Powerglide holding his own head

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Powerglide holding his own head
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Nicorange writes: ratchet (offscreeen) i think he's losing his mind!
GallifreyanSeeker writes: With all of his conflict as to whether he should be with Astoria or Moonracer, Powerglide just couldn't take it anymore.
dirtysock47 writes: thats the last time i watch beetlejuice
Angelbot writes: This is the last time I let Moonracer use me for target practice!
Nemesis Primal writes: Yet another victim of the dreaded drop test!

(Yeah, I know the Fort Mex debacle was four years ago. Your point?)
Mad_Mexicoy writes: you know......it's not as bad as it looks
Shadow of Lio Convoy writes: Hey guys do you know about me to become a Headmaster?
omega wing writes: So that what it means to get totally off your head
Fireblader writes: Powerglide took his research into a halloween costume a little too seriously!
SilentBlaster writes: Powerglide Im a head master now prime wach ( rips of head) AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Optimus Prime: Thats riddiculiose you know headmasters dont really exist.
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DarkMechJock writes: Ratchet: Oh, I can't WAIT to hear this one.
DestronMatrix writes: Powerglide:"hey,Brainstorm,Hardhead,cromedome,
Highbrow,Arcee ool Powerglide is a headmaster too. can I join your club now?"

Autobot headmasters:"No for the last time powerglide you can't"
Nemesis Primal writes: Bowling night had taken Powerglide by surprise again. He had to improvise... and fast.
Not Sonic writes: im beside myself!
Roadshadow writes: Optimus: I told you not to go to the gay pride parade, but noooooooooooo.....
Powerglide: It was all Perceptor's fault! He had sex with me again! I couldn't take it!
Quickdash writes: who said i wasnt a bot of many talents? now i need to find ratchet to repair me. dammit, sometimes i really do feel like ill lose my head easily
Demonic Femme writes: Powerglide, "Okay, so I doubted that the Grim-Reaper was real- my fault. At least he didn't run off with my head."
Dragonoth writes: note: The "Queen of Hearts" caption is not what my chain-posts are referring to. Only the "Decepticons disguised as women" post is for that. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Dragonoth writes: It's pretty bad when Autobots start losing their heads over human females. You'll know our doom is sealed if the Decepticons start dressing as women.

—enter the Dragonoth—
Dragonoth writes: Powerglide ran afoul of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. He used all the red paint on himself.
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Octocon writes: Powerglide: "Its not fair! I wanna be a head master too!!"
ZaberFang writes: Hot Rod (offscreen): Well, I can't really say you have a good head on your shoulders anymore!"
Powerglide: "Oh, ha ha, that's VERY funny!"
Marv writes: Prime: you look just fine to me mister! You can't stay home from school today!
Marv writes: Ratchet (offscreen): well yes, I think that DOES qualify as "bad"...
Masterpiece Prowl writes: So Powerglide, you finally got your head handed to you.
Powerglide: HEY! That's not funny.
Nemesis Primal writes: Oddly enough, Powerglide probably stil fetches fifteen or twenty dollars on eBay even in this condition.
Nemesis Primal writes: Powerglide: "Anyone want this? I'm not gonna use it."
Nemesis Primal writes: Powerglide: "Now turn that camera off before I throw this bust of Powerglide at... Wait, I'M Powerglide, and that's not a bust of... Oh dear Primus. MEDIC!"
Suzuki writes: 'Tis but a flesh wound!
Unknown writes: Powerglide: ...seriously, just don't ask... you don't want to know how it happened...
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Shadow Fox writes: Powerglide- No..nope this isn't normal, I don't think my transformation goes like this, can anyone help me remember how I do it again? (Autobot's snickering in the background)
Unknown writes: Optimus: I told you not to go to the gay pride parade, but noooooooooooo.....
Powerglide: It was all Perceptor's fault! He had sex with me again! I couldn't take it!
Alirion writes: Alas, poor Yorick...
Nemesis Primal writes: "Welcome to Sleepy Hollow."
Zu Darkness writes: Prowl: Umm powerglide. When Arcee meant by giving head she didn't really mean taking off your head. Powerglide: Oh
Unknown writes: ::drops his head:: body searches puts a rock on where his head should be.
"im over here you headless hulk of junk wait im talking to myself "
Unknown writes: thats one way to get rid of a head ache
Unknown writes: "darn kids i told you to leave my head alone!"
Scooby doo: "ra row!"
mystery gang: "sorry we thought it was a mask"
"and i would of gotten away WITH MY HEAD if it wernt for you medaling kid
Unknown writes: PowerGlide: must be heating, must be heating
Unknown writes: Bluestreak: Ummm, Powerglide.

Powerglide: Yea?

bluestreak: you need a Nebulon for that, or a at least a mini-con.

Powerglide: D'oh!
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Unknown writes: How do the headmaster do it?
Unknown writes: any one want some head?
Beast Simpson writes: Powerglide: Maybe I should've listened when they said "Hitting something dosent fix it..." Oh well. Let me beat this head back into place here.....
Zu Darkness writes: Damn I lost in Duel Monsters and have no rare cards so I guess I have to cope and offer my head insted. Damn Yugi I'll get back at him I swear I will
Unknown writes: Damn that ---- was whack!
Unknown writes: Well, don't need this...
Unknown writes: Powerglide, would you remove your own head for a yummy Klondike bar?
ionacus writes: can i be a headmaster now?
Unknown writes: I said 'use' your head, not 'remove' your head.
Powerglide writes: i have a mager headack
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macabremouse writes: Alas, poor Yorik, I knew if him well..
Unknown writes: now i can suck my own penis no problem! Marlin manson watch out!
Unknown writes: This is the LAST time I let that Buzzsaw, from "Armada", takes my "Ahead in life" speech seriously!
Unicron writes: This is not what i mean by getting ahead of life
Unknown writes: I love getting head, but this is ridiculous!
Unicron writes: Sleepy Hollow has invaded the base!
BLASTER writes: Behold.....

The First Headmaster
tfpredaking writes: Ah-man, Ratchet's gonna be pissed! This is the 4th time I've jerked off the wrong head!
Unknown writes: powerglide- beat this david blaine.
Unknown writes: Dude, that is just so morbid.
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Unknown writes: See that powerglide? that'll learn you to stop playing with that fan without proper protection!
dino writes: Powerglide: It alway a arm and a leg. but because I'm a plane it cost me my head crap
Sledge writes: Powerglide got drunk again....
gabriel writes: New! Headmaster Powerglide With Bylor
Nebulan Partner
Unknown writes: Chromia finds out about Powerglide's affair with Astoria Carlton Ritz...
Firestorm writes: ....and suddenly, Powerglide realised that he is *not* a Headmaster.
Battle Angel writes: Well, Megatron said he wanted my head on a platter, so here it is!
Suzuki writes: If I can just pick up this spare . . .
tony writes: "Oops, guess that bolt that was hanging out had a purpose after all."
Unknown writes: Powerglide:"Look ma, no head. HA HA!"
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Unknown writes: POWERGLIDE: Well hey Baby, Ya said You always wanted to date a headmaster, so Here I am!
Unknown writes: Powerglide was so glad to see Moonracer (for the first time in millions of years) that he lost his head...literally! :)
Dynamus Prime writes: Powerglide, surprisingly, was the first to come up with the idea of Headmasters, not Brainstorm.
Jeremy writes: powerguied: powerguied autobot powerguied hes the greatest autobot didi from the plante cybertron hes about run into teletron 1 AHHH
Unknown writes: Powerglide: Make me a Headmaster or else!
Unknown writes: Powerglide: Boys and girls, I have ripped my head off for no reason. This sucks!
Unknown writes: Powerglide: Boys and girls, I have ripped my head off for no reason. This sucks!
iron hide writes: now kiddes i will show u how to get A-HEAD in life AHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Unknown writes: Now here is Powerglide after having his head chopped off!
Unknown writes: Powerglide: Mya ha ha, I am the headless horse man. I will now take my own robotic head and scare the s£!t out of everyone.
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Unknown writes: Powerglide: Look ma, no head and no brain har! har! har!
Professor Smooth writes: NEW! Headmaster Powerglide! 1 to a Case! C-10! RARE!
Speedbreaker writes: Powerglide:"Good thing "some parts may detach if excessive force is aplied and are meant to reattach if sepparation does occur."
Unknown writes: s£!t,i thought i´m a headmaster
Unknown writes: Damn you Christopher Walken!
Wolverine writes: talk about a head job
Unknown writes: Powerglide: This is the last time I attend a party hosted by Anyone named Mccloud!
Unknown writes: (imitating Waspinator) Ohhh, Powerglide has a headache in his WHOLE body!
Unknown writes: Powerglide was forced to issue an apology just days later after the school children he was teaching attempted similar stunts with their classic Transformers collections
Hot Rodimus writes: and even to this date,Powerglide still awaits his Nebulon companion
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Unknown writes: OOOHhh a-go-ny a-go-ny!!!
Unknown writes: Prime: Just put your head together !!
Unknown writes: Not only do the parts come off each one makes a great doorstop.
Unknown writes: Powerglide: "No! I refuse to become a Headmaster!" He takes off his head and dies
Unknown writes: Does Anybody got any glue??????
Unknown writes: Can you stand on your head?
Prime: You are NOT the Cheshire Cat, Powerglide, no matter how much you want it!
Unknown writes: There can be only one!
Unknown writes: Powerglide: I'll show them I can be a head master too!!! HEAD...OFF! uh oh! Wrong saying. Maybe i'll just audition for the headless horseman instead.
FortMax writes: Remember kids, ceilling fans are not toys
FortMax writes: Remembers ceilling fans are not toys
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Silverwolf writes: Well this sucks. Any body got some duck tape?
Unknown writes: Powerglide literally lost his head over Moonracer! :) =) :) =)
Unknown writes: "...yeah, and I still didn't get the part in Sleepy Hollow."
Unknown writes: (Autobot laughter in background) "I could still mop the floor with any RID character"
Unknown writes: and you thought the toy was crappy
jacob writes: I guess i'll never be head of the autobots
Unknown writes: This is the only way I can get Daniel's bones out of me!!
Dynamus Prime writes: Wow! I didn't know I could do that!!
Unknown writes: Now that I think about it;my head can screw Estoria while my body can have Moonracer. I'm a genius.
Unknown writes: I lose my head because I'm dating MOONRACER (An Autobot female)AND Estoria Carlton Ritz(A human female. Maybe I'll become a Headmaster.
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Unknown writes: "The legend of the headless Wingsmen"
Unknown writes: Kids, don't try this at home
Unknown writes: oh well, I guess I'm not a headmaster after all. Meidic!!
Master Hound X writes: Prowl: Dude I ne to lay off on the shrooms.
Unknown writes: Mother always said I'd lose my head if it weren't screwed on right. Guess what, Ma? It apparently wasn't!
Unknown writes: Powerglide: I guess being a headmaster isn't what it's all cracked up to be.
Jackpot writes: "Kids, try this at home."
Jackpot writes: "Man, some days I just lose my head! But you've really gotta hand it to me - I'm ahead of everybody else.....'s....... heh.... Hello? Is this thing on?"
Unknown writes: ...see kids? I'm not really a robot. I'm just an actor in a robot suit!
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Black Arachnis writes: RATCHET, ARE YOU DRUNK AGIAN??
Roadbuster writes: The orgin of the headmaster concept is at last known.
Unknown writes: I'm trying out for the role as the headless horseman.
Think I'll get the part?
MEGATRON writes: Historia, thats not the type of head job I wanted.
Ultimate Optimus writes: So any ways! Funny story! There ARE no Headmasters yet! Can you believe THAT!
Unknown writes: When I said give me head, that's not what I meant!
Unknown writes: What do you mean, I can't be a Headmaster?
Maxie-Astrotrain writes: Powerglide: Some how I dont recall "this" being in the job discription when I signed on..
Unknown writes: "Uh, little help?"
Unknown writes: That's not what Carly meant by "giving head".
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prime writes: That's one way to get a head in life.
Unknown writes: Hey! check out my Halloween costume!
Unknown writes: For the last time powerglide, you are not a headmaster!
Shadowen writes: SIREN (off camera): Dude. That is, like, the *ultimate* party trick.
Riseacon writes: See, i can take my head off! Oh no, maybe i shouldnt have done that...
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