Dr Arkeville becomes a cyborg

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Dr Arkeville becomes a cyborg
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trailbreaker writes: Nice toilet .
Bonerking writes: "David Carradine warned me to lock the door."
Riptidemtmte writes: "Why the hell do I still have that stupid tuft of hair?"
Caleb.tron writes: See if robot chicken isn't gonna do it someone had to...
Caleb.tron writes: Cmon robcop's taken already!
kruiz220898 writes: Marty McFly: Hey Doc, Doc Brown, your on Transformers!!
spartanH85 writes: Sooo....explain to me again why I don't have a robotic package?
MarkNL writes: The Terminator 2.0
jjsbrowser writes: What!!! This is not Robot Chicken!!!
SentinelA writes: What? You didn't do anything with my dick?
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SentinelA writes: Does this thing includes a waste desposal unit?
SentinelA writes: Am I Locutus of Borg?
rodimus27 writes: decepticons wanted to do the same thing just like robot chicken
omegasupreme69 writes: You soo dont want to see where they put the USB port.....
omegasupreme69 writes: i came in with only a hang nail...this is what You get with Obamacare
primehunter writes: Damb it woman, im not a machine, im a...uhhhhh OK
megatron1322 writes: Ok lemme get this straight...I-phone 6 and 7 came out while i was under...and they have more apps? this is such BS!!!
Heres a Hint writes: and now i know how picard feels
Zeedust writes: "And then those MECH guys just pointed at me an started laughing! DOCTOR MORROCCO gets taken more seriously than I do! That's why I decided I need this makeover."
Sentinel Maximus writes: Dr. Archeville turns to Starscream and sez,... ",...And how do you expect me to jerk off and enjoy it Starscream? My hands are metal!"
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Maestro Meister writes: Next on E! Fashion Police: Bitch Stole My Look - Dr. Arkeville vs. Circuit Breaker
malcontentman writes: Ya see, because of this state of the art Japanese, all-in-one, colonic, sex-chair Toilet made by Takara, I haven't moved in days!
Antron writes: "I'm sorry but, your HMO doesn't cover gender re-assignment surgery. This is the best we could do for you."
Geminii writes: "Sooo... am I naked here or what?"
Rex Prime writes: what's the use of a cyborg form if my hands won't transform into a Gatling gun?!
Optimum Supreme writes: Great scott, Marty! I've somehow wandered onto the set of Robocop!
phase writes: I can't believe it's not butter!
jrgreer74 writes: This sucks! At least Silas had a vehicle mode, and looked cool! I'm half naked and have this stupid looking haircut! What the hell, Starscream?
Dinomask writes: How do I flush this toilet?
Swoopscream writes: And you did WHAT with my wang?
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muddyjoe writes: Arkeville: "Shit like this never happens to Dr. Mindbender over at Cobra!"
Marcus Rush writes: I am sorry Seth Green, Robot Mad Scientist just doesn't have that roll off the tongue quality.
Revenge of Bruticus writes: Err....Megatron. I was uhh....testing out your thermal nuclear underwear. I didn't think you'd mind.
snavej writes: No, I was not in 'Back to the Future' or the sequels. However, the studio does pay me $450,000 per year for the image rights.
snavej writes: The new comics from IDW are so exciting that I had to do this to myself, to commemorate the wonderful new plot direction.
snavej writes: What do you mean, I don't get the part in the remake of 'Metropolis'?! Is it because of my handsome mecha-goolies?!
snavej writes: Inside Seven of Nine's erotic dream.
snavej writes: Arkeville demands half his hairstyle back.
snavej writes: '...and this is what happens to you after watching too much cyberporn on the Cybertronian internet.'
bobbinsmahoney writes: And how do I go to the toilet?
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Another Fan writes: Domo arigato Mr. Roboto
Domo... domo
Domo... domo
d_sel1 writes: Dr Arkeville: Starscream it is bad enough that you made me a cyborg, but you made me look like the freak from Pulp Fiction!
highburn writes: MOM! I swear I wasn't doing what you thought I was doing. No Mom, that's just a movie on the monitor....No...Oh God, do you have to get Dad?
six6dbl5321 writes: - What do you mean I'm not Sunstreaker's Head!?!
TFIta369 writes: Do you mind?!
agentcastle writes: as much as he strained, poor Dr Arkeville couldn't feed the decepticon toilet any energon pubes
jewakhan14 writes: Dame you robot Chiken i'll get you for this.
KerisDuul writes: A Guy In The Background Says Over Speaker "Okay Romney Bot Take 3000 maybe he knows why airplane windows dont open now"
NTESHFT writes: AAAAAWWWWWWW....but I wanted to be in the movie!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Seen from the pilot of the new "6 Million Dollar Man" series. It didn't go well with test audiences.
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MasterSoundBlaster writes: Whoa...what happened at the party last night??
SKYWARPED_128 writes: You call this "cyberization"?! You just put a Tin Man costume on me, and strapped to your grandfather's electric wheelchair!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Hasbro's attempts to make Doc Brown transform into a Delorean utterly fail.
Wreck 'n Rule writes: They thought the "thumbs up" was ironic. I think it's just cruel.
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Lamest. Cyborg. EVER!!!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: The Borg wouldn't let me into the collective. Can I crash here for a few days?
Gundamu writes: "Wh-what was the safeword again...?"
WolfSpider1979 writes: What the smeg am I doing here!? I was supposed to be getting a lap dance at the "Crossed-Circuits"!
Stormrider writes: The Decepticon naughty chair
ClockWorkMecha writes: Waitaminute! You're not the Centurions!
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PrymeStriker writes: Why in the hell do you keep calling me "Terminator?"
Jetfire22 writes: Wait..... You had to remove my WHAT??!!
paul053 writes: I know my skin color is not right, but that shouldn't stop me from entering JLA.
Cobalt Prime writes: Honey! It's not what it looks like!
Ravage XK writes: Awww! This isn't what I asked for at all! I wanted a pretty little Gingham dress, a pony tail and Army Boots. Who will dance with me at the ball looking like this!
necr0blivion writes: What was that safe word again?
skidflap writes: Dr: Shockwave.


DR: I have an itch.

SHOCKWAVE: scratch it yourself, i'm not going there again.
dedcat writes: Toiletron was definitely one of the least popular Transformers.
Fires_Of_Inferno writes: It is the distant future. The year 2000! We are robots! The world is very different ever since the robotic uprising of the late 90's
King Slick writes: Do I have to watch that? I have a splitting headache!
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Cooter writes: Robot Chicken gets his revenge! Bok!
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