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Trypticon and Metroplex share a moment

The Ultimate Caption Contest

Trypticon and Metroplex share a moment
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Whisky26 writes: "Listen, Metroplex. Just because we ARE cities doesn't mean we have to understand how cities work. Zoning laws are REALLY confusing."
Maximal Rainmaker writes: Metroplex: I thought campaign would prepare me for multiplayer...
Miester-Jazz writes: Trypticon and metroplex were always secret BFFs.
trailbreaker writes: Crack attack.
Riptidemtmte writes: "Prepare your exhaust port, Metro. I'm going in dry."
nyklas78 writes: Psst! Metro.I got some lube!
nyklas78 writes: Metroplex "My Go-Bots! All Gone!" Trypticon. I Know...I Know. It will be fine."
Judas_Warlord writes: Trypticon: I WANNA PIGGYBACK RIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frenchhorngirl writes: Psst, psst... Did you hear that some Transformers are not the gender thought to be at first?
cusd220 writes: i like pie
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Axelbro writes: trypticon:c'mon bro just because we are so big that does not mean that you are not cool let's go fishing with scorponok, omega supreme, and fort max.
omegasupreme69 writes: I told You trypy Im the pitcher Your the catcher.....
BERSEKAEL writes: Told you metroplex, I am a pro twist gamer!
Revenge of Bruticus writes: "Just what word did Wheeljack tell you he cutting into your head? Man he messed you up good."
Swoopscream writes: Hey man... are you sure this is a dino hug? Did you happen to learn this in dino prison?
EXSkywarp writes: Alright, Metro...stick and move!! STICK AND MOVE!! This Fortress Maximus guy's a PUNK, man! A BUM! Eye of the tiger...EYE OF THE TIGER!! NOW GET IN THERE AND WHUP HIS ASS!!!
Black Hat writes: It's OK, Metroplex. Everyone has rule 34 made of them at some point in their lives.
Road Turtle writes: Trypticon, "So they replaced you with Fortress Maximus? You could always start over; get a new paint job, a new name. How about 'Metrotitan'? That has a good ring. We got cookies."
MarkNL writes: Trypticon: Hey, sweetie, got something to do this evening?
Metroplex: Yeah. Kick you in your ass, SWEETIE!
BenderCrosby1 writes: Ouch! Ya know, maybe your primary function ISN'T a masseuse.
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BronyYesmanPrime writes: "its Okay Metroplex, we have all had our Jimmies Rustled"
Lucius Prime writes: Metroplex:"I just don't know why he has to be so mean!"
Trypticon:"I know, I know.... Ever since Scorponok and Fortess Maximus started hanging out, they think they OWN Cybertron..."
JaffleMaker writes: Invading a city, Trypticon style!
aaronaufdenberg writes: Trypticon "Hey buddy, had a rough day?"
Metroplex "ahhha No?" Small off to the side picture of Metroplex landing a "BAM" Uppercut!
Kanyon writes: Trypticon: "hey listen!"
mattj972 writes: I bet you can squeal like a pig. Weeeeeeee!
ChemPrime writes: Trypticon: Next time, I'll go easy on ya .. you know... so you still have fans
robotsindisguys writes: Hold still Metro, this won't hurt a bit!
Veritas Prime writes: I wish I could quit you!
prowlalpha writes: Stupid me forgot about the max, It should read you never been in a chicken fight before.
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prowlalpha writes: Metroplex:This is my first time.

Trypticon: I will be gentle, just relax.

Metroplex: Maybe, we should wait.
Trypticon: No, the time is right.
Metroplex: Ok, I am excited!
Trypticon: Oh, man your going to love this. I can't believe you never b
SpaceSkull writes: It's okay Metroplex we all make mistakes. Next time try and remember to let all the humans exit before transforming.
Tracks85 writes: Remember, the first time is free, next time it's 50 bucks
Cyhwuhx writes: "Now calm down Metroplex. What Full-Tilt and Slammer are doing is perfectly natural. Don't get so worked up about it."
Blackstreak writes: Trypticon: "Listen, don't take it personally but in public I gotta act like I don't like you."
aeleven writes: Trypticon: " Metroplex... I likes ya, I wants ya, ...We can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way!
Mofo4life writes: Trypticon: What you got Metroplex...I wanna see.
Metroplex: Oh you're gonna like this. Just hold on a minute while i get the scope in focus.
Trypticon: Are you taking pictures?
Metroplex: Uh...Yes I am. When I point, smile for the bang...I mean flash.
Mofo4life writes: Trypticon: Can't we be friends?
Metroplex: Ugh...No.
Trypticon: Why not?
Metroplex: Cause we're enemies, and I'm gonna destroy you.
Trypticon: Oh yeah, me Trypticon forget.
Mofo4life writes: Trypticon: Wow...You got a nice finish...All shiny, did you go to Maco?
Metroplex: And pay their ridiculous prices? No sir...I do my own polish. Besides I get a discount.
Mofo4life writes: Before Trypticon smash and bash you, I got Joke for you. Knock knock...
Oh, come in!
Agghhh...You ruin Trypticon's Joke...I no like you no more...
That's what you get, now LETS' FIGHT!!!
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spiderbob007 writes: Trypticon: "I have three simple rules: evacuation, lubrication and communication."
Heckfire writes: Wow, you Metroplex have lots of tension back here. Luckily me Trypticon licensed massage therapist.
Xephon0930 writes: For Metroplex,all it takes is one good back rub before he becomes a Headmaster.
onslaught1 writes: ever been with a 40 story dinosaur before?
ummm no!
do ya wanna be?
leviebaby writes: listen metroplex i know who your'e father is who tritocon it's ultramagnus no
chrisbchicken46 writes: Shhhhhhhhhhhh... it'll all be over soon
snavej writes: [Sends picture to 'Up the Arse Corner', Viz Comics, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.]
snavej writes: Trypticon: I'll let you live if you just destroy that school bus down there.

Metroplex: That's it! I'm calling my Daddy on you! He's 10 miles tall!
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Don't worry 'Plex,I'm sure Hasbro will give us a FoC toy in the Future...
Torgon02 writes: Trypticon: It's okay, it happens to all of us sometimes. Have you heard about Cialis?
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Gonshyk writes: -Do not worry so much. You will be cured and I will be cured, too. Tripticon simply had no idea with which virus he was infected, and which bestowed his friend. That was STD...
leviebaby writes: Tripticon back says insert batteries here
Insidious writes: Metroplex: "Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over."
Stormrider writes: Scramble city twister:
Right Leg Yellow. Left arm blue.
Optimum Supreme writes: Hey! You're not the pizza guy!
Cyberseven writes: Tripticon: No I am not really a Proctologist, but i did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.
primel73 writes: Let's skip the Minnesota State fair and form our own twin cities. -cue 70's porn music.
primel73 writes: Seriously, I'm just looking for your cog. Trust me, I coached at Penn State.
Cyberseven writes: Metroplex: I wish I could remember the damn safe word!!
Tripticon: MMMM...Metroplex tastes like chicken.
ScreenTalkerDotOrg writes: You ever get the feelin'... I don't know, er... when you're in town and someone looks at you all suspicious, like he knows? And then you go out on the pavement and everyone looks like they know too?
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MarkNL writes: Let's create baby-bots. We'll call them: Mini-cons.
Spanish Prime writes: Dude! You got a tattoo!
So do you, dude! Dude, what does my tattoo say?
"Sweet!" What about mine?
"Dude!" What does mine say?
"Sweet!" What about mine?
"Dude!" What does mine say?
"S - wee - t!" What about mine?
"DUDE!" What does mine say?
Blasphemous Prime writes: Don't fight it... Just let it happen...
TulioDude writes: Metroplex,buddy,i know you are pissed for not being in War for Cybertron,but i promise you,you will be in the sequel.
Silver Snake writes: Trypticon: The Autobots are merely using you, dear comrade. Come with me, and you'll be more powerful than they could have ever dreamed!

Metroplex: You make a convincing offer, dinosaur. I will notify you of my decision.
Optimal-T writes: Are you trying to give me a Vulcan nerve pinch?
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Hold me back bro,HOLD ME BACK!!!
snavej writes: Trypticon: Don't go, Metroplex! You're the only decent scratching post on the planet! I have some BIG itches to scratch, you know.
snavej writes: Metroplex (thinks): If I throw Trypticon in the right direction, I might be able to take out monument valley AND Area 51 in one shot!
snavej writes: This sleazy treatment wasn't what Metroplex signed up for.
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snavej writes: Trypticon was getting sued for copyright infringement by Godzilla, so he took out his frustration on Metroplex.
snavej writes: They were worried about shoddy animation but the Fall of Cybertron game would soon put things right.
snavej writes: Trypticon didn't expect the next assault: one of Metroplex's hyperfarts.
badjimmy76 writes: wtf?
kamenriderjester writes: "Hey buddy. Trypticon talked with game developers. They'll put you in the sequel. So cheer up."
Ryuki writes: Trypticon: Trypticon want piggyback !!
Ryuki writes: Metroplex:so many fembots and none of them is the same size as me, f**k this gay earth.
Trypticon: did Metroplex just said something for being gay ?
Powermaster Jazz writes: Full Tilt is your son! Deal with it!
SKYWARPED_128 writes: What is that graffiti? Looks like some human male's junk. Told ya not to transform into city mode and spend the night next to a ghetto.
SpaceSkull writes: I see Paris, I see France. I see your metallic under-pants
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agentcastle writes: metroplex wasnt pleased, but transformer prostate cancer is no laughing matter
darquechylde writes: its ok bro. she isnt worth it. its not you its her. (refrencing statue of liberty)
darquechylde writes: "RAAAARRRRR If Metroplex tell Trypticon where transformation cog is, Trypticon promise love Metroplex long time"
puttster3 writes: Come Metroplex, lets merge to become one city. Till All Are One.
dahpadre writes: Please, please, please let me see!
muddyjoe writes: Squeal like a pIg, boy!
datguy86 writes: Trypticon: "Oh yeah... I dunno how you got those minibots all shredded up in there but they are most definitely not coming out!"
Rodimus Minor writes: Trypticon is practicing Masages
John Dahalay writes: You know, there are pills for that...
njb902 writes: not touching this one with a 50 foot pole.
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Kibble writes: bow chicka wow wow...
paul053 writes: You need to pay me more for scratching your back that often.
Gundamu writes: "Shhhh... I'll be gentle..."
Godzillabot Primal writes: *
You look stressed.
Get a Trypticon shoulder massage today!
#Sideways# writes: "I know that feel, bro, I know that feel..."
BeastProwl writes: Come on man! Dont let him push you around like that! you've made it to the third round! Now get out there and win this one for Cybertron!
Zottoman writes: Metroplex does not like giving piggy-back rides
kenadax writes: Wow Met, you're really tense... Lucky for you I'm a licensed massuer!
notsosmart writes: Got Girl Problems? I guess SIZE does matter!! BAH HAAHAHA HAAA!!!!
Vitatech writes: Omnomnom, your horn is so tasty!
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turbomagnus writes: Trypt: Metroplex no feel bad, even if name reused for new character, you still one everyone think of as Metroplex.
Ryuki writes: Trypticon: now, now, Metroplex. Don't be gloomy, Your design on the FOC game wasn't that bad...
Trikeboy writes: Trypticon: Just relax, take it slow and let the good times roll.
King Slick writes: Cheer up Ray, at least Debra's cooking didn't kill you....YET!
Autobot032 writes: Brokeback Mountain: Transformers Edition
MINDVVIPE writes: does this really need a caption? really?
We all know whats implied. Alright fine.
Blazer136 writes: Stranger Danger!
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