The Targeted Jumbo Jet

Transformers: Super-God Masterforce

Original Airdate: April 25th, 1988
Series: Transformers: Super-God Masterforce
Episode #3

Summary: A passenger jet from the Republic of Montparta has a major accident, thanks to the Destron Blood. As Shuta and Cab horse around in Cab's treehouse, the Cybertron Pretenders are stunned to hear about a second accident. They head for Corsica to interrogate Minerva, a young girl among the passengers involved, about the circumstances of her plane's crash. She tells them that the Destrons were indeed involved in the accident. Suddenly, more zombies appear along with the Destron Pretenders, wreaking havoc in Japan, but they are later taken care of by the Pretenders. Hawk and the others decide to board a Montparta-Japan flight to guard Minerva, her parents and a biologist. Suddenly, the clouds turn dangerous and Hawk and Phoenix face off against Blood outside, while Cab, Shuta and Minerva have to deal with a zombie stewardess on the inside. They manage to defeat their respective opponents and the plane arrives safely.

Characters Who Appeared In This Episode:

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Twincast / Podcast #146:
"Happy Accidents"
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