Aerialbots sitting on some rocks

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Aerialbots sitting on some rocks
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Bee's Girlfriend writes: Left White Dude: I'm bored.
Right White Dude: I'M bored.
Gray Dude: I'm king of the... the stupid rock. :(
Ultra Markus writes: quick! put the pipe away before silverbolt and optimus come back!
Wolfman Jake writes: Wish we had a Super Happy Fun Ball.
Insurgent writes: So.... when will Alpha Bravo catch up to us?
trailbreaker writes: "So what's our plan for murdering Wheelie?"
maroyasha writes: Skydive:I spy with my little eye-
Air Raid:If you say the Ark one more time.
Skydive: I wasn't gonna say that.
#Sideways# writes: Skydive: "Howdy friends, I'm an Aerialbot. That means I solve problems..."
Angelbot writes: So how long will it be until the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch?
Magnus writes: Waiting For Gobot
starscream_the_eternal writes: FF:Dude, I don't think they're coming for us.
Skydive:Shh, I think I hear them.
AR:No you don't, you've been saying that for the past two f***ing hours
FF:Lets go eat some brownies Airaid.
SD:Well you'll be sorry when I'm
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Cesium_Salami writes: Boys...we need to have a little chat about the birds and the bees.
Roadshadow writes: Aerialbots: Nobody knows...the trouble we've seen...nobody knows...but Jesus....
galactus writes: waiting for Godot
Unknown writes: man, some party last night! i wake up and find myself sitting on a rock. whoa
master galvatron writes: Should we stop megatron.
No, Its just a nuclear warhead. what chould he do with it?
DeltaSilver88 writes: Skydive: Nice view.... HEY! Where the heck are Silverbolt and Slingshot?

Air Raid: Uh... Fireflight crashed into them.

Fireflight: Ow... my aching head... *Sky and Raid look at him* .....What?


DeltaSilver88 writes: Skydive: Jai guru deva... om....
Air Raid: Groan...
Fireflight: Crimony...
kanesomers writes: 'This toilet rules!'
Descybner writes: Skydive: Today I feel like I....CAN TAKE ON THE WORLD!!

Airraid: Why did he get the best role in 'Day of the tentacle'??? :(

Fireflight: umm, they thought he was on top of all.
Zeedust writes: They waited, and they waited... It seemed like an eternity... But the rumble with the Sharks never came.
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Dragonoth writes: Fireflight: "I can't believe Optimus stuck us up here for guard duty."
Air Raid: "I've got vertigo..."
Skydive: "I'm the king of the world!"
Stormshadow writes: Aireialbots: We are here to pass judgement on the one who calls himself Megatron for damaging Orion Pax and allowing him to be remade into Optimus Prime because; you could have ended this whole bloomin war before it even started!!!!"
Soda Pop Kurtis writes: Kumbaya my lord! Kumbaya!
trailbreaker writes: "Rock, paper, scissors....."
egarton writes: it doesn't look like we are the only ones affected by the gas price increase.
crypto199 writes: After G1 finnished,The Aerialbots were forced to get a job at McDonalds,
crypto199 writes: Airraid-And then the other guy said...
Skydive- If you tell that joke again! I'm going to eat you!
Airraid You can't eat me!
Skydive- DARN!
Scatterlung writes: Maybe if we sit here long enough, they'll go away...
Silver Wind writes: Their reaction to some of the captions submitted. Those captions were summarily rejected.
Silver Wind writes: After getting into some mischief, Optimus Prime had them grounded for a week.
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Zeedust writes: Just another day at the only Taco Bell in town that serves giant robots.
Vanishing Point writes: so... uh
how long do you think before they realize we aren't in the remains of Superion?

who cares atleast we finally got rid of slingshot and silverbolt
Pierrimus writes: Airraid-How come we're stuck here on this dirtball of a planet while that old coot Alpha Trion is practically the only male Autobot left with all the babebots?
other 2-Groan!
Airraid-It's true you know. He scores all the time while we're
Light Blade writes: Air Raid: At Last! i'm king of all I survey
FireFlight: And what exactly do you survey
Air Raid: Well there's this really small turtle and what looks like a button mushroom
Skydive: All hail.... king of the losers!
Air Raid: shut up!
Shermtron writes: the aerialbots are grounded because of the price of fuel...
snavej writes: Fireflight: Air Raid, remember that time when you accidentally shot Grapple's favourite statue with your torque rifle?

Air Raid: Yeah, it was twisted round and messed up so bad! He had to melt it down and start again. I don't know how I got
snavej writes: Fireflight: We've only been operational for a few weeks and I'm already bored out of my armoured cubic skull. I don't think I can take this for much longer.

Air Raid: Me neither. The only thing that gives my life any kind of meaning is
CyberTooth writes: ...Several Days Later:

AR: Hey guys... I'm beginning to think we're not in this movie after all.
SD: Wanna go try for a part in that GoBots/Rock Lords film?
FF: ...Hell no...
Acelister writes: Bored, the Aerialbots decided to watch the Decepticons attacking Autobot City, instead of helping.
Air Raid: "Hey, does that look like Megatron is holding Hot Rod hostage whilst shooting at Optimus Prime?"
Fireflight: "That depends... Di
Acelister writes: The Incredible Thinking Aerialbots, now from Crazy Jamal's Autobot Busts! See them think and think, then think some more, right in front of your eyes!
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ninjabot writes: AirRaid: You just had to smart off to Prime, now we have desert duty again.

SkyDive: How was I suposed to know he was dating Aleata!!!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: And even as night fell, the Aerialbots sat on the surface of Mars, waiting for the elusive hidden Minicon to reveal itself, unaware that they were both in the wrong place and the wrong continuity to find it.
Lich Lord Dranas writes: Where the Autobots go to do their "Business".
kennyman writes: And now our feature presentation: The U.S. Air show!
dabattousai writes: Air Raid: Do you think Megatron will let us wait a few more minutes for Slinshot and Silverbolt to get here so we can form Superion?

Fireflight: I knew this wasn't a good idea. Why did we have to get drunk on Energon and show off by taking on M
Draconion writes: Hail to the Mountain Guru!
snavej writes: Air Raid: Go on Daniel, move that hoverboard! Jump that river! SKATE AND DESTROY! Watch out for that tree!

Fireflight: Oh dear, impaled on a branch. Hot Rod didn't get there in time.

Skydive: Look on the bright side: one less kid to worry abou
"Ok ok. Fine, you win. So you're king of the mountain... Now what?"

Having finally invented the first autobot toilet, the mighty aerialbots now turn their mighty intellects towards inventin
Road Turtle writes: FireFlight, "Dude, they're not coming."

Skydive, "No, they said they'd be here."

AirRaid, "Dude! I'm starving!"

Skydive, "No, Slingshot said he was gonna help Sliverbolt get over his fear of hiegh
Acelister writes: Fireflight: "Notable, my lord, but pray thee..."
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terrordive2020 writes: being fired sucks
Kevinus Prime writes: " least they got Larry the Cable Guy to do Thundercracker. Boy, he's talented."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Hey! I can see my house from here!"
Kevinus Prime writes: " according to Optimus, we are supposed to be hunting for Snipe and not come back until we find one."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Ya know, some days I don't know, fresh..."
strata32000 writes: Part-1
Air Raid: Man, that's the last time I eat a burrito from the roachcoach.
Fireflight: I know what you mean. The whole world is spinning.
Skydive: Well, I don't know about you guys but that thing is cleaning me out. I feel like I just lo
strata32000 writes: Part 2-
Air Raid/Fireflight/Skydive: :(....
Skydive: Hey guy? What do you want to get from the catering truck tomorrow?
snavej writes: Skydive: Do you ever use the Autobot Code?

Fireflight: That big book of rules that Papa Prime keeps in the drawing room?

Air Raid: Yeah, I put puppies between the shiny metal pages and squeeeeeeze slowly. Voila - pressed puppies!
snavej writes: Skydive: There's a huge gorilla humping a truck!

Fireflight: Makes a change from the Osama Goat Show.

Air Raid: OMFG, the gorilla's come all over Tracks!

Fireflight: That explains one of last week's captions.
snavej writes: The Aerialbots' first appearance in Afghanistan causes social upheaval. Men and women swap clothes and start doing the Hokey-Cokey dance non-stop for 128 hours. Unaware of this, the Aerialbots watch American soldiers firing missiles at empty caves.
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snavej writes: Air Raid: According to your tech specs, you are one of the best fliers we have, Skydive. Tech specs never lie. Why don't you do something really useful like kill Starscream? You're one of the few who could actually beat him in aerial combat!
snavej writes: Skydive: Some kid said to me that Aerialbots were bottoms with aerials on!

Air Raid: Cheeky so-and-so! What did you do about it? Complain to his parents?

Skydive: No, I gave him a free jet ride over the wide blue ocean.

Fireflight: Was he less
Fussion writes: I gotta talk to Silverbolt about this!!!
These "Puppet Shows" that Prime is put on are really getting to me!!!!!!!!!
Road Turtle writes: Skydive, "OK, so the joke starts; There's three Aerialbots sitting on a rock, and one says..."
Air Raid, "I'm gona puke!"
Fire Flight, "...and the other says; 'Primus, you two are lame!' "
Alpha_Soundwave writes: I wonder whats its like to fly ?
snavej writes: Fireflight: If I stare at that goat long enough, it might die.

Skydive: Oh yeah, like those psy-ops guys in the CIA, or maybe Trypticon.

Air Raid: Do it, you'll really ---- Bin Laden off. He hates it when they drop dead right in the middle of
snavej writes: Fireflight: I'm thinking of joining the Protectobots. I reckon Defensor could use a third arm or leg. It could give him an advantage in battle!

Skydive: Yeah, but the extra weight could cripple Hot Spot in the long run.

Air Raid: The engineer
snavej writes: Skydive: I hear that our comrade Bananatron got eaten by a giant monkey! Terrible thing.

Fireflight: What was this monkey called?

Skydive: Not sure, maybe Ding Dong or something.

Fireflight: I had a feeling something like that would happen to hi
snavej writes: Air Raid: I should be so lucky! Lucky, lucky, lucky! I should be so lucky in love!

Fireflight: Oh, good grief.

Skydive: Think positive thoughts, think positive thoughts...
snavej writes: Skydive: You guys, there are three attractive naked human females writhing against my rear kibble!

Fireflight: Tell them they're wasting their time! I'm practising for the 'Staring into Space' competition against Optimus Prime!
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snavej writes: Skydive: 9/11?
Air Raid: Arab terrorists?
Fireflight: No, Jewish plot.
Skydive: WWII and the Holocaust?
Air Raid: Nazis?
Fireflight: No, Jewish plot.
Skydive: Cybertronian civil war?
Air Raid: Decepticons?
Fireflight: No, Jewish plot.
Skydive: Ra
snavej writes: Skydive: Look up there, in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it some other weird thing that they put up these days?

Fireflight: All of the above: it's Sky Lynx! Hey, Lynxy, watch out for that insulating foam! Ya don' wanna burn u
snavej writes: Air Raid: With these nosecones just behind our heads, we look like the Ku Klux Klan.

Fireflight: Let's join the Klan! I'm bored with killing puppies and Teletubbies!
snavej writes: All: Folderee, folderah, folderee, folderah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, folderee, folderah! My-jet-parts-on-my-back!

Silverbolt (out of shot): Stop taking the Mickey!
Ransom writes: The threesome relaxing on a rocky hill, taking bets to see how far Ransom can punt snavej for extreme bad taste.
IronDino writes: Fireflight: "Why'd the Decepticon go and dump us on this rocky island"
Airraid: "...Cuz they're evil?"
Skyfire: "So how are we gonna get off"
Fireflight: "I dunno, it's not like we can fly off it...&quo
TundraTRX writes: Here we see the Aerialbots/Webmasters of looking through the submitted images for the next caption contest. They still can't get over the comments made over Optimus Primal being "on top" of Optimus Prime.
Blaster_6267 writes: The Aerialbots ponder the meaning of life and eternal peace. 10 hours later, they haven't come up with a single clue
terrordive2020 writes: ever since slingshot and silverbolt became lovers its been kind of boring
terrordive2020 writes: watching arcee get lubed is awesome
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CyberTooth writes: FF--Are sure Shin wanted us up here?
SD--Of course I'm sure, we're suppose to swoop in and strafe the Decepticons when they attack Autobot City. Nelson, (that's what I get to call him) said to stay off camera till he signals.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: The Aerialbots were thrilled to be in the travelling opera, even though they had to accept smaller parts as Time Prophets because Sunstreaker wanted to be Kai.
Jaw Crusher writes: Fireflight: "Well - there are two banthas down there, but I don't see any...wait a second...there's Sandpeople, all right, I can see one of them n-oh, nope, that's Chevy Chase wearing his jeans on his head."
Air Raid: "
Gigatron1 writes: A Tasters Choice Moment between three Bots
Jackrabbit writes: Airraid: No no no... you wanna talk about a sexxy bot? Lets talk about Bumblebeee.

Fireflight: PEDO! Ha ha ha!
Skyfire: PEDO! Ha ha ha!
Airraid What?! Come on. He's not THAT young. He's just.. small...
Bed Bugs writes: After consuming a stale batch of energon, the Aerialbots all became constipated.
snavej writes: Air Raid: Anyone up for a threesome?
snavej writes: Skydive: Stuck on a desert island. How are we going to escape? Any ideas?

Fireflight: Umm...

Air Raid: Err...

Skydive: I know, we could use these rocks to build a raft!

Air Raid: Genius!
snavej writes: Air Raid: ...and that one over there is the lesser-spotted stone chat!

Skydive: Very interesting.

Fireflight: Yes, fascinating. Can we go now?

Air Raid: No, we have lots more to see!

Optimus Prime (by radio): Aerialbots, come down here! I�
snavej writes: Air Raid: This Lion King idea of yours sucks, Skydive!

Fireflight: Actually it sucks AND blows.

Skydive: Give it a chance, guys: I'm starting to get into it now. The Circle of Life, oowoow!
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Pokejedservo writes: Stomach pains... boredom... "King of the Mountain" complex... All natural in the line of duty in doign guard work in the middle of no where huh Aerialbots?
snavej writes: Air Raid: When are the Teletubbies coming out of their hole? I'm itchin' for some target practice!

Skydive: Patience, my friend. Soon their innards will be burning on the manicured lawn!
e3NiNe writes: being an Aerialbot ROCKS!
Roadshadow writes: Aerialbots: Noboooooooody knows, the trouble we've seen...
snavej writes: Fireflight: I was gonna sit by the pool but some fat German Fokkers put their towels on all the sun loungers.

Air Raid: Fokkin' Germans! Let's bomb their fat butts back to the Black Forest!
Steeleye writes: *Watching a drive-in movie*
Fireflight-I wanted to see "Madagascar", I'm bored.
Skydive-Shut up, this is the best part.
Air Raid- Oooh, I knew I shouldn't have had that second hotdog
Death-Ray Charles writes: Silent killers,Airealbots hunt in packs,they can consume 30 times their bodyweight.
snavej writes: Fireflight: So, what are we supposed to be watching?

Skydive: The Dinobots are going to crash the set of Jurassic Park V.

Air Raid: The really funny thing about it is that Grimlock's wearing a digital watch!

Skydive: That's one for the
snavej writes: Skydive: Anyone want to pull the legs off puppies?

Fireflight: Yeah, anything to relieve the boredom of this guard duty.

Air Raid: Bad news, guys: I think I sat on the puppies!

Fireflight: What are we doing tomorrow?

Skydive: Visiting a dog�
snavej writes: Skydive: These humans just can't fly like we can. Look - another one has hit a big tower!

Air Raid: People are starting to jump out of the tower. The whole thing could come down. Perhaps we should go over there and help?

Fireflight: We can&#
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snavej writes: Fireflight: This is pathetic! Silverbolt's so scared of heights that he can't climb this little mountain.

Skydive: We're not taking him bungee jumping again!

Air Raid: Let's spit some oil at him, see if we can hit him in the eye
Dragonoth writes: Fireflight: I knew we should have refueled before we left the base. It'll be hours before a truck gets here.
Marv writes: No Sky-Bite, we DON'T want to hear your damn Haiku's, even if we're in immediate danger of dying from boredom. Now get your skidplate back to your own cartoon, will ya?
Marv writes: Aw, come on guys! We've been kicked out of better giant robot armies, haven't we? We'll find employment elsewhere!
Marv writes: The Aeralbots were devastated when Predaking got re-issued and Superoin didn't...
Marv writes: The recent global economic problems also hit the Autobot military budget rather hard. Eventually, Prime was even forced to fire entire Gestalt teams!
Marv writes: I know you resent our attitude problem Silverbolt, but was it really necessary to punch Fireflight in the stomach like that?
Marv writes: Thanks a lot for pissing of prime AGAIN, Skydive! Now the old fart has confiscated our jet engines!
Marv writes: I don't understand... Why do the humans feed the pidgeons in the park but not us? All they do when they see us is scream and run away!
Marv writes: The pilgrims were quite upset whenthey discovered that an Aerialbot had sat down on the local mountain guru...
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Marv writes: I have the strange idea we did this before, once...Don't you guys?
Marv writes: Roaming bands of Decepticon marauders, Megatron's threatheing to destroy the planet, Starscream's plotting behind his back, we're rebelling against Prime's authorithy because we feel superior to the other Autobots, causing disaster on
snavej writes: Skydive: There's Bin Laden! What's he doing with that goat?

Fireflight: Maybe he mistook it for his wife?

Air Raid: I haven't eaten anything since I was created but I still want to throw up!
snavej writes: Skydive: Once they get a look at my swollen red groin, the Decepticons will flee!

Air Raid: I wouldn't count on it. Have you seen the size of Megatron's groin?
snavej writes: Skydive: Never challenge an Aerialbot to a mountaineering contest, I always say!

Fireflight: Ssh, don't give the game away!

Air Raid: Yeah, we need the bet money for haemorrhoid cream!
snavej writes: Air Raid: Oh no, piles!

Skydive: You wanna borrow my rubber ring?
Acelister writes: Skydive: "I'm the king of the castle!"
Air Raid: "That must be why Fireflight looks bored..."
Fireflight: "Oh no..."
Air Raid: "He's the queen!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Air Raid,"Soooo that's what Arcee looks like with her plates off."

Skydive,"Yeah well wow,some how I thought that would better."

Fireflight,"Jeez I'm bored,she sorta looks like Bumblebee naked."

Ratbat writes: (Skydive) Why are we just SITTING here??? We're Aerialbots; we should be FLYING!!!
Overlord II writes: See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil
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