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Bruticus holding Computron and pointing his finger

The Ultimate Caption Contest

Bruticus holding Computron and pointing his finger
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182 captions have been posted for this image so far ...
Nemesis Primal writes: Bruticus: "...And nobody follows me! I swear to Primus, I'll do it!"

Computron: "They KNOW that's your FINGER, dumbass..."

Bruticus: "SHUT UP! Don't make me kill you..."
Mad_Mexicoy writes: Guess where this finger was.....
Autobot bubbs writes: Bruticus: " NOONE tells bruticus he cannot pick his freinds nose!!"

Computron: ".... but, I'm your enemy."
seminole1 writes: Bruticus: Here, I had my finger up my butt hole, so tell me what oil doo doo tastes like.
Dragonoth writes: Bruticus: I don't care that we're in a battle. I want my cookie back!
seminole1 writes: Burticus: Why dosen't anyone like my cooking? Here Computron have a taste of my oil cake it truly is devine.
SilentBlaster writes: Bructicus:Oh let me wipe that dirt off your face.
Magnus writes: It'll only hurt for a second. You'll feel a lot better if you'd just let me pull it out.
Roadshadow writes: Bruticus: Suck my finger, Comps!
Computron: Bruticus, I'm not THAT sick, ya sicko!
Nemesis Primal writes: Bruticus: "Say it, bitch!"

Computron: "NO!"

Bruticus: "SAY IT!"

Computron: "Not even at knifepoint!"

Bruticus: "You have any idea how much firepower I have on me?"

Computron: "Okay! Ok
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Nemesis Primal writes: After Computron ate a Quintesson on a dare, Bruticus was assigned the unpleasant task of inducing vomiting to get the poison out of his system.
Marv writes: You're on Candid Camera! Look! There's the camera!
Nemesis Primal writes: Bruticus: "Hey guys! Bet I can fit my fist in his mouth!"

Computron: "If you do, you won't get it back."
Unknown writes: Bruticus: Dammit, Computron, take your medication right now, mister!
Shadow Fox writes: Computron- Only you can prevent forest fires!!!
Unknown writes: Bruticus: Alright! You all stop calling me Ruination or I twist his frikkin' head off!
Unknown writes: BRUTICUS: I'm not touching you....I'm not touching you!!
Nemesis Primal writes: Bruticus: "Guess who!"
Computron: "Um... Ruination?"
Nemesis Primal writes: "For Primus's sake, Superion, just taste the icing I made. One taste ain't gonna kill you!"
Unknown writes: Bruticus: Alright, pull my finger! C'mon, I know you wanna pull it!
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K-nonFodder writes: Hey i told you that sandwhich was mine no matter what now cough it up
Unknown writes: You don't know where this fingers been.
Dean writes: Bruticus:stop picking your nose computron
Fallengaiden writes: Bruticus:
Now smell my finger!!! Hahahaha!!!
Unknown writes: Se that dead bot over there. That's you, that is.
Decepticon writes: Brut:"NOW whose the bitch?"
Unknown writes: Bruticus:"Damn it, Computron is so angry now that he's teething!"
TF2-TonePrince writes: Bruticus:STAY STILL!!!
Computron:I don't care if I've got a zit, THAT HURTS!!!!
Bruticus writes: Bruticus tries to Hitler Computron (South Park reference.)
Unknown writes: "OW!...Damnit....I stubbed my finger...Does this look infected to you?"
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Unknown writes: Bruticus: It's ok Computron, I'll be your rock just fall back and I'll catch you. They're not sending you to Transformers Armada.
Unknown writes: Bruticus: yep, I can feel that tooth comin in alright.
Unknown writes: bruticus: smell my finger... smeeeellll itttt! (shakes othe fist)
Unknown writes: I want my shoes back, you ungrateful alcoholic!!!
wheelie writes: Wheelie say you 2 look gay!
Ricochet writes: I said pull my finger, not break it Megatron.
Unknown writes: We on fire!! my body make just got new coat of paint!!!!!
zach writes: Bruticus stop hugging me or everyone will think were gay
Unknown writes: Computron: "Mmmmm....that IS tapioca!"
Bruticus: "Let me at it! I want a taste too!!"
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Unknown writes: coo chee coo that's a good baby gestalt
Unknown writes: Come on suck it ..... SUCK IT!!!
Unknown writes: Bruticus: Who's a big widdle babeeeee... who's afwaid of dah big bad man? woogie woogie wooooo...

Computron: Stop babying me dammit~!!!
Beast Simpson writes: Youve got a boogie right... THERE.
Unknown writes: Two words : Ass rape
PlasmaRadio writes: Bruticus: "Dude, what do you think this smells like?"
Unknown writes: JR: Looks like Bruticus is setting up computron for the Decepticons Elbow!
Unknown writes: Brut:Let me give you your dental checkup!
Comp:Nooooo! Keep me away from the Drill! I want my Prime!
Unknown writes: Brut:Let me give you your dental checkup!
Comp:Nooooo! Keep me away from the Drill! Prime Help!
Unknown writes: Comp:yo B do I look wasted? Brut:you look as wasted as I feel Comp:I got the muchies B
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MindWipe writes: tatanis!!!!!i need a damn medic stat!
Broadside writes: Oh my god it bit me!! Do you have Rabies jabs?
Unknown writes: Bruticus: THATS WHEN U KNOW UR A MAN COMPUTRON!!! Computron: Here smell MY finger! Bruticus: ewww what the fudge is that? cumputron MY ASS...
Unknown writes: Bruticus: Stop picking your nose!

Computron: Cut it out!
Unknown writes: this is a wuss you guys!
Unknown writes: smells like your girl friend don't it
Unicron writes: Bruticus: c'mon! Pull my finger!
Shadowen writes: BRUTICUS: Was I supposed to do a bodyslam, or a power bomb next? Eeny, meeny, miny...

COMPUTRON: German suplex, you moron! German suplex!
BLASTER writes: Computron: Hey pick a winner will u?
conan writes: You like that bruticus pudding dont you ?
Computron: Oh yes, give me more!!!
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APOLLO writes: Bruticus: Ow, he bit me
Unknown writes: BRUTICUS: "You will suffera thounsand screaming deaths, Autobot scum !!!!!

Unknown writes: Got ur nose
Unknown writes: come on in computron in my cyberbedroom....
Unknown writes: You've got a little shmootz right... there.
Unknown writes: Hey, genius,diggin' for gold or ding brain surgery?
Unknown writes: B:go on taste it you slut boy! C:nooo ill sue! B:like i care. NOW LICK IT!
Unknown writes: hey beavis, smell my finger
Unknown writes: Heres some cyberweed And here my Suprise! C: Oh God IT HURTS!
Unknown writes: Computron:*MUNCH* Bruticus: Yeeeeeeeoooow!
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Dynamus Prime writes: Computron: Get off of me you queer or I SWEAR I'll scream rape!!
Unknown writes: Bruticus: "Hey, remember that one Confusious saying?"
jazz921 writes: Betcha cant guess where my finger has been???
gabriel writes: I just need one Booger frorm your nose before i become ruinaition!!
Ripley writes: Bruticus: AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! ITS A TELLATUBBIE!!!
Will writes: Got your nose!!
Unknown writes: You Got A Little Ketchup Right There.
Got It!
Unknown writes: Pick a freind's nose / pick a nose next to ya / pick a feinds nose and sing along
Unknown writes: Big Brother ur so cute!!! I cant resist
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Unknown writes: Bruticus: I found some gold up there! It's a big one too!
Computron: Oh God Stop!!!
Unknown writes: Bruticus:Look. It's Jerry Springer
Unknown writes: Hey! And I thought that was your sparkplug doing all the work!
Unknown writes: Computron:"Mmmmm, hey, did you just eat some barbecue chicken? Your finger's awfully tasty."
Nightbeat writes: You jerk, pull that finger away...ahmmm....not bad after all. Have you been eating strawberry jam lately?
Unknown writes: Hissatsu! SHINING FING- Wait, we're on what show now?
RandomFerret writes: I blame the popularity of Queer as Folk.
Unknown writes: Bruticus: Eek! Spider! Computron: Get off me, you idiot! And take your finger outta my mouth!
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BLACKBIRD writes: psst....i have a secret......STARSCREAM IS GAY.........
Air Dawg writes: I've been watching too much wrestling.
FortMax writes: Bruticus: No billy, No. The horrors of war are to much for your young eyes. Turn away!
Unknown writes: Devastator said my momma's made from toaster parts? Lemme at him! LEMME AT HIM!!!
Suzuki writes: You can pick your foes, you can pick your nose, but you can't pic your foe's...
Metroplex writes: B: koocheekoochee cute computron open mouth for aeroplane to come in! C: Dang I DUN WET MY BED ANYMORE OKAY?!?!?!
Frenzy writes: Eh! I Love you to Bruticus, but NOT in that Way, Sorry!
Unknown writes: AHH NOOO!!! (it occours to him that he will die) Then he gets gibbed THE END!!!
Unknown writes: bruticus: Oh yeah! Suck it the way you would suck my cock!
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Raymond T. writes: Bruticus: "If Bruticus can't make himself gag on the thought of...Beast Wars...."
Unknown writes: GET YOUR HAND OUT OF MY MOUTH!!!!!!!
Air Dawg writes: Computron: I'm gonna bite your finger right off!
Unknown writes: Sniff my finger!
Unknown writes: Spit it up, spit it up!
Unknown writes: Suck Finger! You AutoCrumbs!
Chee-toy writes: Come on Comp.... Taste the Magic!! You'll feel so good.
Unknown writes: A very badly animated scene in the final episode of a great series, that was heavily overlooked....
Unknown writes: Bruticus: "Uhh...Galvatron! It's not what you think. Bruticus can explain. Computron wanted me to grab him like this. Honest!" Computron: "...COMPUTING...Bruticus is in denial!" Galvatron: "Enough
Unknown writes: Bruticus: Stinky finger attack!
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Unknown writes: Bruticus:"Looky here, guys!! We got a new cell-block prom queen!!" Computron:"@#%$&*!!"
Unknown writes: Bend over and squeal like a pig..
Unknown writes: Computron: I got a little piece of food stuck in my back tooth.
Unknown writes: Computron: You idiot! The heimlich is lower and you're supposed to hold your hands!!
Bruticus: Oh.
Unknown writes: Bruticus: Slag it you fools! Your shooting me!
Sixshot: Hey, your the fool who's in the way!
Bruticus: Oh, yeah.
Unknown writes: Bruticus: *grabbing Computron* PULL MY FINGER!!! PULL MY FINGER!!!
Computron: NO!!!! *bites the finger*
Unknown writes: Computron: *bite* Bruticus: Ow! Hey! That's my finger, you dolt!
Lord Starscream writes: "Damn it I told you not to eat a whole turkey that fast!"
Lord Starscream writes: "Damn it I told you not to eat a whole turkey that fast!"
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Sideswipe writes: B: You can´t know where my finger comes.
Unknown writes: B:"Smell the finger, and know it's awesome wrath!" C:"Dude, decaf, it's not expensive."
Unknown writes: IT's the Transformers Royal Rumble! Entering at number 12, it's Bruticus!
JRoss: Good Gawd almighty! Bruticus just put Computron in a full nelson! this looks like a slobber knocker!
Unknown writes: Bruticus: Hold still! I just wanna get that booger!
Pokejedservo writes: Bruticus: SHINING FINGER! Computron: Your doing it wrong you moron!
Unknown writes: diggin for gold
Unknown writes: Bruticus: "You sure do got a purty mouth boy." The song Dueling Banjos starts to play. Computron: Uh...wrong movie sicko.
Unknown writes: Come on... Have a taste! It won't hurt you to!!
Unknown writes: The heimlich didnt look nearly as dificult in readers digest
Unknown writes: Bruticus thought it'd be worth a couple yuks to reprogram Computron into a gerbil untill Comp started biting his fingers.
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Unknown writes: Bruticus: Eek! Spiders! Save me Computron! Computron: Hmmmm...Bruticus has chocolate cake frosting on his fingers...Tasty...
Unknown writes: -Spock!
No! You're flood the compartment! He's already dead, Jim.
Unknown writes: This prooves that you CAN
pick your friends nose...
Sledge writes: "Get your finger out of my nose !!"
Shermtron writes: Computron:psst bruticus theres your line...
Unknown writes: two words...Dirty Sanchez
Unknown writes: Bruticus: Food goes in here!
Unknown writes: Bruticus:galvatron look i caught a leprechaun.
Computron:i'm not a leprechaun you idiot i'm an autobot.
eXtRa707 writes: Compute THIS TechnoGeek!!!!!
Chee-toy writes: SMELL IT!!! SMEEELLL IT!!!!!!
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Unknown writes: Bruticus: When I said pull my finger, I ment with your hands not with your mouth you a$$hole!!!!
Unknown writes: Bruticus:"You smell THAT Compy, that's your mom!"
Computron: "No that's my wife... HEY!"
Unknown writes: I want a good clean fight , ya hear?
Now lets GET IT ON!
Unknown writes: how can i tell you i love you when ur sitting on my face
Unknown writes: Computron: Bruticus, I love it when you hold me. You have the softest touch.
Unknown writes: is theif who steals peoples money
Voodoo writes: "Hello, my name is Computron and this is 'Jackass'"
Unknown writes: Bruticus: Ha! the Decepticon figures of Robots in Disguise prooves how much more the fans love me! As well as all the other Reissues...
Unknown writes: is theif who steals peoples money
Unknown writes: Bruticus: Hey, spit out that last twinky you Dweeb!
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Optimus Primevil writes: Bruticus: Hey, no finger bitin'
Unknown writes: B:coochie coochie coo
Unknown writes: B:now that you have picked your nose youre gonna eat it!
astrotrain's first friend writes: Computron: Get off me you rapist bruticus! and get your bloody finger out of my mouth!
Unknown writes: Bruticus: I told you to pull my finger, but you wouldn't listen. Now you get to eat it!
Unknown writes: Computron: Dammit, if Bruticus kills me, I might not even come back as a reissue...
Unknown writes: Bruticus: God, you guys have s£!tty aim! Now come on, shoot him in the mouth!!!
Unknown writes: Bruticus: God, you guys have s£!tty aim! Now come on, shoot him in the mouth!!!
davewelttf writes: Voice over: As we can see here bruticus is going for the old neck twist kill, but what's this computron has gotten hold of his finger and is bitting it.
Bruticus: Ow! Son of a mmm!
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Unknown writes: This Cyber-Kamasutra thing is really great!!
Unknown writes: Me Bruticus survive because Me get re-issued all the time!!
TeleTran2005 writes: Bruticus gives Computron lessons on how to tell if someone is choking
Unknown writes: Comp:stop!!Brut:shut up and taste the rainbow!
ripcord writes: I seen this move on he WWF they call it the mandible claw!! HAHHAHAHA!!!!
Unknown writes: Bruticus: You will suffer the wraith of my FINGER! Computron: NNNOOOOOO!
TRoN writes: Computron:AAAHHH!!! Dirty Sanchez!
genocide writes: "I rule because I get re-issed in ten years..ha ha ha"
genocide writes: goochie goo
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Skyfire the Artist writes: Can't decide between a full nelson and a vomit inducer? Split the difference!
Unknown writes: Computron:
Your finger; Move it or lose it!
Shockwave writes: Bruticus: "Computron, you WILL get your yearly dental check-up if I have to hold you down and do it myself!"
Unknown writes: And after Bruticus saved Computron's life with the Heimlich maneuver, his service was forever pledged in a life debt
Unknown writes: You're mine now, Computron!!!
Unknown writes: Hmm i think i should washed my hands after i baked that chokladcake.
Windcharger writes: Bruticus: Hey Computron! Pull My Finger!!!
Computron: That...does not...COMPUTE!!!!
Unknown writes: what the he... are you doing
Unknown writes: Bruticus: "Here. Have some of what I found near my rear end! Cyber-crap! Muhahaha!" (Notice the brown smear on Computron's above mouth,)
The Matrix writes: Bruticus - "Say Ahhh" Computron - "Nooo" *Gags*
Bruticus - "Still works!"
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Unknown writes: Brut:Hehe!! U don't know where my finger was!!...Comp: Yak taste like s£!t!!
Unknown writes: Let go of me!
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