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Twincast / Podcast #113

Twincast / Podcast #113

Signal To Noise - Spoilers Abound! This episode contains spoilers for all of the following: Episodes 1 and 2 of the new Robots in Disguise cartoon, Transformers #39, and More Than Meets The Eye #s 1-39. This is your one and only warning. Then, we have a very special treat for our listeners – an interview with none other than James Roberts of More Than Meets The Eye fame. Next, we return to our traditional comfort zone: upcoming Transformers toys: simplified Cyber Series sub-line that took us all by surprise, Platinum Edition Blitzwing and Astrotrain, and the Coneheads "Seeker Squadron" set. We wrap up with another segment of bragging rights!
New Galleries: Takara Tomy Transformers Legends Arcee, Windblade and Chromia

New Galleries: Takara Tomy Transformers Legends Arcee, Windblade and Chromia

Female Autobots - is proud to bring you some great new galleries featuring the highly anticipated Takara Tomy Transformers Legends LG-10 Arcee, LG-11 Chromia, and LG-12 Windblade! What's most likely the focal point of the trio is the incredibly G1 faithful take on the recent Generations Arcee mold, followed by the more accurate and intricately painted IDW fan made sweetheart Windblade, and finally the heavily retooled Chromia. There are some pretty big differences between these Takara Tomy ladies and their Hasbro counterparts, which also sport some fun mini-comics as well. You can see everything here!
New Galleries: Legends Class Nemesis Prime with Spinister and Cliffjumper with Suppressor

New Galleries: Legends Class Nemesis Prime with Spinister and Cliffjumper with Suppressor

Legends - Even the smallest of Transformers can't escape the galleries of These newest subjects include Generations Legends Class Nemesis Prime with Spinister and Cliffjumper with Supressor. They are redecos of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee from the same line only with switched Target Master partners. Speaking of their Target Master partners, let's take a look at them. Spinister is a redeco of Blazemaster getting his name and deco from G1 Spinister while Supressor is a redeco of Roller.
New Galleries: Movie Advanced AEON Exclusive Wheeljack and AD17 Darkside Soundwave

New Galleries: Movie Advanced AEON Exclusive Wheeljack and AD17 Darkside Soundwave

Wheeljack and Darkside Soundwave - is proud to present our two newest Transformers galleries: Movie Advanced AEON Exclusive Wheeljack and AD17 Darkside Soundwave. Wheeljack sports a G1 deco and a brand new head that looks like a mix of his G1 self and...the Matrix?? Sadly, all of the accessories have been stripped and it's just the figure, but at least the fans will finally get the figure they were hoping for. Darkside Soundwave takes on a Soundblaster deco, and looks classy doing so. Again, still no accessories, but the figure rocks all on it's own. At first glance, it looks like Soundwave took a dip in a vat of ink, but the black does look good on him and the silver paint apps bring the rest of the look together to sweeten the deal.
New Gallery: Transformers Zone C-350 Rabbicrater with Zone OVA VHS

New Gallery: Transformers Zone C-350 Rabbicrater with Zone OVA VHS

VHS Micromaster - In 1990, the Transformers Zone OVA videocassette was released in Japan, collecting the entirety of the Victory sequel - consisting of just the one episode! The 'series' follows new Autobot leader Dai Atlas, and focused on the Micromasters, in their Planet Zone defense base. Among them, Rabbicrater, commander of Zone City's lunar base and pilot, the newest offering in the galleries!

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Leader Class Ultra Magnus Pre-Orders

Posted 8 hours ago by Va'al - 5,152 views

Multiple site sponsors have sent us news of their new pre-order for a highly sought after figure from the Generations Combiner Wars line (that does not fit in with other combiners) - Leader Class Ultra Magnus, in his IDW Enforcer guise, complete with Minimus Ambus minibot feature! Check out the links below for BBTS, The Chosen Prime and TFSource pre-order listings, and some in-package images for the figure. Big Bad Toy Store - Leader Ultra Magnus $46.99 TFSource - Leader - Read More

Combiner Wars Pack In Comics Sneak Peeks On

Posted 10 hours ago by Autobot032 - 4,316 views

Thanks to fellow staff member, ScottyP, who shared this link with us, we can now get a small taste of what's to come with the Combiner Wars comics that will be included with upcoming figures. To be specific, what will be packed in with two of the Wave 3 figures, Rook and Streetwise. Here's what ScottyP had to say: ScottyP wrote:The official Transformers site has posted two free "Combiner Wars" comics: ... ars/comics While these - Read More

Frank Welker to attend BotCon 2015

Posted 10 hours ago by mooncake623 - 2,659 views

Press released from Pete@Funpub. Frank Welker to attend BotCon 2015! PRESS RELEASE March 26, 2015 Frank Welker, legendary voice actor and original voice for MEGATRON, to appear at BotCon 2015 on June 19th and 20th. This will be Mr. Welker’s first ever convention appearance. Fort Worth, TX - Fun Publications, Inc., licensee for Hasbro’s official Transformers Collectors’ Convention BotCon, announced today that Frank Welker, one of the greatest voice actors of our generation, will - Read More

Twincast / Podcast Episode #113 "Signal to Noise" includes interview with James Roberts!

Posted 12 hours ago by ScottyP - 3,387 views

Welcome to the latest episode of the Twincast / Podcast. This episode features your always exceptional, sometimes sober host, ScottyP, the very metal xRotorstormx, dark horse Megatronus, and the ever winsome RodimusConvoy13. Oh, and this pretty popular author you may have heard of stops by: James Roberts! Sit back and enjoy as Va'al and Scotty P cut up, hang out, and wax philosophical with this very special guest. Episode #113 "Signal to Noise" is available directly - Read More

Hasbro Platinum Edition G1 Reissue Insecticons on

Posted 12 hours ago by Va'al - 4,820 views

Courtesy of fellow member AzT, we have confirmed listings for the Hasbro Platinum Edition Reissue Transformers G1 Insecticon set from for $79.99! We've already seen these show up at Toys'R'Us in Canada, but if anyone else in the North American area waited out on the prices, this may be the news piece for you. You can check them out below in some official photography, and compare them to the pictorial review here! The Insecticons are among the most devious of all - Read More

New Galleries: Million Publishing Generations Goshooter with Go Shuta

Posted 13 hours ago by Va'al - 4,248 views

Join us here at for first Japanese distribution of the Generations Nightbeat mold - in our newest gallery instalment! In the Japanese G1 series Masterforce, GoShooter was originally a Head Master, but in this iteration his human companion Shuta will be playing the part of a Minicon/Targetmaster borrowed from Generations Blazemaster, and the figure was the winner of a Million Publishing fan poll way way back. Click on any image below to view the full gallery! Transformers - Read More

Transformers Tiny Titans Blind-Bagged Wave 2 Sighted at US Retail

Posted 13 hours ago by Va'al - 4,221 views

Fellow Seibertronian and Twincaster ScottyP reports a new sighting of the second wave of Transformers Tiny Titans blind bags, from the Target in Raleigh, NC, at $2.49 a piece. As with recent blind bagged toys, there seems to be no system to determine what you'll get, but the full line-up, including RID and more, can be found here. If you come across these in your area, don't hesitate to use the Sightings section and local forums to help other - Read More

New Stock Images of Platinum Edition Blitzwing and Astrotrain

Posted 17 hours ago by mooncake623 - 7,226 views

Thanks to a new Hasbro Listing that can be found here, we get some more new pictures of the Platinum Edition Blitzwing and Astrotrain! These rather bizarre redecos of the two G1 triple changers due to be released soon, let us know what you think of them in our Energon forums here. Check out the image we've embedded below and remember keep your optics tuned to for the latest in news and updates! - Read More

Sneak Peek - IDW Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #39 iTunes Preview

Posted 19 hours ago by Va'al - 6,379 views

Fellow Seibertronian SW's SilverHammer has spotted a new iTunes 3 panel preview, courtesy of Mariel Romero of IDW Publishing, for Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #39. The issue features both the return of the DJD and the first officially official work by guest artist Hayato Sakamoto. Check it out below! RETURN OF THE D.J.D.! A punishment squad created by MEGATRON to hunt down dissidents, turncoats and cowards—no one believes more passionately in the DECEPTICON cause than the D.J.D. - Read More

Transformers: Rescue Bots Character High Tide Debut Promo

Posted 23 hours ago by Autobot032 - 5,746 views

Courtesy of fellow Seibertronian Sabrblade, we have our first glimpse of the newest addition to the Rescue Bots roster: High Tide Here's what Sabrblade had to share: Sabrblade wrote:Teaser video for newcomer High Tide... with most of the footage being from older episodes and the only new footage being of High Tide himself at the very end. High Tide will make his debut in the show in episode 68 (season 3 episode 16), "Turning the Tide".An old friend of Optimus arrives to train the Bots - Read More

Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-18B Blue Streak

Posted 1 day ago by Burn - 8,606 views

With the recent releases of Masterpiece Star Sabre and Exhaust, Takara Tomy have just unveiled another Masterpiece figure to wet our appetite and drain our wallets. Takara Tomy Mall (Google Translated Version) have just revealed what many of us expected when Masterpiece Prowl was revealed, that being, Masterpiece Blue Streak! Masterpiece Blue Streak has an expected release date of August 1 2015. Expect the pre-orders to start appearing - Read More

New Stock Images for Transformers Cyber Battalion Series

Posted 1 day ago by william-james88 - 9,144 views

We had previously reported on a new Transformers "cyber" line which featured simplified Transformers toys of G1 characters. These came in 11 and 7 inches (each had their own Bumblebee). The facebook page Cybergeek's alliance has new images featuring all 7 inch figures from this new Cyber Battalion line (which were initially from the Transformers Columbia facebook page). Below you will see images of Cyber Battalion 7 inch Megatron, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Optimus (first time we see him) and - Read More

New Galleries: Beast Hunters Titan Guardians Shockwave, Megatron, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime

Posted 1 day ago by LOST Cybertronian - 9,091 views presents the galleries that everybody wanted but just didn't know it yet. That's right, these highly anticipated galleries takes a thorough look at the figures which almost broke the internet with requests. We bring to you Beast Hunters Titan Guardians Shockwave, Megatron, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. These guys stand 6 inches tall with minimal articulation. Click on any of the images below to see the full galleries. You know you want to do it. Transformers Prime Beast Hunters - Read More

The Chosen Prime Sponsor Newsletter March 25, 2015

Posted 2 days ago by LOST Cybertronian - 8,215 views

Newsletter for the week of March 23rd, 2015. Don't know about The Chosen Prime? Check out our About Us Page and get to know who we are and where The Chosen Prime originated from. Need to know a release date or trying to budget your Transformers purchases? Check out the Latest Release Dates and Estimated Arrival Dates on our Events Calendar Latest Pre-Orders DX9Toys TYRANT & HURRICANE Planet X PX-05 Quirinus Million - Read More

In Box pictures of TAV Dreadwing and Bumblebee and Steeljaw 2 pack

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 10,283 views

While we already got in in box images of the TAV toys, the pictures were a bit crowded. Fellow Transformers fan Matt, sent us some pictures of some toys he picked up which give us a better look at the toys in packaging as well as the back of the packaging. One is a two pack of Bumblebee and Steeljaw (previously called Steeljoe according to google translate) and the other is Dreadwing which is a redeco of Beast Hunters - Read More

Mairghread Scott's Windblade #1 Giveaway Plus Emerald City Schedule

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 7,473 views

Mairghread Scott has just posted a new entry on her blog which details a contest to get a free signed copy of Wingblade #1. The blog entry, fully posted below, also gives us her signing schedule at Emerald City Comiccon this week-end. For those interested, you can check out a preview to Wingblade 1 right here. Hello Everyone! windblade 1Transformers Windblade #1 – Combiner Wars Part 1 is out this Wednesday, March 25th! This is Part 1 of Combiner Wars and immediately follows last - Read More

Details of IDW's planned activities at Emerald City Comicon

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 7,317 views

We've just recieved this press release from IDW Publishing, which details their presence at Emerald City Comicon this week-end (starting March 27th 2015). We highlighted the Transformers related activity which features Mairghread Scott, Andrew Griffith and Livio Ramondelli. IDW Takes Seattle! Where To Be At Emerald City Comicon San Diego, CA (March 25, 2015) – Attendants of Seattle’s renowned Emerald City Comicon are in for surprise announcements, exceptional signings and a weekend - Read More

Optimus Prime big rig video / blog from The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Posted 2 days ago by william-james88 - 5,834 views

We received the following press release regarding a "behind the scenes" feature of the Indianapolis Children's Museum. The Optimus Prime truck from TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction is at the museum through April 5, and since visitors can’t go inside the cab, we decided to show it off in this video: We also have a blog post with some additional interesting facts from Western Star/Daimler: - Read More

IDW Transformers: Combiner Wars Windblade #1 Review

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 9,230 views

We Caminus, We Sawinus, We.. (Spoiler free-ish) Synopsis THE WAR BEGINS! The first strike in COMBINER WARS is against WINDBLADE’S homeworld—and she’s not happy about it! Her long- lost CYBERTRONIAN colony is found… and the only thing that can protect it is SUPERION. And of course, Alpha Bravo Story Last week's Opening Salvo to Combiner Wars highlighted the major players and stages for the IDW event to take place, but it's with the first issue of a returning Windblade - Read More

Transformers: Legends Mobile Device Game Update - Battle of Brothers

Posted 2 days ago by Va'al - 6,574 views

Fellow member Starsaber468 has spotted a new update on the Transformers: Legends blog, detailing the new event for the mobile game, including some new planet-tastic artwork. Check it all out below, and feast your eyes on the cosmic brothers Primus and Unicron! TRANSFORMERS Legends - “Battle of the Brothers” has begun! The AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS are locked in fierce battle over an experimental space bridge designed by JETFIRE. GALVATRON, intent on using it to transport - Read More

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #113 - Signal To Noise
Twincast / Podcast #113:
"Signal To Noise"
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Posted: Tuesday, March 24th, 2015