Dinobot grins ...

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Dinobot grins ...
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Ravage XK writes: I used to think I was doing a good job of cleaning my teeth but then my Dentists told me I needed to Go Pro with the Oral-B Pro Expert Toothbrush. Now everyone notices my smile and my mouth feels so clean and fresh.
RatchetJazz writes: That's so creepy like off the movie jurassic park
Black Hat writes: Dinobot, upon being caught watching Night Shift Nurses.
Godzillabot Primal writes: Mmm...Beans always affect me this way...
#Sideways# writes: "Clevar garl..."
Nemesis Jason writes: Mmmm...Botox
Heavy B writes: hope no one realizes i farted
(DINOBOT)- "Yes baby take it all off for me."
Roadshadow writes: Everyone knows that when Dinobot grins, they know he ate another baby...
Dragonoth writes: Cheetor: Why do we use knock-offs as nicknames: 'Catbot', 'Spiderbot', 'Dinobot'? I mean…
Dinobot: It was only funny the first time, "Catbot".
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Dragonoth writes: Dinobot heard that, before going into battle, Klingons sharpened their teeth. He thinks he's ahead of the game.
Dragonoth writes: Dinobot uses his temporary, plot-devised precognition to see Rattrap falling in a future caption. It made his day.
Kamakaze Thrower writes: Ooooohhhh, so thaaaat's how it works. Uh, yeah, how it works...

Voyager Prime writes: Rattrap: Good news, Chopperface!

Dinobot: Oh?

Rattrap: Yep. The good news is that they ain't gonna put ya in the Barney Room.

Dinobot: And... the bad news?

Rattrap: The bad news is that Megs got the role instead. (sees giant grin on Dinob
Unknown writes: See this? This is what the ladies like. Oh, yeah!
snavej writes: Dinobot: Who would have thought that big juicy bullfrogs could be so utterly delicious! Must stop eating them after 20, though, or I will regurgitate them involuntarily. Hello, what's this? Oh, a magic ring belonging to someone called Sauron.

snavej writes: Grimlock (via radio): Me Grimlock know you steal Dinobot name. Me mad about it. Me hunt you down and kill you!

Dinobot: Me Dinobot wish you luck; hope you have proper energon shielding!
snavej writes: Of COURSE this used car is roadworthy, with no major problems. Why wouldn't it be? You can trust me - I'm Honest Dinobot, used car seller to the Great and the Good! Heh heh heh...
Roadshadow writes: Dinobot: Hehehe...
Rhinox: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Who painted my chainguns pink?
Stress writes: yes i farted finaly...the world will smell my greatness..now weres the bathroom...
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Dclone Soundwave writes: (Ala Mr. Burns)
(Puts Claws Together)
1337W422102 writes: "Royale with cheese..."
Zeedust writes: Dinobot: "And you're CERTaIN this ludicrous device while whiten my teeth faster than the wraparound strips would?"

Rhinox: "If the Mysterious Blue Glow does its job right..."

Dinobot: "What was that?"

Rhinox: &q
Kamakaze Thrower writes: Dinobot's plotting. Nobody knows what he's plotting, but we know that he's plotting.
snavej writes: Excellent news, comrades! One of our satellites has discovered a lost valley in the southern hemisphere, where there are thousands of dinosaurs. I'm going to get me some dino-nookie!
snavej writes: Dinobot: That Snoopy cartoon was excellent! I can't stop smiling!

Cheetor (approaching): What did you say?

Dinobot: I...I have vanquished all my enemies and I can't stop smiling!

Cheetor: I thought you mentioned Snoopy.

Dinobot: Don
snavej writes: Dinobot: I've done it! I've laid a steaming brown egg in every room on the ship!

Rhinox: And I've analysed them. I know you did it. Optimus wants a word.
Zeedust writes: Clone, the other dark meat.
DarkMechJock writes: We've secretly replaced Dinobot's normal energon with decaf. Let's watch...
soundwavegt writes: Heh, I've just seen The Vermin's Beast Machines form. HIghly amusing wouldn't you say? HAAAA HAAAA HAAA!!!!
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Scatterlung writes: "What the PIT is that smell?!"
-Ry- writes: exellent i've now traped rattrap in a corner and now i have his sexy bod to myself
-Ry- writes: exellent i've now traped rattrap in a coner and now i have his sexy bod to myself
Starazor writes: I don't like it when he smiles . . .
Ultimate Optimus writes: Could you please brush my teeth?
pontech writes: I will kill ebay for not selling me or my eeire beast wars returns counterpart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Draego writes: Seibertron's favourite to win this years Presidential election
Draego writes: "...and you can't even tell which are the fake ones."
ozzie347 writes: Rattrap: "Hey Dinobot, have u seen my weed?"
Not Sonic writes: grr baby,very grr! im a sexy beast!
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Sunswiper writes: Dinobot:hey man does it feel like you've sunk into the ground!?!
Rattrap:dude i cant feel my hands!?!?
archangel_tears writes: God, i'm stoned. that crack Prime has is the sh*t.
Roadshadow writes: Dinobot: Hehehe...soon Rattrap will never realize I'm the one who poisoned his energon oatmeal.
Velocity Prime writes: Dinobot: Try new Crest, makes your teeth whiter...no matter who you've eaten, no one can tell.
Aleta1 writes: How you doin'?
Death By Motor Bike writes: Well you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man no time to talk.
Death By Motor Bike writes: 'Sup.
Death By Motor Bike writes: ...What the ---- is that?
Amazon_Flarescythe writes: Dinobot:"ooh...what kind of contraption is this...i isn't doing anything....oh well"

*unknown to dinobot that was rinox's new type of energon still in it's early stages. now everyone knows when dinobot is coming. just look for
Acelister writes: Dinobot has just found out how to turn lead into Energon.
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Road Turtle writes: Optimus Primal, "My, don't you look like the cat who ate the canary. Er, say, where's Air Razor?"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Dinobot,"Dude I am soooooo wasted. Tehe. Rattrap quit hogging Megabong!"
Death Gunner writes: Dinobot:So i'll become you in the future?
DinobotII: Yessss, all you have to do is go to the valley where the humans started and fight one or two Predacons. You'll figure out the rest.
Dinobot: Excellent
DinobotII:Thats what you think heh heh
Death Gunner writes: Dinobot: Megatron?????
All Megatron toys: You talkin to me?
Death Gunner writes: Optimus: The dust was so thick on theta4 you had to use windshield wipers on your optic senses.
Dinobot: This is war!!!! Good part, skip to good part!!!
Death Gunner writes: Optimus:This is he end of the Beastwars as we know it!!
Cheetor: Yeah, everyone is taking this hard. well except Dinobot.
Dinobot(Unable to stop smiling):This is the worst day of my life.
-Ry- writes: Dinobot got into rhinox's "organic" mixtures again.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Dinbot remembers the time he spent the night with a T-Rex babe, from the Natural History Museum. Dinbot: She was a little skinny, but damn fine!
Minicle writes: The replacement for Barney arrives at the studio.
Pokejedservo writes: Well at least he is more convincing than a bald eagle I'll give him that...
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Minicle writes: Dinobot tries out for the new Colgate commercial.
BLASTERBOT writes: dinobot thinks about the nuke he switched for rattraps gun when hwe was in the CR chamber
DarkDranzer writes: Dinobot you sex-ay beast!! Grrrraaaawwwwllll...
Not Sonic writes: *ssnnniiifffff*
w-whoa man!
ejabba writes: Hey Megatron... I'm coming for your job. Think you can stop me? Just try... (enter evil menical laugh).
fireprancer writes: I bleach my teeth on a ggrgrgrgrgrgr,
daily bases.

Ever since I took my braces off they look even more glorious!
Blaster_6267 writes: FEED ME SEYMORE!!!
thexfile writes: Dinobot: " now who said that bling could not be functional ?? any one want a nice bite of my bling ?? GrRrR "
galvanostril writes: mike: now THAT be the face of a true mother in law...
josh: dude, only allosaurs could smile, this guy's a big CG fake
phillip: dude why the hell are we even watching this crap
mike and josh: NO CLUE!
galvanostril writes: dinobot: I think it's that one there
slag: me, SLAG, see tooth gone
grimlock: me, GRIMLOCK say you full of cesium salame!
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Screambug writes: I'm auctioning for a toothpaste commercial!
Velocity Prime writes: *thinks* Oh....Rattrap is bout to sit on the whoopee cushion
kennyman writes: ....I made brown >:)
PsychoAndy writes: Rattrap: *sniff, sniff* Eyyy, uhh... what's that smell?
BluavalancheZ71 writes: eat you heart out barney!!
BluavalancheZ71 writes: he he he... Optimus has gum in his jet pack again
Kevinus Prime writes: "I love you...you love me..."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Hurry up and TAKE THE DAMN PICTURE!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Am I getting famous? You saw me eat two guys in Jurrassic Park!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Must not laugh...at silly Cybertron accents...mmmph...BWAHAAHAAA!!!"
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JazZeke writes: "By The Pit I hate Prozac. It's making me love everyone!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: From off screen,"Fresh'en your breath with Orbitz gum.

tf_geek writes: It's a UNIX system! I know this!
Omega - Prime writes: Im to sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts! :P
Godfather Bluto writes: Dinobot: Yes, I hate his liver with some fama beans and a nice cianti.
Rattrap: Who's liver?
Dinobot: Yours.
Rattrap: Ulp!
Marv writes: "Get your flashlight out of my face, will you? Don't make me get my laser-pointer!"
Marv writes: "Pheh! What's so dangerous about watching this "ring" videotape? It's just hazy images of a pale fleshling climbing out of a well! "
Marv writes: "Primal! The rodent put plutonium in my bed again! Look at me!"
Marv writes: Cheetor: I broke most of your collection of 19th century porcelein dolls. Sorry.
Dinobot: ........
Ceehtor: You're angry now, aren't you?
Marv writes: I'll sit as close to the screen as I bloody well like, Primal!!!!
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Marv writes: "Pre-order only?!! Curses! Takara shall die by my hand!!!!"
Aleta1 writes: What one sees when peeping in windows on a Friday night!! Black Arichnia and Silverbolt, and oh my, I didn't see that coming. Maybe I could go over there for a cup of coffee? Now that's a thought.
Jaw Crusher writes: Boy, it's nice to see the Rolling Stones back on tour again.
Ravage XK writes: Take the picture already!!!!
Zeedust writes: Unbeknownst to the other Maximals, dinobot was very fond of his secret lava lamp collection.
terrordive2020 writes: Yeah Blackarachnia, keep your window open for daddy
Dead Matrix writes: uhhhh i don't know what happend to kicker...... buuuurrrrrppp!
Dead Matrix writes: Wait till primal looks in his closet, heheheheheheh....KABOOM!
PG13 writes: Using Crest White Strips, even Raptors can get thier teeth cleaner in 30 days
Stormshadow writes: Dinobot: I didn't do it.
(smiles sweetly)
Optimus: yeah sure, just don't come any closer...
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Lela Tragus writes: OPTIMUS: Do you know the Muffin Man
RAPTOR: Yessss, i know the Muffin Man
terrordive2020 writes: Ever since I hit puberty, I havn't left the bathroom
Rose writes: Well, looks like someone got out off bed on the right side of the bed, this morning.
Acelister writes: Dinobot: "Maybe THIS will help me get a reissue toy..."
Acelister writes: Dinobot: "Wait until they see the new 'Emergency Exit' in the floor of Rattrap's quarters..."
Acelister writes: Dinobot: "Who took the cookie from the cookie jar? Dinobot took the cookie from the cookie jar... Hehehe..."
Ransom writes: Dinobot: See, children? Drink wholesome energon and YOUR razor-sharp teeth will look like this. And remember to floss after eating rodents, too.
Ransom writes: Cheetor thought he goaded Dinobot into a contest of "Who Can Smile Like The Cheshire Cat", while Dinobot thought Cheetor wanted to play "Eat The Cat"...
Road Turtle writes: My grandma, what big teeth you have...
Road Turtle writes: "But I am smiling."
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Suzuki writes: OPTIMUS: Dinobot, I don't think you have enough of a positive attitude to remain in your position.
DINOBOT: Don't have enough of a positive attitude?!
OPTIMUS: Yes. Not once do I ever recall seeing you smile.
DINOBOT: That's not tru
JazZeke writes: Cheetor: "Hey Dinobot have you seen Rattrap?"


Optimus: "Oh Primus, you didn't..."
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