Galvatron toasting w/ Energon drink

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Galvatron toasting w/ Energon drink
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Wolfman Jake writes: I don't always drink energon, but when I do, I...*sparks*...CRUSH THE AUTOBOTS!
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Cyclonus: Galvatron, how many glasses of that have you had in the past hour?
Galvatron (voice slurred): Only 57... *collapses*
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Galvatron: Hey, bruh, ready to get drunk tonight?
Megatron: sure...
1 hour later... *collapsed on the floor*
Maximal Rainmaker writes: TONIGHT WE DINE IN UNICRON
DeathReviews writes: Gentlemen - to evil!
TF Cagle writes: Galvatron: I just got news I'm in the new movie. Tonight we celebrate.

Megatron: I wouldn't if I were you.
Judas_Warlord writes: Galvatron: Drink up before our great battle, Decepticons...for tonight...WE DINE IN HELL!!!!!!
OptometristPrime writes: THE MOST MENACING BEING ALIVE: "I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I drink explosive energy."
Frenchhorngirl writes: The Ultimate "True Story".
Frenchhorngirl writes: A blast from the past. As in Season 2, Episode 11, "Microbots".
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Lboogie609 writes: This needs no caption....
XDMan writes: A toast to all my firends!
Harri writes: True Story
Red_Sun writes: Happy new year everyone! And with everyone i mean myself.
Taiya001 writes: Galvatron: I would like to toast all those people who made me who i am today.
Galvatron: No i am talking to the fans.
Unicron: what on cybertron is a fan?
Galvatron: See those people watching the tv? that is a fan
Angelbot writes: To those who are about to die, I salute you!
ACStarscream writes: "And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson!"
ACStarscream writes: Successful efforts by the Decepticons to get Galvatron to take his medication regularly were fraught with problems of their own...
Trailblazer_is_Sakura writes: Ah pink lemonade...the perfect substitute for energon. (It reminded me of Diamond from Sailor Moon)
Zeedust writes: "Some see this glass as half full, others as half-empty. Me? I dunno... But it was all the way full and none of the way empty when I got up a minute ago. One of you is about to have a very bad day."
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Autobot bubbs writes: the best part of waking up, is Foldgex in your cup
Judynator writes: Galvy: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!
Cyclonus: Boss, to be Easter day!
Zeedust writes: "Red bull gives you wings. This stuff gives you rocket boosters."
Demonic Femme writes: Sokki good for yoooou!!
DarkDranzer writes: Cyclonus *whispering on the phone*: Hello...this is another one of "Galvatron's Mood Spasms..." when can I have an appointement arranged for the Torqulon therapist? Tommorow will be great...thanks...bye.

Galvatron *drunk*: CYCLONUSH!? I
ShYnE writes: Galvatron: If you think Red Bull gives you wings, you should try this stuff.
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Random Decepticon: Yo, Galvatron, another Energon brandy.
Galvatron: Gentlemen, to evil.
(Simpsons Reference)
Zeedust writes: Galvatron: "Here's to lookin' badass in Energon!"
Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: "Lord Galvatron, this is going to be your twentieth glass! Are you sure it's strategically sound to geth this drunk?"

Galvatron: "Nonsense! I'm as sober as stainless steel!" *Tries to get up and falls on his
Marv writes: I grew a goatee! Now I am my own evil counterpart from a paralel universe!
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Marv writes: For some weird reason, I can hear Joe Dolce's "Shadap you face" play in the background of this scene...
Kal-Seth writes: Galvatron, the crazed decepticon leader is the only bot in the universe apart from megatron who could drink his kool-aid frm a wine glass and look cool while still having a funny head crown thing and the shoulder things too
Zeedust writes: Cyclonus: "Lord Galvatron, your wine is glowing..."

Galvatron: "Chernobyl vineyards, 1984. A very good year."
Kal-Seth writes: Galvatron: A Toast To Transformers Armada!

Cyclonus: Sound Wave Call The " Happy Hotel"
Tell the we have a new guest.

Sound Wave: Affrimitive Cyclonus

Notice how no one else is TOASTING!
Zeedust writes: Nobody had the guts to kick Galvatron out of the wine-tasting club.
Castle74 writes: Here's to good friends...cause tonight's kinda special!
Zeedust writes: Galvatron: "Id' like to propose a toast..."

Inferno( BW, Offscreen): "Foolish relic! Why merely TOAST... When you can BBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNN!" *Inferno starts sertting eveything abl
Zeedust writes: "A toast... To the wine glasses with no stems!"
Unknown writes: Galvatron: And now, a toast for us, the victors of the Great War!
Cyclonus: I knew he was a nutcase, but I wasn't aware that it would get this worse.
Shadowcon writes: Galvatron: I'm ready to take over the Republican party. (I KNEW IT!) A fine "mahoek" to you all. *Simpsons Matt Groening
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DKusanagi writes: That's why I always have a glass of Cybertron's favorite drink....Heineken..
Starscream: When is heineken purple...
Dirge: I Think He drunk a little too much energon..
Unknown writes: "God, I'm sexy."
Unknown writes: I look so suave right now. I hope I don't overdo it. (Hours later, laying in a pile of his own vomit) Cyclonus: Shameless bastard drunk! And I have to clean up this time.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: And that's it for today folks. Join me next time as I sample some energon from the southern region of Cybertron. Cyclonus (off-camera): and witness how he'll get slag-drunk in the process.
Rhys writes: As the Decepticons are broke, Galvatron had to make a deposit at the sperm bank so they could afford a new door for Trypticon.
Unknown writes: Galvitron: I'll poison with this energon into sleeping death for the autobots and I'll wil rule the galaxy, but wait drink the poison energon into sleeping death to broke the spell will give a true love kiss
Unknown writes: I can down more than Dreadwind & Darkwing anyday!!
Unknown writes: Energon, it does a robotic body good!
Zu Darkness writes: For the last time Galatron your not in the F------g milk commerical for quit smiling
Unknown writes: Booze, it's what's for dinner!
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Beast Simpson writes: The finest energy drink in Cybertron.
Unknown writes: Ah from the finest energon brewery!
Unknown writes: *sip swirl swirl* hmmm. fine vintage, i'd say...*sip* 1957 *sip* cainbridge estate chiraz...
Unknown writes: oh cyclonus you knew i had bukkae fetish. I love when you shoot your wad in a wine glass so i can taste it! ewwww! its a bit bitter!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Unknown writes: Shaken, not stirred.
Omega Supreme writes: Galvatron: Alright all we need now are some Decepticon females and we can really get this party going!! *grins and raises his glass*
Unknown writes: now this is KORBEL.
Manchester Devil writes: "With this drink, I shall outpimp Soundwave!"
Unknown writes: thats right. Jay-z couldnt live this life if he got to be 100 years old.
dino writes: Galvatron: well done Soundwave you and the other tape are a great way to get music. All ya this is my song Kill the Autobot
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Manchester Devil writes: Galvatron: Well done Rumble and Frenzy for compelling...evindence against Megaman X.
Frenzy: Yeah, let's watch it again!
Con's: YAY!
*5 hours later*
Rampage: Dude! They were listening to Cannibal Corpse, Emperor, Fear Factory, Iron M
Manchester Devil writes: Galvatron:Well done Soundwave! Now we can expose Zero to the authorites!
Soundwave: I better make another copy everyone.
Sledge writes: Ted Kennedy as a Decepticon
Unknown writes: Nightpaw (whisper): I hope he knows that Starscream peed in his drink. Angel: *snicker*
Unknown writes: MILLAR TIME!!
Unknown writes: to Cyclonus and I
hotspot writes: Drinking energon is good for the soul ^_^
Rodimus Major writes: is it imposible to get a cup of energon flavored energon anymore in this country
Unknown writes: Galvatron:"Energon, it does a mechanical body good."
Unknown writes: Why ask why? Try Budergon dry! ^_^
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Hypertron writes: Energon 45-"works every time"
V writes: 99 cubes of energon on the wall, 99 cubes of energon...
Unknown writes: American bukkake # 20
Unknown writes: Absolut Energon
Unknown writes: bukkake ?
Unknown writes: Galvatron celebrates his "21st" birthday. ^_^
Unknown writes: Galvatron: "Look at my urine sample, it glows of freshness"
Stacey writes: Hey baby, feeling lucky?
Unknown writes: Galvatron "To the wedding of Cyclonus and Scourge"
Unknown writes: Red Red Wine
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Unknown writes: Galvatron: Now what ish diz ssssssshhhhhheeeeeettttt? U calz it wiine? Goddamn I gotta have more!! I do not have an allkohol prablem!
Dj Flash writes: Its miller time
Unknown writes: This glass of "Decepticon Daterape" should put RC in stasis long enough for me to...
Unknown writes: To good ole Cybertron!
Unknown writes: now all I need is a blow job...
Unknown writes: sow howz longz haz you been on thiz funnie lillz metal planetz?! *HIK*
Unknown writes: I served Prime shaken, not stirred
Unknown writes: The best part of waking up, some energon-whisky fortified Foldgex in your cup!
Unknown writes: Mmm....the best way to kill Daniel is to make him into a drink.
Unknown writes: This Energon wine dates back to the Golden Age of Cyberton.
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Unknown writes: As Galvatrons lips began to curl into a smile, his troops slowly backed away. By this point, it had become common knowledge within the Decepticon ranks that, after three or four drinks, even someone as ugly as Kup began to look like a good prospect to the
Unknown writes: As Galvatrons lips began to curl into a smile, his troops slowly backed away. By this point, it had become common knowledge among the Decepticon ranks that, after three or four drinks, even someone as ugly as Kup began to look like a good prospect to thei
BenH writes: Lokks I got you now Mr. Bond. HAHAHAHA!!!
Ben writes: Laid Back.....with my mind on my money and my money on my mind
Heather Prime writes: galvatron laugh evil get for me ...... ugh ... ia m autobot heather...... galvation say sorry for me try drink glass energon drink!!!! GALVATRON YAYAY GO GO HEATHER!!!! HAAHA EVIL AT ME
Unknown writes: GV: "Nothing better than to have a good glass of Energon and watch the TRANSFORMERS THE MOVIE"
Unknown writes: Here is to a future ass-kicking of Rodimus Prime and all of the Autobots!!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Why yes Soundwave, I AM drinking a martini: Shakened, Not stirred.
Unknown writes: Galvatron:(holding the glass filled with a drink)Energizo 60vorns, the choice of every transformers!
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Unknown writes: Galvatron : Bordeaux is the best !
Unknown writes: galvatron: ever seince show went off air i turnd to my good freind whisky
Unknown writes: "Bring the human boy to me. A nice cool drink of molten metal should silence his pathetic whining!"
Unknown writes: I am SUCH a suave guy.
Unknown writes: I am one of the actors in LEATHAL WEAPON 4!!!
What i am holding is the leathal weapon!
Galvatron Z writes: "To beer: Cause of, and solution too, all of life's problems!"
Unknown writes: Ol' Galvy discovers the benefits of moonshine...
Cycclonus: are you serious master? Youre drunk
All the other decepticons starts leaving the build
Unknown writes: No, Cyclonus. It may LOOK like Energon. That's just for coloring. It's actually puréed bin Laden...
Unknown writes: Energon: " giving Transformers a good sex life since 1984"
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Blitzkrieg writes: "Cheers!"
Unknown writes: When i'm not too busy killing autobots and planning to take over the universe, there is nothing i like better than relaxing besides roasting humans and enjoying the best drink this side of the galaxy. 'Dom energon' the drink of
Unknown writes: I'll eat your liver with some faaaaaaaaavaaaa beans and THIS nice cianti..
Unknown writes: Galvatron: "It's stuff like this that sent me to Webworld."
Unknown writes: Galvatron: It's Dynasty Shots...Every time someone on Dynasty gets slapped, ya take a drink!
(*On TV, the ex wife slaps the current wife right across the face*)
Galvie: *drinks* Oh yeah...!
FortMax writes: C'mon you gotta drink your cough syrup
Silverwolf writes: *hic* Tha Hot roooood *hic* is sooooooo gonna *hic* get his this tim *hic* ........ God I'm drunk ....... *hic*
Metroplex writes: Energon:
Giving Transformers a lousy aim since 1984
Unknown writes: Hey, baby; what's your sign?
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Super Prime writes: Galvatron: Scourge are sure this energon alcoholic drink is safe. Scourge (offscreen):........Yes.
Scourge walks to Cyclonus. Scourge (offscreen): Hey Cyclonus after he gets drunk and passes out, Iam going to throw him into space towards the sun and then
Super Prime writes: Galvatron: Scourge are this energon alcoholic drink is safe. Scourge (offscreen):........Yes.
Scourge walks to Cyclonus. Scourge (offscreen): Hey Cyclonus after he gets drunk and passes out, Iam going to throw him into space towards the sun and then I wi
Unknown writes: Danged Irish 'cons
Unknown writes: 151 Countries, 1 Rye; Canadian Club
Unknown writes: Got Milk?
Unknown writes: WOooWY! Dis some good s£!t!
Unknown writes: And one for me.
And one for my homies.
Dynamus Prime writes: Everyone thought it was a plasma bath that made Galvatron bonkers, but in reality he was just an Energonaholic!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Does this go well with Cheerios?
Stelartron writes: GALVATRON: I would like to propose a toast...on accounta I heard somehwere that Ramjet likes it. :)
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Bumblebee writes: Ah viagra now i can get it up.spike get over here and and give me a hug and a fµ©k
Unknown writes: Nothing beats a Jack Daniels after a hard day's battle...
Unknown writes: Revenge is a drink that is best served cold!!!
Shermtron writes: commander to wine tester i need a new agent..
Unknown writes: hu hu hu, hey baby, wanna get drunk and go back to my place?
Unknown writes: GALVATRON:Call me Dracula. I'm drinking Optimus Prime's blood.
Windcharger writes: "Ziggi-saki, Ziggy saki, oi oi oi"
Unknown writes: Drink energon milk, it builds strong bones and prevents osteoperosis
Galvatron writes: if you're gay and thristy.
drink chardingay
Kamui writes: Call it what you wanna call it
I'm a fµ©kin Alkaholik
Bring it if you really want it
Ain't gotta put no extras on it!...
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Unknown writes: I'll drink to that...Hell
I'll drink to anything!
Unknown writes: Galvatron takes up drinking energon from a wine glass, thinking it makes him look suave and sophisticated. Offscreen, Cyclonus proceeds to look up Webworld's number...
Unknown writes: Next on the best of Bukkake Vol.5
Unknown writes: The fools they will never guess that I made this from my own waste disposole unit.
Unknown writes: Energon Beer.. For when your wifes that damn ugly.
Unknown writes: Scerge:.. Galvatron i thought were hypoglycemic and couldn't drink beer or wine?? Galvatron: i use to be an English professor during the early days of cyberton, what do you expect!
Unknown writes: The name's TRON. GALVA TRON.
Unknown writes: Galvatron:"I've sauteed Prime's power module,and
we're having it with fava beans and this
nice Energon kiante!!!"
(Decepticons recoil in disgust at the WORST Hannibal
Lecter impression they've eve
Unknown writes: okay Scourge, we just give Scorponok this glass of roofie laced energon and 30 minutes later his big as sis ours for the poking!!!
Unknown writes: Sssooo, we meet again Mr. Bond..uh ops wrong movie.
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Unknown writes: Here is to the death of Starscream and finally to Wheeljack
Unknown writes: its half empty! not half full! We must fill it before the leprechauns get me!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Energon, it does a body good.
DrSpengler writes: I keep telling you, I don't need an intervention dammit!
Jay Prime writes: Got Energon?
Unknown writes: This bud's for you!
Unknown writes: Galvatron thinks: Maybe if I give that cute femm Arcee a glass or two of energon... Maybe I can get some hot interfacing action ;-)
Unknown writes: Hmm....light, fruity...a hint of nucleon...2008?
Taggenagger writes: Galvatron: Energon.....probably the best beer int the world
Unknown writes: Mmmmmmm.... Energon wine
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