The Supplementary Archive includes all of the appended Transformers Universe entries, consisting of those which were printed in the later issues of the US Transformers comic during 1987-1990. Some additional "bonus" characters are included below. These characters are from the Transformers: Generations book published in Japan.


Abominus - Gestalt Warrior
Afterburner - Technobot Gunner
Apeface - Horrorcon Saboteur
Backstreet - Triggerbot Lookout
Battletrap - Duocon Assault Team
Blot - Terrorcon Foot Soldier
Brainstorm - Autobot Biomechanical Engineer
Chase - Throttlebot Scout
Chromedome - Autobot Computer Programmer
Cloudraker - Autobot Sky Fighter
Computron - Technobot Warrior
Crankcase - Triggercon Data Collector
Crosshairs - Autobot Weapons Supervisor
Cutthroat - Terrorcon Shock Trooper
Darkwing - Decepticon Aerial Assault
Dogfight - Triggerbot Air Combat
Dreadwind - Decepticon Air Defense
Fangry - Decepticon Tracker
Fastlane - Autobot Road Warrior
Fortress Maximus - Autobot Earth Defense Commander
Freeway - Throttlebot Saboteur
Getaway - Autobot Warrior
Goldbug - Throttlebot Espionage Director
Grotusque - Monsterbot Military Strategist
Hardhead - Autobot Ground Assault
Highbrow - Autobot Electronic Warfare
Horri-bull - Decepticon Ground Trooper
Hosehead - Autobot Emergency Rescue
Hun-Grrr - Terrorcon Leader
Joyride - Autobot Warrior
Landmine - Autobot Asteroid Miner
Landfill - Autobot Materials Transport
Lightspeed - Technobot Data Processor
Mindwipe - Decepticon Hypnotist
Misfire - Decepticon Interceptor
Nautilator - Seacon Undersea Excavations
Needlenose - Decepticon Aerial Warrior
Nightbeat - Autobot Detective
Nosecone - Technobot Assault Vehicle
Optimus Prime, Powermaster - Autobot Commander
Overbite - Seacon Undersea Terminator
Overkill - Decepticon Warrior
Override - Triggerbot Scout
Piranacon - Seacon Naval Assault
Pointblank - Autobot Targetmaster Leader
Pounce - Decepticon Infiltrator
Punch - Autobot Double Agent
Quake - Decepticon Ground Assault
Quickmix - Autobot Chemist
Repugnus - Monsterbot Counter Intelligence
Rippersnapper - Terrorcon Terrorist
Rollbar - Throttlebot Tracker
Ruckus - Triggercon Combat Assault
Scattershot - Technobot Leader
Scoop - Autobot Field Infantry
Scorponok - Decepticon Headmaster Commander
Searchlight - Throttlebot Surveillance
Seawing - Seacon Undersea Reconnaissance
Sinnertwin - Terrorcon Sentry
Siren - Autobot Incendiary Damage Control
Sixshot - S.T.A.G. (Solo Transformer Assault Group)
Skalor - Seacon Amphibious Assault
Skullcruncher - Decepticon Swamp Warrior
Skullgrin - Decepticon Siege Warrior
Slapdash - Autobot Interceptor
Slugfest - Decepticon Messenger
Slugslinger - Decepticon Air Defense
Snapdragon - Horrorcon Interceptor
Snaptrap - Seacon Team Leader
Spinister - Decepticon Aerial Assault
Squeezeplay - Decepticon Warrior
Strafe - Technobot Aerial Gunner
Sureshot - Autobot Sharpshooter
Tentakil - Seacon Underwater Demolitions
Triggerhappy - Decepticon Gunner
Weirdwolf - Decepticon Tracker
Wide Load - Throttlebot Materials Transport
Windsweeper - Triggercon Air Defense
Wingspan - Data Processor

Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #145 - May Mayhem
Twincast / Podcast #145:
"May Mayhem"
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