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Ravage biting Bumblebee

The Ultimate Caption Contest

Ravage biting Bumblebee
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105 captions have been posted for this image so far ...
Rainmakers writes: Charlie bit my finger!
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Duuuuuuude! The Meow Mix is over there! Noth here!"
Swoopscream writes: Lower, Ravage, LOWER.
Tripredacus writes: I told you the first time would be special.
popo5 writes: This is why people hate cats.
Ryuki writes: Get off from my hand !! Or you want to share the same fate with movie Ravage ??
Dinodigger97 writes: Who is the cuttest cat in the world?

You are.....yes you are!!
dirtysock47 writes: So this is whats its like to have a dog
Optimus1116 writes: Mmm... It tastes like chicken, not like that Animated stuff.
Zottoman writes: "Mmm... Tastes like chicken"
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Retrospex writes: Whoa!!!! This is Transformers, not Twilight!
Nemesis Primal writes: "I hope this thing doesn't have rabies."
altramaxus writes: ah, this is why the police use alsations instead of cybertronian trackers,...........
Sideswipe501 writes: Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to control your dog.
Dinobot13 writes: Bumblebee:-I knew i should have got a dog!!!!!!!
Blazefrost writes: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. and once more for emphasis, OW!
sonic boom writes: bumblebee: OUCH! bad dog!
ravage: it's not my fault your arm smells like dog food!
shockticus writes: You do that again and I will get the Blue Juice!
Abominus_prime writes: See this is why I'm not a cat person!
ravensoul1 writes: Bumblebee:
"I should have known this would happen if I sprayed on that TAG Body Spray for Cats"!!!
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Q_Silverbolt writes: Bumblebee: "I know I'm small, but I'm not a chew toy!"
megatron11 writes: ----in vampires .
hot rod 907 writes: Aw, he scratched my paint.
Freddery writes: Bumblebee: I knew this "electrum" Prime put on me smelt too sweet.
trailbreaker writes: Bumblebee purchases a new Ravage / Mink coat.....
snavej writes: Bumblebee: There there, don't let the nasty caption writers get you down.

Ravage: Some of them can't even spell!

Bumblebee: That is completely unacceptable. We will have to take vengeance, together!

Ravage: What you talkin' about,
snavej writes: This is your Decepticat on drugs.
Hypurrlinq writes: With dawning realization, Bumblebee concludes that the reason his repairs were taking so long is that he was holding a Decepticon and not an adjustable wrench.
Tom_Servo writes: Bumblbe tas lik Cheezbugr!
Liege Evilmus writes: Even as I pet my playful tabby, I feel nothing for it as we go on living the lie we call everyday...
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transformerguru writes: you bit me you a-hole!!
Roadshadow writes: Desperate for attention, Bumblebee decides to go into the "dangerous stunts business." Unfortunately, when trying to tame Ravage, he realized he had reeked of cheese.
Dragonoth writes: Ravage: "Who's the Bee-yotch now!"
Evil_the_Nub writes: Bumblebee: No Ravage this is my pot pie!! No Ravage thats a bad Ravage!!!
Autobobby1 writes: Bumblebee: For the last time, I don't taste like cheese!
Unknown writes: Bumblebee:get it offa me!
Optimus:you wanted a puppy, and you will take responsibility for it!
ssjgoku72000 writes: Do I look like Bender Bending Rodiquez, did I say 'Bite My shiny metal ass'??? Besides, that's not even my ass....Wait...DO AUTOBOTS EVEN HAVE ASSES?
ninjabot writes: Prime: Never try to steal energon from an animal transform decepticon!!!!!
trailbreaker writes: Bumblebee -- "Man, this new cologne attracts all sorts of creatures!!"
Nemesis Primal writes: Accidentally sent the script for an episode of "Azumanga Daioh" instead of this week's "Transformers" show, Ravage quickly to the role of Kamineko the Biting Cat.

...Would that make this "Automanga Diodes" or somethin
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Nemesis Primal writes: Does accupuncture work for robots? Bumblebeen and Ravage decide to find out.
snavej writes: Ravage (loudly): GROWL! SNARL! GNASH! HISS! MEEOOOW!

Bumblebee: Let me guess; Soundwave hasn't used the head cleaner tape for a very long time and you're getting dirt all over your sensitive parts?

Ravage: First thing tomorrow, I am ch
snavej writes: Ravage: So, you and the Bumblebee Man on 'The Simpsons': any relation?

Bumblebee: 'Ay, un gato malodoroso!' Does that answer your question?

Ravage: Yeah, and some.

Bumblebee: Built and programmed in low-cost Mexico, puss-man!
snavej writes: Hey, that's OK, Decepticat! I'm one of those amputation perverts. Bite my arm off and you do me a big favour!
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "Man, these candy Transformers sure are getting big and realistic! This one's a little hard to chew, though."
Ericus Prime writes: Bumblebee- Hey Ravage, have you seen Lazerbeak anywhere?

Bumblebee hears wings flaping and chirps coming from Ravage's stomach.

Bumblebee- Oh, there he is.
Azimuth writes: Now we even have Decepticon versions of those little massage tools you can pick up at Bath and Body Works. They're very popular with the minibots.
Azimuth writes: Analogue tech really bites, in more ways than one.
Azimuth writes: No-no, Ravage, we don't gnaw on the minibot...
TenaciousMC writes: That's it, Ravage! I think you've found the sweet spot! Good boy!
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Dragon_Convoy writes: hey cut that out, that tickles
1337W422102 writes: "Lower."
Ultra Markus writes: Ravage has a new chew toy: Slumblebee!
Cyros writes: After Ravage's attack, Bumblebee had to live the rest of his eons with the curse of the Were-panther flowing through his circuits.
Andore92 writes: Optimus Prime:Remember Bumblebee, Freedom is the Right of All Sentient Jaguars
Road Turtle writes: Bumblebee, "Ok, I just need to stay clam, and rub Ravage right here..."

Ravage, "Purr...rrrrr...rrrrr..."

Bumblebee, "Yeah, Soundwave built you with a 'pet and affection' subroutine didn't he? Yeah, you like g
Blazefrost writes: Ravage: *sniff sniff*... Eww, when did you shower last?!?
Blazefrost writes: Don't get mad at me! I TOLD you not to go see the movie! It's your fault you don't have a humanoid robot form!
xxaMaxx writes: Ya know, this might actually hurt if you had more than 4 teeth.
ChevyTron writes: What, you think honey's gonna come out? That, my friend, is PROFILING!
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snavej writes: Bumblebee: Why bother biting me when you've got two missiles on your a**?

Ravage: Oh yeah, forgot about those.

Bumblebee: D'oh!
snavej writes: The obsolescence of the cassette tape made Ravage very very angry, but not angry enough to pick on someone bigger than him.
snavej writes: After his brain damage in a previous battle, Ravage didn't know the difference between a**es and elbows.
Predaprince writes: BB: Just wait, Ravage, my father, Unicron, will take care of you.
Abrupt Departure writes: BumbleBee: Ratchet said I should start using 10W40 motor oil since I'm getting older. What is your opinion Ravage?
Ravage: (I checked out Starscream's jet exhaust and now look at me *sigh*) You should stick with the 10W30.
lockepsb writes: Ravage: Raaaawaaar-raaawwaaarrrr-Rarwarrar-rarrar-raaaawr-rraawwrraarrwarrarrrr! ::Translation:: MmMmmMMmmmmm Bumblebee Taste Like Robo-Chicken!
ACStarscream writes: Coming this fall to the National Geographic Channel! Bumblebee is ... "The Bot Whisperer"!
Thanatos Prime writes: Ravage, I know you got the short end of the stick what with most of us being humanoid and you being a cat; but seriously, you don't see laserbeak pecking me in the head...
Thanatos Prime writes: Does anyone else think it's odd at how calm Bumblebee is, even though he's being bitten by a giant robotic panther???
snavej writes: Ravage: We will bite them on the features!

Bumblebee: Don't you mean 'Fight them on the beaches'?

Ravage: Not in this particular case, no.

Bumblebee: Could you at least spare my childhood? Bay did terrible things to it recently.
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snavej writes: Bumblebee: Your home boys are looking for you. They want you to help stick it to the man.

Ravage: Not THAT kind of black panther, you stupid Unicron Mini-Me!
snavej writes: Bumblebee: I don't have time for this. Transform back to cassette mode so that I can play my old party mix for the guys.

Ravage: That 'party mix' is precisely why I WON'T transform. I'll keep on biting until you look like a b
Unknown writes: Wheres the cream filling?
god_convoy_2005 writes: Okay! I'll talk with Micheal Bay about getting you into the sequel!
Road Turtle writes: Ravage, "Grr! I'm evil! I bite you! Grr--uh, do I smell catnip?"

Bumblebee, "Good kitty, smell the catnip, breathe deep, inhale the catnip, good kitty, kitty..."

Ravage, "I..I...can't filthy piece of
Deceptifemme84 writes: In a brave but misguided attempt to gain feline powers, Bumblebee volunteers his arm to be bitten by a radioactive cat. Unfortunately, no obvious changes were noted, except for the vague feeling of always being on the wrong side of the door.
TenaciousMC writes: Geez, Ravage! When I said, "Bite me!", I didn't mean it literally!
graves24 writes: ...Don't stop yet, Ravage--I think there's still some poison left in there. That's a good boy.
flame_leopard writes: Ea' we have the rare and elusive giant robot pantha. ...Let's poke it with a stick! *chomp* E's cranky today!
XeroSyphon writes: Ravage, you complete me. Now take me, to robotic stud!
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voltronic writes: hmmm...will I need a rabies shot or a tetnis shot.
haingi writes: Ravage: (thinking) My vampire lord will be pleased...

Me: sry guys, i know this isn't funny. i need a good image for a good caption
Liege Evilmus writes: not tonight, I have a headache
Black Arachnis writes: Bumblebee:"hey look at my awesome new puppethead guys!"
Ravage:(in thought)"just wait till I get my body back you little yellow dweeb!"
Nemesis Jason writes: DOWN DINO, DOWN DINO, DOWN, DOWN!!!!!
Sondura1 writes: bb:I am hold michal bay ransom for...ONE BILLION DOLLARS!!!*evil music*
*holds pinky up to face* Muahahahahahaha!!Muahahaha!Muahahahaha
megatrina writes: Sigh. So much to do today. Grocery shopping ... brush Ravage off my arm ... get Optimus Prime's suit at the cleaner's ...
dabattousai writes: Bumblebee: And that is how you milk Ravage so you can make the antidote for his venom. Any questions?

Huffer: Since when did Ravage have poison in his fangs?

Bumblebee: ...GET HIM OFF ME!
Optimusizzy writes: For the Last time Ravage I had nothing to do with you not being in the movie
Thanatos Prime writes: It didn't work the first twenty times, but Ravage continued to try and bite Bumblebee.

Bumblebee: Stop it Ravage, it's just getting annoying now...
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Thanatos Prime writes: Bumblebee: Megatron, Ravage is teething again....
MegaGeek writes: now if you will just move your teeth down a couple of inchessss..... AHhh! thats the spot.
Kryptikore writes: Damn it Soundwave! Ravage have better had his Rabies shots!
snavej writes: Ravage discovers that Bumblebee's arm is made from parts of an industrial vacuum cleaner.
snavej writes: Bumblebee gets idea for new can opener design.
snavej writes: Bumblebee (thinks): I'm so bored. Maybe I should just let him win?

Ravage (thinks): Mmm, tastes like chicken!
Frostic_Prime writes: I'm getting BugBite, he'll show you up.
Angelbot writes: My, Ravage, what big teeth you have.
KRAM5525 writes: OWWWWWWWWW "Now how many times have i told you, that it isn't nice to bite", if youre gonna do that remember "no teeth"
RailRider writes: No, bad Ravage. Your food is in the tin can, not me the tin man.
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Suzuki writes: When the vote for the new law mandating the de-toothing of vicious dog breeds came up, there was oddly enough a suggestion from an anonymous source, asking to extend the law to "vicious robot panthers" as well.
Ratbat writes: Let GO of me, Ravage!
Aragem23 writes: Soundwave: Primus, I hope Ravage doesn't catch anything.
Tadertime writes: Bumblebee, "Man...This is the last time I come to visit your Aunt Margret with Spike! Old ladies and their damn cats."
Omega Prime Alpha writes: No! Bad Kitty! We don't bite to show affection... That's the last tiem I try to be nice to giant decepticon cats.
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