Megatron in a puff of smoke

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Megatron in a puff of smoke
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WreckerJack writes: We get it, you vape.
Wolfman Jake writes: Megatron's Meatwad cosplay needed some more work.
Emerje writes: Megatron's new giant meatball alt mode wasn't fooling anyone.
TF Cagle writes: Megatron: Cough Cough. Soundwave make a note, don't use the smoke bombs!
Lockdownhunter writes: Yes master!I am your genie to command


*turns into a puff of smoke*
Caleb.tron writes: STARSCREAM you just had to pull Devastor's finger right after taco bell!!!
Judas_Warlord writes: Megatron (in a mellow voice): Maaaaaaaan. This chronic I got from Swindle is the BOMB!!!!!!
Bluespindash97 writes: Lumpy Space Megatron was meet with little praise.
Bismuth writes: Megatron the giant fungi.
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Bismuth writes: Megatron... did you take Wheeljack's invention by mistake? I thought we warned you against it...
kruiz220898 writes: This stuff is stronger than the stuff Starscream found in Colorado!
Grimlockuppercut writes: Megatron: I don't know which is worse: Cosmic rust, or being trapped in a floating cloud that follows me. Soundwave: Probably neither, Lord Megatron.
omegasupreme69 writes: Jokey smurf: Suprise.....
omegasupreme69 writes: joey Smurf: Suprise......
cusd220 writes: MEGS: give me more energon smokes!
MarkNL writes: What? MEGATRON is evolving!

Congratulations! Your MEGATRON evolved into GALVATRON!
Zeedust writes: "That's the last time I eat at Taco Bell!"
StoneXZ4 writes: 'Pull my finger,' he says. CURSE YOU, DEVESTATOR!
Thadicon writes: AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! poo particles!!!
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Unknown writes: AAAHHHH!! I KNEW my fusion cannon was clogged!
stevescustoms writes: Ok, I've decided to try out for the role of Pig Pen in the new live actio9n Charlie Brown film.
Axelbro writes: megatron :oh my god soundwave bring me the vacuum cleaner i have fart problems
RedAlert83 writes: Woundering where the Spores from the return of optimus prime? here they are Megatron! MEGATRON: I shall review these spores on- AAAhh GET THEM OFF ME!
EunuchRon writes: "When I get my hands on whoever put the smoke bomb in my fusion cannon I'll tear his optics out!"
slipstreamrules writes: STARSCREAM!!! DID YOU LEAVE THIS !@#$@ GAS!!!!
Nerdimus Maximus writes: MEGATRON: "Los Angeles does have the worst pollution, doesn't it, 'Starscream'?! ...'Starscream'?! ...?! "
Nerdimus Maximus writes: MEGATRON: " Nobody Smokes MEGATRON... Cough! ...Cough! "
RodimalToyota writes: Michael Bay's 4th Transformers movie's lead villain Unicron makes his first appearance!
NTESHFT writes: Get off me Meatwad.....
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formshifters writes: Sentry Buster is in the area!
jjsbrowser writes: "I need to stop eating those energon enchiladas"
trailbreaker writes: Looks like a giant meatball....
agentcastle writes: teletraan 1: faced with defeat, megatron releases his noxious amnesia gas...
teletraan 2: that's not amnesia gas!
teletraan 1: but it sure is noxious, gotta give em that much
ClockWorkMecha writes: Next on Aquateen Hunger Force, Meatwad makes a new friend..
brindapari1 writes: Megatron tries the Cinnamon Challenge.
Nemesis Maximo writes: Megatron: *cough cough*
#Sideways# writes: Remember kids, smoking is bad for you!
snavej writes: Your VHS tape is finally screwed. Please upgrade your viewing technology, tightwad.
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griftimus prime writes: goku vs megatron
JaffleMaker writes: **brown hole
JaffleMaker writes: Few people know about the in built black hole generator that allows Megatron to skrink in size, but even fewer know of a second "brown generator" that serves an even more sinister purpouse.
Shockwarp writes: @$^*!!!!
Antron writes: Hi Charlie Brown, meet the new kid in school. His name is Pigpenatron.
Ultra Markus writes: Megatron the baddest tyrant in the universe even defies california's strick emission restrictions
Tracks85 writes: Run for your life, There's a sh*t cloud comin'.
Towline writes: Put the lime in the coconut and call. STARSCREAM!
maroyasha writes: Oh god! It's cosmic rust! Oh wait, it's worse! It's Omega Supreme's cosmic farts! Decepticons! Retreat with what little dignity I have left!
njb902 writes: Megatron commits suicide after learning about Soundwave indiscretions with Brawn.
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SentinelA writes: Ugh! I sharted!
Black Hat writes: And THIS, kids, is why smoking is a very, very bad idea.
Ravage XK writes: Decepticons!! Retreat, I had the beans!
SLUGSLINGER81 writes: cough* that is the last time I chill with Snoop Doggitron cough*
Geminii writes: "With my new meatball disguise, I can infiltrate the Autobot Ark as a human lunch! It's almost too perfect..."
VioMeTriX writes: Dammit Starscream I told you to step away... damn they linger too
Sinnertwin writes: Omega, ready. Bowels evacuated.
PrymeStriker writes: Puff the Magic Legged Smoke Cloud
King Slick writes: Arizona? ARIZONA? HA! When I conquer this worthless planet, I will rename it, NEW BETA FOUR! I NEED WIPERS ON MY OPTIC SENSORS!
rockman_fan writes: MWHAHAHA! the PERFECT disguise...
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Manterax Prime writes: AHH BURRITO GAS!!! SOUNDWAVE, HELP ME!!!!
Ryuki writes: "Alright, who is the one plugging my fusion cannon ??!! STARSCREAAAAMM !!!!"
SkywarpPushesYou writes: This is the last time I eat at Taco Bell before a fight
Super Megatron writes: Autobots - Being who never miss a chance on missing out on peace.
d_sel1 writes: Starscream: Finally, Megatron has fallen. Decepticons, I am your new leader! All hail Starscream.
Megatron: Premature again, you dolt!
Jack Hallows writes: ♫ rollin down the street smokin indo, sippin on gin n' juice.. laaiiid baaack.. wit my mind on my energon & energ'on my mind.. ♫
Bumblevivisector writes: The latest McDonald's promotion somehow resulted in some Happy Meals containing a Megatron/FryGuy/Meatwad hybrid.
Fires_Of_Inferno writes: Concept sketches for Megatrons' new look for ROTF were drawn up by the same guy who designed Galactus in Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer.
Bumblevivisector writes: Alas, Megatron's new boulder alt mode just inspired kids to throw him at each other, causing more injuries that his original toy being mistaken for a real gun.
SKYWARPED_128 writes: Damn energon burrito....
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Maestro Meister writes: Rocklord gerwalk!
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