The Five Faces of Darkness (3)

The Transformers - Season 3

Original Airdate: September 16th, 1986
Series: The Transformers - Season 3
Episode #68

Summary: Escaping Quintessa, Rodimus and his allies crash-land and become stuck on Goo 8739B, a planetoid made up of a strange, viscous substance. Galvatron returns to the Solar System and intercepts a shuttle piloted by Blurr and Wheelie, who have been charged with delivering Metroplex’s Transformation Cog to Autobot City on Earth. Blurr and Wheelie crash on Io, one of Jupiter’s larger moons. Back on Charr, the Quintessons arrive and make the languishing Decepticons an offer they can’t refuse: unlimited Energon for the destruction of the Autobots!

Characters Who Appeared In This Episode:

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #148 - And Rom The Space Knight
Twincast / Podcast #148:
"And Rom The Space Knight"
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Posted: Monday, June 27th, 2016