review of the album as well as thoughts on how the cast imagines a Transformers soundtrack should be. May Mayhem kicks into high gear after this, with thoughts and even repair tutorials for the Fan Built Combiner Wars Victorion set. This is followed by the anti-climactic small release of Deluxe Groove and the impact that had this week, and we then wrap up toy discussions by moving into our thoughts about the recently revealed Tokyo Toy Show exclusive Loud Pedal from Takara Tomy. Robots in Disguise's 2nd season finale is discussed as well, along with some thoughts about how the show has progressed since the start. We wrap up with a quick bragging rights segment featuring some unique curio additions to our collections.
New Galleries: Club Subscription 4.0 Needlenose with Sunbeam and Zputty

New Galleries: Club Subscription 4.0 Needlenose with Sunbeam and Zputty

Club Needlenose - is proud to to present the gallery of the Transformers Collector's Club Figure Subscription Service 4.0 first figure, Needlenose. Which is an update to 1988's G1 Targetmaster Needlenose. TFSS Needlenose is a repaint of Combiner Wars Firefly and includes updated versions of Sunbeam and Zigzag (aka Zputty), which themselves are repaints of Caliburst and Holepunch. IDW fans may appreciate a guest cameo appearance by Reveal the Shield Turbo Tracks in Needlenose's gallery.
New Gallery: Club Subscription 4.0 Grabuge (aka Ruckus)

New Gallery: Club Subscription 4.0 Grabuge (aka Ruckus)

Ruckus - As promised, and as the Transformers Collectors' Club keeps sending out its Subscription Service 4.0 figures, continues to provide its visual services to the figures - as we did with Needlenose when it shipped, so we do now with the figure that was intended to be retail Ruckus, changed into Combiner Wars Offroad by Hasbro, and now released under the Grabuge name by the Club!
Top 10 Best Beast Wars Episodes

Top 10 Best Beast Wars Episodes

Beast Wars - This list was seriously a labor of love. It seems the Transformers were introduced to me at the perfect stages of my life. G1 was a toy commercial, great for the first 5 years of my kiddie life. But Beast Wars with it's more developed stories and themes came out in 1996, and I was just old enough to really appreciate it. But enough of this, there's a lot of words coming at you so let's get started! Interviews IDW Artist Alex Milne Interviews IDW Artist Alex Milne

More Than Meets The Eye - Greetings Seibertronian beings, and welcome to another thrilling and enthralling visitation of the talent behind the IDW Publishing Transformers production, as we're till slim on the ground in terms of new comics this month! In the past, we have spoken to a lot of artists, some colourists, some inkers, some pencillers, but we have an all rounder coming up for this instalment - all the way from the Great White North. Making his mark a very long time ago in the current Transformers mythos, he's become a fan-favourite, he is responsible for many tears, many crowd shots, many pairings and ships for the fandom; he is the hands behind death, love, stars and returns. Ladies and gentlebots: Alex Milne!

Unused Concepts for Transformers Spotlight: Octane, by Nick Roche

Posted 16 hours ago by Dr Va'al - 7,422 views

Recently unearthed by Seibertronian Twincaster ScottyP, we have images of an unused pitch for a Transformers Spotlight: Octane/Tankor by Nick Roche and James Roberts all the way back from 2007. According to the artist, and along with some images (mirrored below), some of the material has in fact been used since in More Than Meets the Eye. If you're suffering from Roche deficiency with the pause before the last Sins of the Wreckers issue, why not also check out some uncoloured, unlettered - Read More

Stock Images - Takara Tomy Transformers Adventure TAV51 Hyper Surge Bumblebee, TAV52 Strongarm

Posted 16 hours ago by Dr Va'al - 6,930 views

Courtesy of Takara Tomy Mall - though not limited to the Japanese retailer, as these are also on Amazon Japan - we have some new stock images for the Takara Tomy Transformers Adventure line, in the form of TAV51 Hyper Surge Bumblebee and TAV52 Strongarm with her Micron 'Sotusu'. Check them out below! - Read More

30% Discount on Transformers Titans Return Preorders from Kapow Toys

Posted 22 hours ago by william-james88 - 9,386 views

Yesterday's news of British Titans Return listings may have provided some pretty pictures, but it also made Britain sigh heavily at the high prices. That lead to some within the community to realize that the Takara versions might be a cheaper alternatives. After some quick research, it was found that, believe it or not, Kapow Toys has a near 30% discount on some upcoming Takara Legends figures. It actually seems that in the west, these are the best prices found, which is something you would not - Read More

Pre-Order Info - Takara Transformers Unite Warriors UW-EX Sky Reign to Be Revealed at Tokyo Toy Show

Posted 22 hours ago by Dr Va'al - 8,822 views

Seibertronian and Twincaster Razorclaw0000 dropped by to share with us a tweet from Takara Tomy Mall about their upcoming Skyreign-based set in the Transformers Unite Warriors line - as UW-EX - which will be fully announced at the upcoming Tokyo Toy Show on June 9th. Pre-orders will open on June 12th, and limited (for now) to the online retailer (and maybe only to Japan addresses). Check out the banner image below, showing not much more than the last time we saw a teaser for the - Read More

TakaraTomy Transformers Adventure: TAV-47 Crazybolt In And Out Of Packaging

Posted 1 day ago by shajaki - 14,099 views

Recently teased by a certain someone, tonight we now have an extensive gallery of TakaraTomy Transformers Adventure TAV-47 Crazybolt and his "Prime of Micron" Ransack! This wacky beastformer (& Co) are likely case fresh since his street date pretty much now, and blogger Alfes2010 apparently held quite the photo session for them. See the pics below, and stay tuned to home for the best Galleries and Conversation around! - Read More

Transformers Combiner Wars Fan-Built Victorion: In-Stock At

Posted 2 days ago by shajaki - 11,008 views

Happy Sunday everyone, Canadians now have another source for all their Victorion needs! The Combiner Wars Fan-Built Collector Set has been added to for the up to par price of $149.92 CAD. That price qualifies it for free shipping, so hop to it if you don't want to gamble on finding one in store. Follow the link below, and stay tuned to home for the best Galleries and Conversation around! (Or if is more your speed, head - Read More

Stock Images - Transformers Titans Return Deluxes Wave 2: Mindwipe, Highbrow, Wolfwire, Chromedome

Posted 2 days ago by Dr Va'al - 25,243 views

From UK toy distributor A.B. Gee, we have a look at official stock photography at the first wave of Deluxes in the Hasbro Transformers Titans Return line: Mindwipe, Highbrow, Chromedome, and Wolfwire (listed at £21.99 each - approx $32 USD)! As is usual by now, the images feature the wonderful poses showing the 'best' side of the figures, plus a randomly assorted look at both modes, packaging, and spec cards. Check them out mirrored below! - Read More

In-Hand - San Diego Comic Con 2016 Exclusive Transformers Titan Force Set #SDCC

Posted 3 days ago by Dr Va'al - 28,391 views

Also from the same Hasbro Taiwan-TFND hands-on event, we get a closer look at some figures we saw announced at BotCon 2016 (galleries to be found here!): the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Titan Force Box Set, featuring triple changer Voyager Sentinel Prime in clear orange plastic (resurrection will do that to you), the new Robots in Disguise Windblade in new colours, and new Titans Return Brainstorm. Check them out below! - Read More

In-Hand - Transformers Titans Return Deluxes, Titan Masters, Fortress Maximus, Voyagers and More

Posted 3 days ago by Dr Va'al - 31,395 views

How about a healthy dose of Transformers Titans Return images for the weekend? Courtesy of the boards, we have photography from an event organised with Hasbro Taiwan to showcase the toyline - and boy did they get up close to the figures! You can check out a selection of images below, and head here or here for more. Let us know what you think of the Fortress Maximus, Titan Masters, Deluxes, Voyager Galvatron, Powermaster Optimus Prime and more in the Energon Pub, too! - Read More

Top 5 Transformers Toys Most Likely to Break (and make you cry)

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 38,509 views

Every two weeks, brings you a Top 5 list related to all things Transformers written by me, your fellow editor. These are my opinions (just like movie or game reviews hosted by sites are still just the opinion of one person) so what matters most is what you guys think of the topic or list, and I hope to see your own lists or comments on omissions and ranking. Let's have fun! All previous lists can be found here. Top 5 Transformer Toys that will shed the most tears Is there - Read More

In Hand Images for Takara Tomy Transformers TAV VS-SP Dogfight vs. Decepticon Runamuck

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 17,881 views

Those in Japan may be getting their mail orders soon for TAV VS-SP Dogfight vs. Decepticon Runamuck since Autobase Aichi has just uploaded a whopping twenty four in hand pictures onto their facebook page. We mirrored them below for your viewing pleasure. For those wondering, these were exclusive mail away figures, from company Hero X, only obtainable in Japan by ordering from the Million Publishing 2015 Generations book. Any available through western dealers had a heavy mark up but were soon - Read More

New Photos of Takara Tomy Transformers Legends LG20 Skids with Comparison to Hasbro Version

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 19,149 views

Transformers Legends LG20 Skids is being released this coming week and we have some new pictures to celebrate that courtesy of Twitter users Tagoal and I_love_gabrine. We even have a picture comparing this Takara release to the hasbro rerelease we got a while back, whos gallery can be seen here. As you can see, the Takara version is far closer in deco to Alex Milne's comic book model, which can also be seen - Read More

TFNation 2016 - Metal Earth Transformers Product Display and Contest

Posted 3 days ago by Dr Va'al - 10,450 views

Another update from the team at TFNation, who are really making sure this first event is as big as it can be, with Metal Earth Transformers kits being on display - and available to be won in a contest - at the show! Check out more details below, and head here to book your tickets for August now. Operation: Official Product Display / Giveaway View this email in your browser ( ... 1e517e5c6f) Transmission Initiated Transmission ID: - Read More

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Combaticons Found in the UK at Smyth's

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 15,803 views

Good news for all you Brits out there! Fellow Seibertronian Mr O has found the 2016 Combiner Wars Wave 1 deluxes, the Combaticons, at Smyth's in Newport, South Wales. The UK has had Wave 2 (SkyReign wave) out for a little while but there was fear that the Combaticons would never show, and there they were for 15.99 £ ($23.38 USD). Mr O wrote:They were two aisles over from the main TF bit, in a cardboard shelfy-stand. No sign of them where you'd usually look, I found them by accident while - Read More

Transformers: The Last Knight Marketing Campaign Begins

Posted 3 days ago by Dr Va'al - 11,818 views

Fellow Seibertronian Bumblebee21 found the beginning of the marketing campaign from Paramount for Transformers: The Last Knight - starting on Twitter and Instagram - which featured a message in morse code over a United States State Department torn image, with the writing 'File no. 21.63 Date: 10'. The message translates as 'I M COMING FOR YOUHUMANS.MAY31'. What are we to expect from this? Speculate away in the Energon Pub! Something Wicked this Way Comes Something wicked this way - Read More

TFSS 5.0 'Foundation and Wreckage: Deadly Aim' Prose Story Now Online

Posted 3 days ago by Dr Va'al - 9,645 views

Yet another prose story headed our way from the Transformers Collectors' Club, featuring the Wreckage combiner, the Wreckers in this particular side of the universe, and your very own outsiders Offroad and Alpha Bravo - plus new art by Hosono Tomoya and Marcelo Matere with Josh Burcham! Check it all out here and below. TF_JW wrote:Foundation And Wreckage Part 1: Deadly Aim is now online! Learn about the "last" two members of the Wreckers and the team's new ability as they prepare to - Read More

Ages Three and Up Product Updates - May 27, 2016

Posted 3 days ago by Dr Va'al - 9,291 views

MP-25L Loud Pedal Tokyo Toy Show Exclusive, New Lower Prices on Combiner Wars Menasor and Superion Box Sets, New Iron Factory City Commander Re-paint and more... ------------------------------------------------------------ Email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser ( ... d4b6d79446) . ... e9&mc_eid=[UNIQID] ** Product Updates ------------------------------------------------------------ May - Read More

TFsource News! Masterpiece Loudpedal, Shockwave with Megatron Gun, GT J4ZZ, CW Victorion & More!

Posted 3 days ago by Dr Va'al - 7,096 views

TFsource News! Masterpiece Loudpedal, Shockwave with Megatron Gun, GT J4ZZ, CW Victorion & More! NEW HOT PREORDERS: - MP-29 Masterpiece Shockwave - with Megatron Gun - MP-25L Masterpiece LoudPedal - ToyWorld - Constructor - Purple Mixer Barrel - Master Made - SDT-03 Apollo - GENERATION TOY - GT-04 J4ZZ - Mastermind Creations - R-17 - Carnifex - KFC - KP-12R Posable Hands For MP-30 Ratchet - KFC - EAVI METAL Phase Five - Reflectrons / Opticlones - MP-27 - Masterpiece - Read More

Transformers: The Last Knight: Josh Duhamel Talks About Role in Interview

Posted 4 days ago by D-Maximus_Primal - 10,611 views

Thanks to we bring to you an interview with Josh Duhamal, also known as William Lennox in the Transformers Live Action Movies. The full interview can be found by clicking the link above, but we bring to you a section regarding Transformers: The Last Knight, which includes him talking about filming that occurred in El Mirage, California. He also talked a little bit about Bay's sets. Check out the conversation below. Josh Duhamel wrote:At the top of his work docket is, of course, - Read More

New Images - Takara Transformers Unite Warriors Nosecone

Posted 4 days ago by Dr Va'al - 20,190 views

After the Figure King scans showing the retooling happening to Rook/Wandering Roller to make the figure into the Takara Tomy Transformers Unite Warriors Nosecone (part of the UW08 Computron/Computicon set), we now have actual images via TFYuki of the finished thing, including an over the top, multi-drill mode. Check them out mirrored below! - Read More

View the rest of our exciting Transformers news here!

Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #145 - May Mayhem
Twincast / Podcast #145:
"May Mayhem"
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