Optimus Prime and Grimlock up close and personal

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Optimus Prime and Grimlock up close and personal
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itscramtastic writes: Me, Grimlock, think you should look smaller. Me, Grimlock, think scale off.
Optimustard writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock thought being tied up face to face better option
Optimus: this is only an awkward position if you make it
Grimlock: me Grimlock not in awkward position me Grimlock in missionary
Optimus: please don't roll out
Grimlock: now it a
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Grim: If anyone asks, you kissed me.
OP: If anyone asks, I'll whack them to where they won't remember their own name.
Bee's Girlfriend writes: OP: Grimlock, I've never seen you attractive until now.
Grim: Me Grimlock preeeeetyyy.
spiderbob007 writes: Ask me how you can save thousands on your car insurance!!
VonDoom writes: What you Optimus mean that 'Matrix' makes you leader? Me Grimlock no see this 'Matrix' and what this label 'Insert McGuffin here' mean?
Wolfman Jake writes: Come on, Prime! Me, Grimlock, want KISS! It not conjunx endura unless we ball bearings touch!
trailbreaker writes: "My boobs are touching your boobs!"
Riptidemtmte writes: "Oh my, Optimus. It's so... big!"
nyklas78 writes: Grimlock to Prime. "Lunch Money!" "Now!"
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TheWeirdOne12 writes: Hello. Is it me you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes.
GallifreyanSeeker writes: Optimus: Grimlock, I've never played extreme staring contest before!
Grimlock: Me, Grimlock, love EXTREME!!!
kruiz220898 writes: Grimlock wants ins with Prime!!
ryanisawesome124 writes: grimlock:prime? did i ever tell you how nice your led eyes are in this sun light?
omegasupreme69 writes: i tell You dont do the movie its a trick to kill us all and replace us with cheaper actors.... DONT DO THE MOVIE
Revenge of Bruticus writes: "You're doing fine Grimlock. Keep counting and follow my lead. 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3. See, your not wrestling a raptor on Dinobot Island."
Swoopscream writes: Grimlock tell Prime he like it with lights off! Why Prime no listen?
XDMan writes: "Why me Grimlock shorter than you, Prime?"

"I'm actually in my MP-01 design."

BenderCrosby1 writes: Me Grimlock give Heim-lock!
Silver Snake writes: Grimlock was thorough but gentle.
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Blazer136 writes: Grimlock always cheats at staring contests
trailbreaker writes: Brokeback Autobot.
Delta Magnus writes: Hmm...Me Grimlock have bad news...You Optimus need to lose weight.
doornumber2monty writes: Remember to use protect against S.T.E. (Sexually Transmitted Energon)
GoingPostal writes: PRIME! I...am your father.
Optimum Supreme writes: Prime and Grimlock experimented a bit in college... er... Cybercollege
MarkNL writes: Grimlock: ME, Grimlock, has finally got his exlusive Optimash Prime figure! Me, Grimlock, says THANK YOU to Fed Ex!
RoboTopia writes: GRIMLOCK SAYS: OK, Now Turn Your Head And Cough Twice, Optimus. Yes, you do have a Hernia-tron!
BIGGUY007 writes: Me Grimlock prefers top!!
Optimus Primevil writes: When cybertron is ashes, you have my permission to die.
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Deadput writes: give me the POPSICLE
Grimlock64 writes: Me Grimlock king, but me be kisser for you!
Doobsprime97 writes: Hey mon, I can see the matrix from here!!
O wait, that's just me grimlock!!
zombiebunny writes: Now kiss!
agentcastle writes: Me Grimlock say, how can be bad if feel so good?
Mofo4life writes: Say Optimus, do you have any Grey Poupon? This Cybertonion jelly needs it.
Mofo4life writes: Why do Grimlock change into dinosaur? Why not Grimlock be butterfly or dungbeatle?
Hypershock writes: Relax, Prime! Me Grimlock a doctor!!
VioMeTriX writes: ok im going to be gentle about this, but it will still probably tickle...
retrothrust writes: TILL ALL ARE ONE FLESH
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renx99 writes: Me Grimlock say this only hurts the first time.
dirk2243 writes: Cybertron Beastiality
Xephon0930 writes: Me Grimlock says what happens in Space Vegas,stays in Space Vegas.
Pyroprime writes: Optimus:Can you plz take off your helmet I cant tell if your making faces under that thing!
Pyroprime writes: Me Grimlock says Who the hell you looking at?!
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Grimlock's Secret Ability: The Ghost Rider "Pendant Stare"
data81 writes: ME, GRIMLOCK...POWER TOP!
willywoo99 writes: Hey, does my breath smell bad?
Takanuva writes: "Is this the part where we kiss?"
Jason.Zellman666 writes: "Grimlock, will you PLEASE let me lead? And stop trying to dip me!"
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mrhellboy218 writes: let Grimlock hug you
KingEmperor writes: Tell Wheeljack that me Grimlock will NEVER HAVE FEATHERS!!!
Heckfire writes: Nnnnooooo, Prime...Furman like me, GRIMLOCK, best!
Ladiesman187 writes: I optimus prime here by declare today cybertronian gay marriage day ! Now sodomize me grimlock!
Ladiesman187 writes: Me grim lock < I beat the pussy
up I beat the pussy up
up !
skyraven323 writes: Grimlock tickle Optimus
Quarnz writes: I just fight you,
you loose badly
Me Grimlock king
Me lead, Maybe?
Nephlye writes: Grimlock: "I'm goin to Fuck out your optics!"
snavej writes: Bright as they were, they never did achieve combination, only embarrassment.
RodimalToyota writes: Grimlock give prime Breast Exam, Grimlock hate cancer! Next Grimlock give prime prostate check!
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Ironhide516 writes: Me Grimlock want my money, and me want it now!
Marcus Rush writes: The original inspiration for Prometheus and its successors
Ironclaw writes: Kiss me, Hardy.
Ratbat writes: You the GENUINE ARTICLE, Optimus Prime--NOT one of Michael Bay's computer-generated ripoffs!
reluttr writes: Me grimlock love you long time!
Road Turtle writes: Grimlock gets up in Prime's grill... literally.
Zeedust writes: "Me Grimlock GREAT dentist! Not me Grimlock's fault you no have mouth!"
Gundamu writes: "Me Grimlock wish me knew how to quit you!"
WolfSpider1979 writes: Grimlock: What you mean we out of pizza rolls?! ME GRIMLOCK DEMAND PIZZA ROLLS!
Road Turtle writes: Grimlock, "Is you LADY-MAN 217 ?!"
Optimus, "WHAT? I don't know what you're talking about!"
Grimlock, "Is You Lady-Man 217 ?!"
Optimus, "I'm Not A Lady!"
Grimlock, "Were Ebay 21153 ?! Where Glasses !?"
Optimus, "WHEELJACK!!!"
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Ryuki writes: optimus ( in flinstones voice) : get away from me, dino !!
BeastProwl writes: "Yup, Spike's trapped in there pretty good. Tell Grimlock how again this happen?"
grmlock13 writes: Me, Grimlock, gonna kiss you now.
snavej writes: Me insulted! Me not too conspicuous for 1980s!
paul053 writes: Grimlock, wait, I didn't steal your tail.
snavej writes: You've invaded my personal space too often, Grimlock. Now I'll head-butt you back to Cybertron!
snavej writes: Together, they made history as 'Truckasaurus'.
snavej writes: Is that your tail?
snavej writes: Me wild animal and me want to get close to you!
snavej writes: Now cough!
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SuperDaveOfCybertron writes: GIMLOCK: Me, Grimlock, have a twin?
Why, Optimus eat Grimlock twin?
Have No Fear Twin, Me, Grimlock will free you!

OPTIMUS: No Grimlock, Thats your reflection!
Mindmaster writes: Me Grimlock say that this is... uncomfortable.
Trikeboy writes: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRIME DIE AGAIN!!!!!! Me Grimlock can't take this again.
Ryuki writes: Grimlock: stop, Optimus !, Me might be a T-Rex but me no Beast Wars Megatron & Optimus was no Optimus Primal !!

Optimus: I know, but after I got those bad dreams 4 million years ago, I'm so upset that I just feeling to kick some metal T-Rex ass nearby
Ryuki writes: Optimus Prime(dying) :(COUGH)... here Grimlock, take the matrix... now, arise Grimlockimus Prime !!

Grimlock: Me got the touch, ME GOT THE POWER, YEAAAAHHHHH !!!
MagnusLabel writes: Please, Optimus, DON'T BE RAPED BY DINOSAURS!
Twitchythe3rd writes: Optimus and Grimlock audition for Dancing with the Stars.
Powermaster Jazz writes: Me Grimlock heal you....with the power of.....JEEEEESUS!!
JetOptimus23 writes: Arcee say me Grimlock's breath smell funny...what you think?
Henry921 writes: Megatron: Crazy dinosaur guy in round 6, KO
Soundwave: Odds of Prime victory 18-1.
Megatron: Make that round 4.
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dabattousai writes: You and me Grimlock, we're nothing but robots, so lets do it like they do it on the Cybertronian Channel~ Transform Now
njb902 writes: you prime tell me grimlock if me grimlock have hale eh toes itch!
Marcus Rush writes: Of course Me, Grimlock medic. Me Medicated right now... want me to Medicate you to?
necr0blivion writes: Me, Powermaster Grimlock!
popo5 writes: Time for the ballroom dance. Will they win "Dancing With The Robots"?
rpetras writes: You Grimlock need to lay off the Funions!
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