New Galleries: Transformers Legends LG-EX Rhinox, Waspinator and Rattrap

New Galleries: Transformers Legends LG-EX Rhinox, Waspinator and Rattrap

Legends LG-EX Beast Wars - It's Beast Wars Tuesdays once again! That means is rolling out (heh) a brand new set of Beast Wars-themed galleries! Today, we've got the LG-EX (exclusive) versions of Takara Rhinox, Rattrap, and Waspinator, which were exclusive to the Transformers Fes2016 in Japan! Take a look at the preview of each down below, and then click on any of the images to be taken to each respective gallery, all of which include some comparison shots of the Exlusive Versions with the regular Takara and Hasbro versions!
Twincast / Podcast Episode #156 "Gestalt Theory"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #156 "Gestalt Theory"

Gestalt Theory - Episode 156 of the Twincast Podcast begins with a quick discussion of the Machinima Combiner Wars series, as it recently concluded its run. A look at IDW Publishing's Till All Are One issue four comes next, with a focus on the characterization of the Combaticons. This leads into a special discussion where the cast recalls their favorite instances of combiner characters and teams being well defined within their media representation. As a follow up to that, each cast member then makes an attempt to flesh out combiner characters that haven't been thoroughly defined through the years. A strategy discussion for the Transformers Earth Wars mobile game comes next. The Revolution crossover series sees a brief feedback focused discussion, as the podcast hosts share their thoughts about this combined universe of Hasbro properties. After a listener question and some looks ahead to future Generations Titans Return toys, the show concludes with the recurring Bragging Rights segment.
New Galleries: Unite Warriors UW-08 Technobots Combiner Computron Set

New Galleries: Unite Warriors UW-08 Technobots Combiner Computron Set

UW-08 Computron - Seibertron recently unveiled the gallery for Combiner Wars Computron and now we have his Japanese fraternal twin to share with you in this gallery of the Unite Warriors UW-08 Technobots Combiner Computron Set. This is historically unprecedented in the hobby where both Takara and Hasbro are releasing such different versions of a character. It's not just a change in deco, or head or some extra tooling, but a major change in toys constituting the same combiner. As you will see from the comparisons, the only toy which is the same in both sets is Afterburner, who still has a very different paint scheme and accessories from the Hasbro version. Every other member either has new tooling or is a completely different mold, which is the case for Nosecone, Strafe and Lightspeed. They are all sporting heads never released by Takara yet and all feature their own individual and unique guns which can be combined to give Computron a nice big techno assault rifle.
New Galleries: Combiner Wars Computron set with Technobots and Scrounge

New Galleries: Combiner Wars Computron set with Technobots and Scrounge

Combiner Wars Computron - is proud to bring to you today our galleries of Transformers: Combiner Wars Computron with the Technobots and Scrounge! Computron is comprised of 6 different bots, each from a different mold. The leader, Scattershot, is based on the Silverbolt mold with some new alt mode parts and a new robot mode head. Strafe is a retool of Air Raid, complete with all new jet mode retooling. Afterbreaker is a retool of Deluxe Groove with a new windscreen and robot mode head. Lightsteed is a straight redeco of Streetwise and Nosecone is a straight redeco of Brawl. Rounding out the team is new bot Scrounge and shuttle partner Cybaxx, who are a retool and a redeco, respectively, of Cosmos and Payload and are the first representations of the characters in plastic form. You can check out our galleries here.
New Galleries: Titans Return Legends Rumble, Ravage and Laserbeak

New Galleries: Titans Return Legends Rumble, Ravage and Laserbeak

Legends Class Laserbeak, Ravage and Rumble - The very first Transformers figures for the Titans Return line appeared during the tail-end of Combiner Wars, with Buzzsaw - now, with our newest toy galleries, we delve back into the current line, and its Legends class, with Soundwave's other cassette minions: Rumble, Ravage, and Laserbeak! Rumble continues the age-old diatribe about the colouring, for some, as is presented in a small, black and red tank and tablet modes alongside his robot one; Ravage also shares a tablet mode, but couples his cat-like stealth to a jet mode; Laserbeak swoops in with another variation of the spy tablet, and a questionable spiky armored vehicle mode. And of course, all of them are compatible with Soundwave by fitting into his chest!

BBTS Sponsor News: Combiner Wars Computron, Masterpiece, Metakore and More

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-------------- NEW PRE-ORDERS -------------- LEGEND OF ZELDA FIGMA FIGURES Good Smile Company presents The Legend of Zelda Figma figures of Zelda and Link. These articulated figures feature character-related accessories, expressions, stands, and are painted as depicted in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. ... ht%20figma 1/6 SCALE STAR WARS DEATH TROOPER SPECIALIST Sideshow and Hot Toys are thrilled to introduce one of the - Read More

Takara TAV62 Deluxe Starscream Revealed for Transformers Adventure Line along with TAV 61 God Optimus Prime

Posted 8 hours ago by william-james88 - 6,757 views

The Toyrsus exclusive Clash of the Transformers Robots in Disguise Warrior Starsceam figure was released a while ago to great surprise by the fan base but it was still unknown how Takara's version would look like. It has finally been revealed. It will not be an exclusive, unlike last year's Clash fo the Transformers figurs which were the same in Japan as in the rest of the world. Instead, this new Starscream is part of the main line and sports the code TAV 62. It has a similar deco theme to the - Read More

IDW NYCC 2016 Exclusive Revolution Cover and Press Release

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With New York Comic Con 2016 just round the corner, we have a press release directly from IDW Publshing with their exclusive releases for the event - but in terms of Transformers, Revolution is the only related title taking the stage! Nonetheless, check out the variant exclusive cover below. And Rom the Spaceknight. IDW Publishing Announce NYCC 2016 Exclusives & Debuts IDW Publishing is heading to New York Comic Con with a ton of exclusives you won’t want to miss! See below for a full - Read More

Die Cast Optimus Prime Figure for Transformers Masterpiece Inferno Revealed

Posted 13 hours ago by william-james88 - 8,734 views

It is a confusing time for Masterpiece releases. While we usually get the Japanese release and the Hasbro Asia release (whos only difference is the inclusion of a coin), Transformers Asia is a third player that introduced itself with the reissue of Masterpiece Ironhide, giving him a new drill accessory. Since then, they seem to have taken over the releases of Masterpiece figures in Asia (and maybe Australia, that is still to be seen). This new direction for the Asian release of Masterpiece - Read More

Die Cast Optimus Primal to Come With Transformers Asia Release of Masterpiece Beast Wars Cheetor

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It seems the Asian releases of Masterpiece figures is taking a new direction. Instead of a coin, Masterpiece MP 34 Cheetor will come with another die cast Transformers mini statue. Adding to the set started with Inferno (who comes with Optimus Prime) and Grappel (who comes with Ultra Magnus), Cheetor will come with a mini statue of Optimus Primal. This is perfect since die cast is a lost art afterall. This new direction is in line with Hasbro Asia seemingly no longer being the ones releasing - Read More

IDW Transformers vs. G.I. Joe: The Quintessential Collection Listing

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In other IDW comics news, we have a new listing on online retailer for the Tom Scioli and John Barber series Transformers vs G.I. Joe, collected in a new, oversized The Quintessential Collection! The new edition probably adds some extras too, bulking it up to 420 pages and $49.99, and might explain all the recent Scioli Twitter activity featuring Cybertronian art. Due for release in March 2017, check out more info below on this oversized hardcover book! Earth makes contact with an - Read More

IDW Transformers Autocracy Trilogy New Livio Ramondelli Cover

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We've seen the regular cover for the IDW Transformers: Autocracy Trilogy volume in the December solicitations here, but we now also have a variant cover from artist Livio Ramondelli himself, for the volume collecting Autocracy, Primacy and Monstrosity (at some point also called the Cybertronian Trilogy, but what are you gonna do?). Check out the Optimus-centric art - Read More

Transformers: The Last Knight - Mark Wahlberg Interview, Mini-Dinobots, Surprises

Posted 23 hours ago by Dr Va'al - 10,389 views

Via the UK branch of the Metro newspaper (or at least its online incarnation) we have a new interview with Transformers: The Last Knight cast member Mark Wahlberg, who plays the returning Cade Yeager, and drops hints as to what we might expect in the fifth Michael Bay movie with the Cybertronians - from the recent Nazi set dressing controversy to the rumoured mini-dinobots, to Anthony Hopkins' involvement. Check it out in the embedded clip below! Speaking exclusively to, Mark - Read More

Soap Studio Transformers Collection - Milk Mart / CICF VAA001, plus Rust Version

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We have some news regarding the officially licensed Soap Studio figures of Optimus Prime, as designed by Dan Khanna and endorsed by Peter Cullen, and their new promotion in conjunction with Milk Mart and the Chinese International Comics Festival (CICF): the VAA01 Optimus Prime statuette, in opaque plastic! There is also a rusty version of the figure found on the company's weibo account, but you can check out all the images and info below. - Read More

Transformers: Devastation to be Free for PlayStation Plus Members in October

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Seibertronian gamer Carytheone has dropped in to let us know that Transformers: Devastation will be getting a special treatment this October. PlayStation Blog has announced that member of PlayStation Plus will be allowed to purchase Transformers: Devastation free of charge for the month of October. So if you're a gamer and you're not signed up for PlayStation Plus, go sign up and get yourself some free games! And if you are signed up already, be ready to pick this game up! Drawing on the - Read More

TFcon Chicago 2016 Update: Frank Todaro

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TFcon has updated us with a new guest: Frank Todaro! Frank Todaro is a long time Transformers fan who got the chance to be the voice of Starscream in the recent Combiner Wars Cartoon. You can check out the media release below, and remember to reserve your tickets to go! We are happy to welcome Frank Todaro to TFcon Chicago 2016. A long time Transformers fan himself, he can now be seen as Starscream in Machinima’s Transformers: Combiner Wars animated web series. Frank will be taking - Read More

New Galleries: BotCon 2016 Exclusives Reflector and Flash Sentry

Posted 1 day ago by D-Maximus_Primal - 11,668 views is proud to bring to you today our latest gallery, that of Botcon 2016 Exclusives Reflector and Flash Sentry! Reflector and Flash Sentry are both retools of the Combiner War Shockwave with new heads. Reflector utilizes Shockwave's arms and the way they tab to force 3 of his toys to come together and form his camera mode. Cameras this size will probably only be able to be handled by titan class transformers, and have a high probability of shooting you instead of capturing your - Read More

Transformers: Earth Wars - Rumble in the Jungle Event

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Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong! Battle to win Fiery Crystals in this weekend’s event for the chance to unlock a 2, 3, or 4 Star Hot Spot or Cyclonus or other prizes including Spark, Energon, 3 and 4 Star Crystal Shards! Rumble in the Jungle Event Will Cyclonus convert the Amazon into Energon or will Hot Spot and fellow Autobots save the rainforest?! Start Date: 30/09/16 10:00 UTC End Date: 03/10/16 10:00 UTC How do I participate? • Reach Headquarters level 4 - Read More

IDW More Than Meets The Eye #57 Review

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At Lights End, Titans Rise A semi-spoilerish Review of More Than Meets The Eye 57 Hold back your tears for a little longer folks Synopsis END OF THE ROAD! On Luna 1, the scale of SENTINEL PRIME's ambition becomes shockingly apparent—and while RED ALERT struggles to separate friend from foe, PROWL convinces FORTRESS MAXIMUS to take the ultimate gamble. Story More Than Meets The Eye has taken us on some amazing voyages, traveling space, time, and all manner of - Read More

New In Hand Images of Masterpiece MP-14+ Red Alert with Comparison

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 12,463 views

Red Alert is the first Masterpiece figure to get the "plus" treatment with Takara releasing a MP 14+ edition which is made to match the cartoon deco as close as possible. He is out now and several images have popped up all over facebook. Logan has sent several out way coming from Hobbybase, Photo vaut and UranusDD facebook pages. The ones from Uranusdd ofer a comparison with the initial Red Alert release. The change from white to grey paint is most apparent there and it gives us the best idea - Read More

New Images of Drill and Briefcase Accessory for Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-27 Ironhide

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 9,892 views

Fellow Seibertronian Logan has found some nice new images of the upcoming drill accessory that comes with the reissue of MP-27 Ironhide. While we knew the drill came in a briefcase, these new images show how Ironhide looks like while holding the drill and, better yet, holding the briefcase. This die-cast drill package can be purchased alone on e-bay if anyone already has an MP Ironhide. Enjoy the images below, courtesy of - Read More

Transformers Robots in Disguise Grandpa Unboxing Power Surge Optimus Prime Short

Posted 2 days ago by Dr Va'al - 9,150 views

Once more via Transformers Australia, from the official YouTube channel, we get a short video for the Robots in Disguise line and Power Surge Optimus Prime, this time featuring an unboxing of sorts, and the cross-generation explanation of how the toys works in all its gimmicks - kids and their toys these days, right? Check out 'Grandpa Unboxing' embedded - Read More

Transformers Asia Masterpiece MP-35 Grapple Exclusive Die-Cast Minifigure

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Fellow Seibertronian Logan. has shared a Transformers Asia post on the boards, showing the Hasbro Asia exclusive add-on accessory that will accompany the Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-35 Grapple: it looks like there'll be a small Ultra Magnus die-cast minifigure coming our way! Check out the teaser below, and discuss the new in the Energon Pub. Masterpiece MP-35 Grapple Promotion Get this special design die-cast metal mini figure free when preorder “ MP-35 Grapple " at selected - Read More

New Galleries: Rescue Bots Superchargers Sideswipe and Bumblebee, Amazon Heatwave, plus Rescan Blurr and Salvage

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Seibertron is on a gallery roll! Just after releasing our new Morbot, Hoist, and Medix galleries, and our Takara Con Exclusive Rat Trap, Rhinox, and Waspinator galleries, we've got a brand new set of pictures for several brand new Rescue Bots toys, including the highly anticipated Superchargers Bumblebee and Sideswipe, the Amazon exclusive Heatwave, and Rescan Blurr and Salvage. Check out a selection of images below, and click on any of them to be taken to the full galleries! Transformers - Read More

IDW Transformers: Till All Are One Revolution Subscription Variant Revealed

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Thanks to Previews World we have a look at the Subscription Variant cover for Transformers: Till All Are One Revolution! Normally, Windblade is the voice of the massive Transformers known as the Titans, such as Metroplex. But what Till All Are One: Revolution is showing us is that Windblade may meet up with some of the smallest beings ever to live: the Micronauts! You can check out the cover below, and stay tuned to for all your latest Transformers News and Galleries! - Read More

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Transformers SEALED CASE  METROPLEX Titan Class  SDCC 2013 HASBRO EXCLUSIVE - Time Remaining: 3 days 20 hours 8 minutes
Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #156 - Gestalt Theory
Twincast / Podcast #156:
"Gestalt Theory"
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