Twincast / Podcast Episode #164 "Getaway Was Right"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #164 "Getaway Was Right"

Getaway Was Right - The Twincast podcast returns as the gang is reunited for some toy talk, focusing on Titans Returns Krok and Quake, recent Takara Tomy Legends releases Super Ginrai, Soundwave, Ravage, Laserbeak, and the Headmasters anime styled Brainstorm. The show then fields some listener questions about collecting habits, toy line preferences, and even what would happen if Transformers were involved in Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is followed by speculation on Movie Masterpiece Last Knight MPM-3 Bumblebee, and discusses Combiner Force Crash Combiners. As a round table topic, they analyze the potential lost opportunity of IDW comics original characters, especially those from More Than Meets The Eye and Lost Light, as toys and venture on the effects of third party toys that have picked up that style. Taking a swing into comics, the group offers their opinions on IDW's Revolutionaries #1. This segues into the episode's featured topic, which is a debate on whether Getaway was right to stage a mutiny aboard the Lost Light.
More info and large images of Shadow Spark Optimus Prime and MPM-3 Bumblebee Revealed

More info and large images of Shadow Spark Optimus Prime and MPM-3 Bumblebee Revealed

Last Knight Toys - Hasbro just sent us a message confirming what we saw this morning and giving us more detail. As it turns out, that is indeed a new Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee, numbered at MPM-3. It is done to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first film. More linked to the new film, The Last Knight, is the Leader Optimus Redeco with new weapons. Both seem to be Asian editions so it is currently unkown if they will be sold in the west at big box retail. Click here for all the info we have from Hasbro, including the prices and official stock images.
Twincast / Podcast Episode #163 "Through The Space Hole"

Twincast / Podcast Episode #163 "Through The Space Hole"

Through The Space Hole - The Twincast Podcast returns for 2017 with a show primarily featuring discussion of the latest Tranformers comic books from IDW Publishing. A discussion of Till All Are One leads off the show, with the cast giving their perspective on the Cybertron focused book. New ongoing series Optimus Prime comes next, with the first two issues already available for readers. The relaunched More Than Meets The Eye is here under its new title of Lost Light, and the highly anticipated first issue is looked back on with the characteristic speculation about the series rounding out the chat. The recently revealed Titans Returns Deluxe Kup, Topspin, Quake, and Krok take the show into toy discussion. Along with that, the recently released MP-10K BAPE Black Camo Convoy also comes up. The show closes out with holiday bragging rights.
Top 5 Best Years of the Transformers Brand / Franchise

Top 5 Best Years of the Transformers Brand / Franchise

Top 5 Best Years - With one of the best years of all time to be a Transformers collector wrapped up, I thought it would be high time we got a list of the best years ever for the franchise. This will be predominantly toy focused and western focused when it comes to accompanying media and toy availability. The community had a say in this list, especially fellow Seibertronian Amelie who first suggested it. Many contributed to this list and you can read all our opinions here.
2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

2016 Year in Review - A Beastly Task

2016 Year In Review - One more day is left, and this year will be over. If you look at 2016, there have been too high a number of dark moments outside of the life on the boards. But when you look at what our hobby, our fandom, our world of robots have produced, we actually struck some very good chords this year, wouldn't you agree? It has been a year of anniversaries, a year of milestones, a year of beasts and movies and comics, a year of toys, a year of endings and beginnings -- I suppose it's only right that we take some time now to make it ... A Year in Review - Transformers 2016!

Robots in Disguise Combiner Force Skyhammer Review

Posted 1 hour ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 1,057 views

NEW! Madeus Prime has pointed us in the direction of another review, this time for the upcoming wave 2 Combiner Force Crash Combiner Skyhammer! Skyhammer is the fusion of Skysledge and Stormhammer in typical Crash Combiner fashion, and appears to be a pretty good figure with solid colors and a good looking combined mode. The figures themselves will be available soon at retail so keep your eyes peeled for this latest Crash Combiner set! - Read More

Titans Return Titan Masters Repugnus and Shuffler Reviews

Posted 2 hours ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 1,010 views

NEW! Seibertronian Madeus Prime has pointed us in the direction of a pair of new reviews for the upcoming wave 4 of Titans Return, this time in the form of the 2 new Titan Masters: Repugnus and Shuffler! Repugnus is a new mold with a beast mode based on his original monster-bug mode. He also turns into some sort of bug-blaster as well as a little hover-bug-jet thing. His Titan Master's head mode is beautifully done to look like his original head and his Titan Master's robot mode even has paint on - Read More

Connecting all the Titans Return Bases So Far

Posted 3 hours ago by william-james88 - 3,988 views

NEW! Below you will find images of how it is possible to connect every Titans Return base so far in a way that creates a loop, where each base is connected on both ends. Fortress Maximus has 4 base connectors, with two in the back (along the legs), one at the side of each landing strip and an extra one by lowering the door of the "secret" chamber. Below are two configurations that involve Fort Max, Power Master Optimus Prime, Sixshot, Blaster and Soundwave. This is just to give you fans examples and - Read More

New 'Power of the Primes' Fan Vote Opens Tomorrow, January 23

Posted 4 hours ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 2,417 views

NEW! On this glorious Sunday afternoon, we would like to pass on a reminder from Hasbro to all of you that the new 'Power of the Primes' fan vote for the next Prime opens tomorrow! The vote will determine who the next Prime of Cybertron will be, joining the ranks of Optimus, Rodimus, Alpha Trion, and more. You can begin voting tomorrow HERE. The 4 finalists will be announced this Friday, January 27, and the final round of voting will occur between February 1 and 4, with the winner being announced at - Read More

Twincast / Podcast Episode #164 "Getaway Was Right"

Posted 4 hours ago by megatronus - 2,135 views

NEW! Welcome to the latest episode of the Twincast / Podcast! This episode features your host ScottyP and his merry marauders, Megatronus, RodimusConvoy13, Razorclaw, and Counterpunch - listen in as we discuss the latest news, toys, and more. Episode #164 "Getaway Was Right" is available directly and in our RSS Feed, and should appear on iTunes and Stitcher Radio within 24 to 48 hours of when you see this news post. We kick off the podcast with the latest images of upcoming - Read More

Hasbro Franchises Spotlight in Licensing Magazine, Featuring New UK Transformers Comics Magazine Series

Posted 12 hours ago by Va'al - 3,862 views

Though Hasbro is not participating, as we knew, at Toy Fair UK 2017, there is a new article about the company and its franchises in the latest issue of Licensing Magazine (which you can view in full here). What we find inside are a number of licensed products for My Little Pony, Nerf and obviously Transformers for the upcoming year, from schoolwear to stationery, to easter eggs and books - but of particular interest is a new Panini-released bi-monthly comic featuring a new scenario not far from - Read More

Takara Transformers Legends Individual Headmasters Chromedome, Hardhead, Brainstorm and More

Posted 18 hours ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 10,837 views

Thanks to Taghobby we have some interesting and exciting news to bring to you today. Takar Tomy has shown us in a magazine scan that they will be doing the individual heads of 6 different figures based on their Hasbro Titan Master design. Those 6 figures would be: -Brainstorm with his Rebirth head -IDW Chromedome -Faceplated Hardhead -Grimlock AKA Clobber -Brawn -Flywheels AKA Skytread The figures themselves have the standard Takara detailing, something the Hasbro versions lacked, - Read More

North Carolina Comicon Guest Update: Ted Adams, Chris Ryall, David Hedgecock

Posted 19 hours ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 3,927 views

North Carolina Comicon has added many more guests to their list since our last update, and there are some heavy hitters that will be joining John Barber in the comicon. Among the new guests announced are: Ted Adams, CEO and Publisher of IDW Publishing; Chris Ryall, the Chief Creative Officer for IDW; and David Hedgecock, Editor-in-Chief for IDW. What this could possibly mean with all these IDW names showing up at the comicon is anyone's guess, but it appears that there may be some sort of - Read More

New Robots in Disguise McDonalds Toys Now Available in Australia

Posted 19 hours ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 6,485 views

Seibertronian down under Burn has notified us that the outback now has some new McDonalds Happy Meal toys based on the Robots in Disguise TV show! This news was posted on the Ozformers Facebook page and shows that 5 Autobots will make up the assortment. The 5 figures will be: Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Drift, Grimlock, and Strongarm. All 5 will feature some movable limbs and a weapon. You can check out the image below, and if you live in Australia you can start heading to the land of the Big Mac - Read More

IDW Transformers: Most Epic Battles Paperback Online Listing, featuring Budiansky, Furman, Mantlo

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 7,576 views

And finally, the last June 2017 listing found over on online retailer, brings us a dive back into some classics, with some Bob Budiansky, Simon Furman and Bill Mantlo Transformers stories in Transformers: Most Epic Battles TPB! Check out the cover and more information below. The most epic battles in Transformers history! This collection of the best vintage bang-ups and brawls from the Generation 1 era is the perfect companion for fans of the Robots in Disguise. See who wins - Read More

IDW Optimus Prime Volume 1 TPB Online Listing

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 6,525 views

In other June listings for IDW Publishing comics, courtesy of, we also have the first collected trade paperback for the new ongoing series Optimus Prime. Check out the provisional cover art and more information below - and follow the discussion as it happens in the Energon Pub! REVOLUTION is over—but the danger to Earth is just beginning. As OPTIMUS PRIME pulls Earth into the larger universe, he’s painted a target on it… and a new alien incursion begins when a corkscrew - Read More

IDW Transformers: Autocracy Trilogy Collected TPB Online Listing

Posted 1 day ago by Va'al - 6,574 views

We had seen a previously unused cover by Livio Ramondelli for the Autocracy, Monstrosity and Primacy books back here - but it looks like it will be used after all, as a June 2017 listing on shows the Metzen, Dille, Ramondelli Prime Wars (now Autocracy Trilogy) three books collected into one volume! Check out more info below. Before Optimus became a Prime he fought for order. Before Megatron became a conqueror he fought for freedom. In the early days of the war on Cybertron, - Read More

Robots in Disguise Menasor and Team Bee 4-Bot Combiners Teased

Posted 2 days ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 16,404 views

Thanks to StuartMaximus we have some very interesting and exciting news to bring to you. A bus has been photographed in Hong Kong from a member of the Transformers Chile Facebook group that has a pair of new 4-bot combiners on it: Team Bee and Menasor! Menasor looks to be a new take on his Combiner Wars design in Robots in Disguise style and a very thin waist. He also appears to only be composed of 4 Stunticons, as the side of the bus implies. The Team Bee Combiner (Ultra Bee?) has Bumblebee as - Read More

Upcoming Netflix Documentary The Toys That Made Us Featuring Transformrers

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 18,100 views

A new Facebook page appeared to reveal a new documentary being made for Netflix called The Toys That Made Us. This 8 episode series will dedicate each episode to one specific toyline, mainly focusing on toys from the 80s. A photo of their "drawing board" reveals that Transformers will get it's own episode along with: Star Wars Hello Kitty Lego Star Trek GI Joe Masters of the Universe Barbie It is not known when the series will premiere. Let us know if you are looking forward to this - Read More

Transformers Generations Legion Class re-releases

Posted 2 days ago by Kurona - 11,777 views

Building up a legion-class collection and still haven't gotten a chance to pick up the 2010 Legion Optimus Prime, Bumblebee or Starscream molds yet? Well, good news - looks like they're once again being re-released! Through online retailer Big Bad Toystore, you can currently pre-order the three molds in a pack together ahead of their release this February. Check them out below and see if you can spot any differences from previous - Read More

IDW Optimus Prime #3 Full Preview

Posted 2 days ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 7,744 views

Newsarama has posted the full preview for Optimus Prime #3 which continues the present story of the Junkions and the past story of police corruption. It also shows off the first meeting of Soundwave and Optimus Prime, at the time Orion Pax. Check out the preview below, and let us know what you think in the comments section below! The first meeting of Optimus Prime and Soundwave, revealed in a preview of next week's Optimus Prime #3. Optimus Prime #3 John Barber (w) • Kei Zama (a & - Read More

Robots in Disguise Minicons On Sale at Walmart, 5 Below; Combiner Force 3-Steps Found at Retail

Posted 2 days ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 8,864 views

We have three sightings for you minicon hunters and Combiner Force 3-step fans to check out. The first comes to us from Carytheone who discovered that the wave 3 and 4 minicons that included the likes of Blizzard Slipstream, Hammer, and Swelter among others, have begun to show up at 5 below. This sighting was confirmed by yours truly, suggesting that this is indeed a widespread sale. So if you are interested in some minis that haven't hit regular retail, go find a 5 Below! The second - Read More

Transformers: Earth Wars - Bruticus and Optimus Maximus Revealed

Posted 3 days ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 14,468 views

Thanks to both Seibertronian Shauyaun and Twitter user Snakas, we now have images of the next 2 combiners making their way into Earth Wars: Optimus Maximus and Bruticus! The 2 new combiners are both 5 bot combiners instead of 6, so they should be slightly easier to collect. Bruticus follows his Combiner Wars toy design faithfully minus his thighs being turned 90 degrees like several fan modes. Optimus Maximus is weird: he follows his 'Ultra Prime' color scheme with his 'Optimus Maximus' limb - Read More

Takara 10th Anniversary 'Movie The Best' Shockwave Packaging Revealed

Posted 3 days ago by D-Maximus_Prime - 22,282 views

Thanks to zairj2010 on Taobao, we have a pair of new images for the upcoming Takara 'Movie the Best' Shockwave, the redeco of Shockwave from Dark of the Moon that is celebrating some of the best figures made during the 10 years of the live-action film franchise! Shockwave's packaging draws inspiration from the 3rd film, as the packaging features Sentinel Prime and the Driller, as well as a Revenge of the Fallen and Age of Extinction era Bumblebee alongside his own close-up on the front. - Read More

New Transformers: Rescue Bots Flip Changers, Launchers and Epic Figures Listings

Posted 3 days ago by Va'al - 13,093 views

We have some news concerning new Transformers Rescue Bots figures, courtesy of online retailer Entertainment Earth, via site staff ScottyP and Seibertron himself. The listings show the first wave of the Flip Racers line, the Launchers from the same, and the fourth wave of Epic Figures (much like the static Titans of a couple of years back). Characters include Bumblebee, Boulder, Salvage, Quickshadow, and Blades, and are scheduled to arrive in February. Check them out below! Transformers - Read More

View the rest of our exciting Transformers news here!

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #164 - Getaway Was Right
Twincast / Podcast #164:
"Getaway Was Right"
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Posted: Saturday, January 21st, 2017
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