Series: Generation 2
Faction: G2 Decepticon
Subgroup: Combaticons
Generation 2 Bolter gallery

Tech Specs

Takes an evil delight in grabbing Autobots from the ground, lifting them into the air and making them divulge top-secret information, then sends them crashing back down to Earth when finished! Flies 300mph with range of 1200 miles. Rotor blades create whirling winds powerful enough to lift trains off their tracks. Forms Bruticus with fellow Combaticons.

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Vortex always gives you a ride to remember- in your nightmares! He takes an evil, cackling delight in trapping Autobots inside him and taking them on a spinning, dizzying flight of death-defying aerial stunts. As the Combaticon interrogator, he finds it an extremely effective -and enjoyable- way of doing his job. Autobots are easy prey to his techniques: Vortex grabs them off the ground, lifts them in the air and attempts to coerce them into divulging secrets. When Vortex is finshed with the Autobots, he lets them plummet to the ground. A free ride from Vortex is definitely not worth the price
Abilities: In helicopter mode, Vortex can attain a speed of 300 mph. His range is 1200 miles. He can whirl his rotor blades fast enough to create wind funnels that spin at speeds of 200-300 mph, powerful enough to lift a locomotive off its rails. He can suspend himself in the air in almost any position, which allows him to direct these funnels anywhere he wants. in robot mode, he uses a semi-automatic glue gun. It shoots capsules of highly adhesive liquid that will cement anything it hits to anything its target touches. Vortex combines with his fellow Combaticons to form the giant robot "Bruticus."
Weaknesses: Although Vortex's wind funnel can be a devastating weapon, its use reduces his maneuverability and leaves him vulnerable to attack. It also subjects his rotor blades to extreme stress and possible metal fatigue and fracturing.
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