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Twincast / Podcast #102

Twincast / Podcast #102

Hidden Mickeys - Welcome to the latest edition of the Twincast / Podcast! This episode features your host for the evening, ScottyP, along with Jon 3.0 and Rotorstorm. Tonight we'll be discussing one glorious Masterpiece figure, the final countdown for the HUB, Hasbro taking over the world, and our hero finally getting a well deserved award.
Hasbro NYCC Party Galleries: Combiner Wars, Robots In Disguise, Kre-o, and Angry Birds

Hasbro NYCC Party Galleries: Combiner Wars, Robots In Disguise, Kre-o, and Angry Birds

New Product Reveals - We've seen some first looks at 2015's Transformers, including Generations Combiner Wars, official images for Robots in Disguise, Angry Birds and Kre-O - but how about taking a proper look at what was on display at NYCC 2014 Hasbro's Press Party? has you covered, with our trademark high quality galleries! Check them out by clicking on any image below.
New Gallery: Club Subscription 2.0 Timelines Eject

New Gallery: Club Subscription 2.0 Timelines Eject

Eject - Are you ready for another fully detailed, highly defined gallery? We are proud to present the Transformers Collectors' Club Subscription Service 2.0 mystery figure - and we're making sure it remains so, thanks to a newly implemented feature of the site's galleries! That's right, we won't be showing you images right here, but rather linking you to the first Members Only gallery on You must be logged in to click on the images and reveal what's beneath, so as not to ruin the fun for anyone still waiting for their own new toy. So buckle up, brace for spoilers, and head to the gallery if you're ready for its sheer magnificence.
New Galleries: Club Subscription 2.0 Timelines Chromedome and Stylor

New Galleries: Club Subscription 2.0 Timelines Chromedome and Stylor

Chromedome - With the 5th member of the Club Subscription 2.0 recently arriving in your mailboxes, if are subscribed that is, is here to provide you with an exclusive in-depth gallery. Chromedome with his partner Stylor are repaints (with a new head mold for Chromedome) of the previous Transformers Prime RID Wheeljack and the Arms Micron from Transformers Prime Arms Micron Smokescreen Check them out here.
New Galleries: Transformers G2 Combat Hero Optimus Prime and Combat Hero Megatron

New Galleries: Transformers G2 Combat Hero Optimus Prime and Combat Hero Megatron is proud to present two massive galleries of some very rare Transformers figures. We were able to get our hands on Generation 2 Combat Hero Optimus Prime and Combat Hero Megatron, both of which were among a slew of products that were canceled in 1995. While there aren't many of these unreleased Optimus Primes and Megatron out in the wild, we decided to take this opportunity to open them up and photograph these figures for everyone to enjoy. Click here to view their galleries.

ROBOTKINGDOM .COM Newsletter #1244

Posted 3 hours ago by Autobot032 - 1,064 views

NEW! Hi, Here is a quick update from Free TF Movie 3 Trading Cards for every orders and unsent Preorders! For every USD50 ordered, 4 pack of TF Movie 3 Trading card will be included. For over USD300 Order, A Card Album will also be included! #1 Hot News Hasbro Asia Exclusive Masterpiece Optimus Prime with Premium Gift. Exclusive Gift Pictures Updated! Pre-order, Start Shipping on around 24th 2014. US$139.9 - Read More

Reprolabels October update!

Posted 6 hours ago by LOST Cybertronian - 2,282 views

Reprolabels October Update! Let's cut right to the chase, with the highly requested set for Tigris! Followed by a superb set for Generations Roadbuster: And some finishing details for the UT bikes, Salmoore and Splinter: And which Gears do you like? Cause we covered both! Legends Gears and - Read More

Early Design Concept Sketches of Fan Built Bot Windblade

Posted 7 hours ago by mooncake623 - 2,236 views

Thanks to the Offical Transformers Facebook page we get a look at some early design and concept sketches of the Fan Built Bot Windblade! Windblade has since been released (you can check out her galleries here) and has been given her own comic series by IDW which has ended but she still plays an important role in the ongoing Transformers comics. Check out the images we've mirrored below and remember keep your optics tuned to for the latest in news and updates, plus the best - Read More

Kre-O Battle Changers In-Hand Images

Posted 13 hours ago by LOST Cybertronian - 4,701 views

Thanks to Jacquelyn Orenza on Facebook, we get in-hand images of the Kre-O Battle Changers. These were first seen at SDCC 2014 and they are the first Kre-O sets that can transform without having to take apart and rebuild the sets. The first wave features Optimus Prime, Starscream, Bumblebee and Grimlock. - Read More

Additional In-Hand Images: Platinum Edition Dinobots Unleashed

Posted 13 hours ago by LOST Cybertronian - 5,701 views

We have additional in-hand images of the Platinum Edition Dinobots Unleashed set thanks to blogger Blacklai. The Dinobots feature translucent plastic. You can see many of the images mirrored below and you can click any of the images to see many more. - Read More

Hasbro Appoints John Frascotti To President, Hasbro Brands

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 10,904 views

John Frascotti, former Chief Marketing Officer of Hasbro, has been promoted to a newly formed position: President, Hasbro Brands The following is an exerpt of the article, including quotes from John Frascotti and other Hasbro executives. "Global branded play leader Hasbro, Inc. today announced the promotion of John Frascotti to the newly-created position of President, Hasbro Brands, effective immediately. In this new role, Frascotti assumes the additional - Read More

New Cinema Sins video for Transformers 4 Age of Extinction

Posted 3 days ago by william-james88 - 17,828 views

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction gets a very special treatment in the new video from Cinema Sins by being their longest video yet and having 2 parts. The videos can be seen here and here. We've also embedded the videos below for your viewing - Read More

Generation 2 Optimus And Masterpiece Soundwave Reissued Under Year Of The Goat Platinums

Posted 3 days ago by Autobot032 - 25,072 views

Cybergeeks Alliance has reported that Asian toy retailers have received solicitations for Transformers Platinum Edition sets from Hasbro. Up first? Year of the Goat Optimus Prime is a translucent redeco of the Generation 2 Laser Optimus Prime mold, you may also know the mold as Car Robots/Robots In Disguise Black Convoy/Scourge. Not to be outdone, Year of the Goat Soundwave comes along and brings the awesome as a clear redeco of the Masterpiece Soundwave with the following cassettes: Rumble, - Read More

Amazon Japan Pre-Order: Japanese Age of Extinction Blu-Ray Exclusive Hound

Posted 3 days ago by LOST Cybertronian - 25,335 views

Amazon Japan has a pre-order up for the Japanese Blu-Ray release of Transformers: Age of Extinction with an exclusive toy. This Hound is the voyager class figure with a movie accurate camo deco. According to the listing this figure is scheduled for release December 10 for 12,960 Yen. - Read More

Rovio Angry Birds Transformers - Now Available on iOS Devices

Posted 4 days ago by Va'al - 18,480 views

Courtesy of resident voice actor jON3.0, we get a quick look at the now available Rovio Angry Birds Transformers, with screenshots from and a brief thought about the game. If you have a mobile device running on Android, you will have to wait until the 30th of this month to join in the fun, but you can still watch the trailer, the gameplay and listen to the soundtrack in the meantime! Angry Birds Transformers is a 2D/3D animated sidescroller. The opening animation is so G1 it's - Read More

Takara Tomy Transformers Legends Commander Collection LC01-LC04 Images and Listings

Posted 4 days ago by Va'al - 26,360 views

In other Takara Tomy Transformers Legends news, the Takara Tomy Mall page has been update with listings and images for the Commander Collection part of the line, featuring reissue/redecos of previously released (and photographed!) figures such as Robot Masters Optimus Prime, Robot Masters Lio Convoy, Robot Masters Beast Convoy, and Age of Extinction One-Step Optimus Prime. Click on each image below for the respective listing! - Read More

Takara Tomy Transformers Legends LG09 Brainstorm Image

Posted 4 days ago by Va'al - 23,764 views

A quick update from Twitter tease Hisashi Yuki concerning the Takara Tomy Transformers Legends Voyager LG-09 Brainstorm. The briefcase-less robot supergenius can be seen below double wielding, in the company of its line mate Rattle (Rattrap) - check out the - Read More

Transformers: Rescue Bots Season 3 Teaser, Plus Seasons 1-2 Clips

Posted 4 days ago by Va'al - 21,212 views

We got new animation for the toys, so why not take a look at four new Playskool Heroes US videos showing off some clips of recycled footage, to wait out the return of Transformers Rescue Bots? Embedded below are the official teaser for the Dino season, featuring most of the main cast, the arrival of the plague of Flobsters on Griffin Rock, the Ready to Roll music video, and an introduction to TREX - check them - Read More

New Galleries: G1 1988 Headmasters and Masterforce Headmaster Juniors

Posted 4 days ago by Va'al - 23,080 views

Today we have a set of galleries seven years in the making, due to their continuity and toyline issues in terms of categorisation: feast your eyes on Generation 1 1988 Headmasters and Masterforce Headmaster Juniors. These new additions to's repository feature a number of repurposed US releases, including Cab, Wilder, Bullhorn and Cancer, along with Go-Shooter and updated Minerva with her Transtector. Why have both the US and the Japan releases all in the same group shots and - Read More

Hasbro Looking for Transformers Brand Manager, Global Brand Marketing

Posted 4 days ago by LOST Cybertronian - 18,530 views

Do you think you have what it takes to help propel the growth of the Transformers brand? Hasbro is looking for a Transformers Brand Manager, Global Brand Marketing. Check out the job description below and click here to apply. Hasbro wrote:Brand Manager, Global Brand Marketing - Transformers Job Date: Oct 9, 2014 Location: Pawtucket, RI, US Brand Manager, Global Brand Marketing - Transformers Location: RI - Pawtucket Employment Type: Regular ID: - Read More

Transformers: Rescue Bots Optimus Primal Commercial

Posted 5 days ago by Va'al - 19,991 views

Directly from the Playskool Heroes US YouTube channel, we have a new commercial for the upcoming line of Rescue Bots, especially the big light and sounds Optimus Primal. Check it out embedded - Read More

TFCon Chicago 2014 - Official Promo Video

Posted 5 days ago by Va'al - 13,242 views

In an official clip promoting TFCon Chicago 2014, shortly taking place and which will be attending, fellow fan and podcaster jON3.0 takes on the mantle of Optimus Prime once more - check it out below! TFCon Chicago 2014 OFFICIAL PROMO Optimus Prime gives another epic speech from the destroyed city of Chicago about Transformers 4: Age of Extinction... but is it all just a - Read More

Video Review - Transformers Age of Extinction One-Step Changer High Octane Bumblebee

Posted 5 days ago by Va'al - 22,897 views

The Transformers: Age of Extinction One-Step line seems to be going nowhere - but some late comers to the plastic party may still interest some collectors out there. And fellow Seibertronian chuckdawg1999 provides us a new video with a look at another figure from the line, High Octane Bumblebee, below! Utilizing the "Butterfly" style of transformation Bumblebee, as it appeared early on in Age of Extinction, is represented here. Basically the toy is a re-shell of Drift with new arms and a - Read More

Sneak Peek - IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #34 iTunes Preview

Posted 5 days ago by Va'al - 14,730 views

No new comics this week yet, but we have a full three pages of the upcoming issue 34 of Transformers: More than Meets the Eye, courtesy as usual of the magnanimous IDW digital assistant Mariel Romero, and her screenshots uploaded to iTunes. Check them out below, as the journey into Megatron's past begins.. THE DILEMMA! On a planet dedicated to Right and Wrong, four damaged AUTOBOTS must make an impossible choice: kill or cure? Whatever they decide, their lives will never be the same. - Read More

Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition in Science Centre, Singapore - Nov 2014-Mar 2015

Posted 5 days ago by william-james88 - 14,688 views

Good news for Singaporean Transformers fans. From 1 Nov 2014 to 1 Mar 2015, the Science Centre will be hosting an exhibit honouring the 30th anniversary of the Transformers brand. The following is an excerpt from the exhibition page, where more info regarding tickets can be found: Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition celebrates 30 years of evolution of the much beloved and world famous Transformers series. The exhibition presents a snapshot of the history of Transformers and the - Read More

View the rest of our exciting Transformers news here!

Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #102 - Hidden Mickeys
Twincast / Podcast #102:
"Hidden Mickeys"
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Posted: Sunday, October 5th, 2014