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Welcome to Carbombya!
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Nemesis Maximo writes: Here lies Optimus Prime
Too bad he couldn't stop on a dime
DeathReviews writes: Hmmm. Nope. Too easy....
o.supreme writes: that sign clearly says 4-.000 PEOPLE .... wth???
trailbreaker writes: Where men are men, and camels are nervous.
Black Hat writes: Casey Kasem leaving the show was this country's fault.
Zeedust writes: Most of the people had left when they saw what the city was going to be named.

The camels stayed, because they couldn't read.
Heckfire writes: Still more politically correct than Skids and Mudflap.
Zinger writes: Me: Darn it! I KNEW I should've takne that left turn at Albuquerque!
Myriagon writes: Starscream: This isnt the trading forum!
BB: I thought you said you wanted to go to Carbombya.
Starscream: Yeah but....
bringo writes: Must have taken that wrong turn, eh?
Oh you wanted to see the camel shows?
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bringo writes: That many people!
That many camels!
You make the call!
bringo writes: On let the beastality begin!
starscream_the_eternal writes: I wonder if Bush had had this picture could he have stopped the attacks. I mean if cartoonists from 1987 knew of a terrorist threat over there then what the hell are we paying the CIA and the FBI for!
Unknown writes: Whenin Carbombya, do what the Decepticons do, GET WASTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ranotops writes: am i the only one who noticed the name "Car-Bomb-Ya"?...omg thats horrable!
Kamakaze Thrower writes: WTF are they recognizing the camels? WHO CARES?
bringo writes: Atleast they have camels.
bringo writes: I made a wrong turn. And found my self here...
bringo writes: 6 camels for every guy?
Castle74 writes: This marker was all that was left after the B-52s payed a visit. And I'm not talking about the band!
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Phasewing writes: On the other side of the stone marker, it reads:

Dead population: 345,582PU... [Some of the back is scratched off by vandals.. who've added the letters PU].

Octane: Who the hell put -that- there? o.O
Magnus writes: Animator: Hey, check out this drawing. I thought we could use it in Thief in the Night.

Producer: [laughs] Yeah, that'll go over real well with the PC crowd. You want to get us fired?

Animator: Relax, it's just a joke. I wasn't really
Roadshadow writes: Sign on Cybertron:

Population (Dead): 1 million and climbing, thanks to Megs.
Population (alive): Ummm...let's say 326.

Scourge: God, no wonder Megatron sucks as a sign maker.
Masterpiece Prowl writes: (Sign in the southern hemisphere)
New Zealand
Population: At least 4 million people, and 20 million sheep
Starazor writes: Frenzy *reads sign and grins*: CAMEL-TIPPING TIME!
Rumble: You're out of ritalin again, aren't you?
trailbreaker writes: Hillary Clinton holds a candlelight vigil for the dead terrorists.
Pokejedservo writes: Darn they forgot to add "and a home for various Muslim Terrorist jokes since 1987", I wonder why?
trailbreaker writes: "Also 10,000 dead muslim terrorists."
DarkDranzer writes: *Meanwhile out in the desert near Carbomya*

Octane: Oh wait, wait!! Damn I thought that was the next Decepticon base...

Trypticon: I thought I was?!

Octane: Galvatron fired you remember?

Trypticon: He did too!! I'm gonna stomp his @$$ to
shepp writes: The highest paying job in Carbombya City must be Camel Pooper-Scoopers, oh, and it must smell really really bad...
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Zeedust writes: On the other side of the world, a sign reads:

63,374 PEOPLE
skyshadowprimus writes: Bush: OMG look at that, there is a country of camels, there population quota clearly means they are treating the natural people as slaves.

We must go in and liberate the good people of this land.

Rumsfeld: But sir, why not just use the real reason,
Armbullet writes: The best vacationing spot on this side of the planet!
Chromia writes: ....and not a potty in sight.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: That's not sand.

It's Camel dung.

And that's not a welcome to Carbombya sign.

It's the top of the Carbombya city hall.
Road Turtle writes: Kup, "Carbombya City huh. Gotta bad feeling about this. It reminds me of that time in Decepticonambushya City...."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Hey look it's a Sandstone!

Yeah ok that really stunk.
Acelister writes: The birth place of the CEO of Crazy Jamal's Autobot Busts.
dolenarda writes: For something other than "I can't deal with that now", Magnus decided it was time for endorsements.
Damolisher writes: No Fanatics! Not even TRANSfanatics!!!
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AutobotGeneral writes: Democrat: Hey Bush look there! another country with Oil!
Bush:You fools for the last time we didn't go for oil. And for the record the WMD thoughts were not my fault they were the CIAs!
Dem:See he admits he went for oil!
Dem:now he&#
AutobotGeneral writes: *below rest of inscription (which should be in arabic btw)*
'welcome to the city that caused cliffjumpers and teletrans voice to change!'
darkwind25 writes: Desert traveller: F-f-four people and t-t-t-ten thousand camels? Partttttyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Welcome to Carbombya Sand Day Celebration!
Camels welcome!
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: & due to it being in the middle of the middle east, their toy venders can't seem to get any new transformers.

.....but they have a whole crapload of Alt Tracks & E- Ultra Magnus they can't get rid of.
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: ...but I didn't want a carbombya ad on my tombstone....I wanted pepperoni...
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Chessy announcer,"You've just won an all expense paid trip to beauuutiful downtown Carbombya,where you'll spend 2 amazing weeks at Jamil's Camel Grotto featuring the Hot Sand Gardens spa! But the fun doesn't stop there,oh no,you&#
Arc the ZAKO writes: IF YOU CAN READ THIS, YOU DO NOT NEED GLASSESS(Spaceballs reffrence)
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Damn Coke machines in Carbombya sure look strange.
Vile MK III writes: Carbombya City
4,000 People
1000 Camels
Over a million Terroist.
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wavelength writes: bush; they have nukes! america invade
army; aaahhhh! camels!
b;the brits have nukes invade
army; ahhh ghosts! [insert image of the ww2 raf]
Prime Nova writes: It's a good job we are heading for New Zealand.

Acelister writes: Carbombya Twinned with:
Baghdad, Iraq
New York, USA
Milan, Paris
Zeedust writes: Good thing the camels can't read, or this could lead to something ugly. Fear the Camel Rebellion!
Exulted Unicron writes: DUDE! Where's my camel?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spary painted along the backside:

Jamil was here!
1337W422102 writes: I won the Caption Contest and all I got was this stupid rock.
Gigatron1 writes: Osama Bin Laden once again eludes U.S. captors by seeking refuge in the one place so obvious that American forces continue to overlook.
Acelister writes: No terrorists have ever come from Carbombya. Curious, given the City's name...
Acelister writes: So that they could save money on Stone work, the Carbombian government decided that for each new born, they would sentance an old person to death. Little did they forsee the baby boom of 2006...
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Acelister writes: Today: Wedding of Princess Vespa
Tomorrow: Bingo!
Ransom writes: The ruler of Carbombya and his advisers had only one complaint about the commissioned marker: the stars did not look like them in the least.
009* writes: "Coming Soon: Starbucks!"
darkwind25 writes: ...and one Burger King.
darkwind25 writes: At the bottom of the plaque, a tiny inscription reads: Future home for "Friends".
Massdestruction writes: After the 3rd mason dropped dead from exhaustion while chiseling the city marker, the Carbombya City council realized that carving the population in stone was very shortsighted.
Marv writes: Note: We know the name of our town is a lame joke, but it was the only compromise everybody could live with...
Marv writes: (continues on other side) 9 Autobots, 7 Decepticons, 6 Nebulans, 3 Minicons, 1 Quintesson, 2.5 gobots....
4,000 PEOPLE
10,000 CAMELS

Home of the Carbombya Bazarr!
Unicron44 writes: God:Hay you camel, I can start sand on fire.
God:Jesus Christ!
God:Get the VW Beetle!
Jesus:I could, but it's really a Transformer!
Bumblebee:Hay, do you guys need a ride.
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Dragontron88 writes: All we need now is a wel-fare office, wal-mart, and a McDonalds, ad we'll be on the map
Master Force Skyfire writes: Carbombya City: Where cars and jets are robots, men are men, and the camels are nervous...
4,000 PEOPLE
10,000 CAMELS

Future site of Home Depot
Kevinus Prime writes: The other side says "You are now LEAVING Carbombya City!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "...where we wear robes because the camels can hear a zipper a mile away!"
Kevinus Prime writes: The next marker over said "There used to be 20,000 camels, but we opened McDonalds."
Kevinus Prime writes: "Last chance for gas for 1,452 miles."
Kevinus Prime writes: Etched on the other side was a fitting tribute to Joe Camel.
Daaron writes: Mistaking the name of the city for a fact George W. decided to inva-(um liberate) the city from terroists and GTA gamers.
1337W422102 writes: Bush: "There are weapons of mass destruction in Carbombya City!"
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SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: "10,000 Camels," a "10,000 Maniacs" tribute band, was so popular in Carbombya they etched every performance in with the country's vital statistics.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Excerpt from The World Travel guide:Carbombya City
-More humps per Sq mile than anywhere else in the world.
-Carbombya City has a booming camel dung removal industry.
-Home to the world's largest amusement park water rapids ride,The Tryticongo.
IcelandicBoy writes: I'm getting the feeling the guys at Seibertron.com are running out of material here....
HardHead writes: With starvation looming on the horizon, each member of Carbombya city had only 2.5 cigerettes each in their ration packs. Since they had forgotten to half the cigerettes, infighting brought the once great city to it's knees..

Several thousand year
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Traveler 1,"10,000 camels? Ohhhhhhhhhh I just thought the women were realllly ugly."

Traveler 2,"Haha,dude you hooked up with a camel!"

Traveler 1,"Yeah funny how she looked just like your mom."

Traveler 2,"Ohhh
Massdestruction writes: In a far away city, where vehicle disquises would be out of place, the BEAST modes are born. Of course all the beast modes have to be camels, so everyone had to change there names to be camel related. ie. Humpamus Prime.
Air Dawg writes: Carbombya only has 4000 people?! Nuts to that.
Ravage XK writes: Shame you cant see the neon sign above that says " 25,400 Burgers sold this year"
Powermaster Jazz writes: And they're starving?
Jaw Crusher writes: Whatever happens in Carbombya City STAYS in Carbombya City.
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Acelister writes: If you think that's a lot of camels, you should see the city 4 miles east of Carbombya...
DarkDranzer writes: Octane: Come ON Trypticon...man what the hell is WRONG with you?

Trypticon: I-I'm afraid of Camels!! What if Galvatron found out about our secret?

Octane: Oh ****...how many times have I gotta tell ya Tryp? Ol' purple gay bot Galvy couldn&
Shermtron writes: screw carbombya i want to go to that red head chicks house on before there was carly..
Acelister writes: The largest mass grave in history...
Minicle writes: Carbombya, a place where the Camels are hot, and the people take advantage of it...
Minicle writes: Perceptor: Sunsteaker, I seriously doubt Prime would have wanted this put on his Tombstone.

Sunstreaker: But, it's all the rage.
Road Turtle writes: If I'm reading this correctly, that's 4.000 people and 10000 camels. That's not a city, that's a Camel Ranch!
Acelister writes: Good news! Bin Laden has been sighted in Carbombya! Bad news, he's inside one of the camels...
Acelister writes: Hot Rod: "Car-Bomb-eeya City? I don't want to enter a city where part of the name is Car Bomb..."
Kup: "Settle down, lad. I'll be perfectly safe."
Hot Rod: "Why will you be safe?"
Kup: "I'm not a car,
Acelister writes: In Carbombya City, Camels ride YOU!
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DeltaOmega writes: was here
Ratbat writes: Casey Kasem must've been outraged when he found out that there was another TRANSFORMERS episode with a stereotypical portrayal of Arabs. (In 1986, Casey Kasem didn't retire from TRANSFORMERS voice-acting--he quit!) =(
Ratbat writes: In Carbombya City, camels outnumber people 2.5:1.
tequila stu writes: man those people must be tired with that many camels. hehe
4,000 PEOPLE
10,000 CAMELS

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