Series: G1 1988, Super God Masterforce
Faction: Autobot
Subgroups: Headmaster JuniorsHeadmastersTranstectors
G1 1988 Goshooter Siren gallery

Tech Specs

Raised in the deafening Sonic Canyons of southern Cybertron. Loud, somewhat overbearing. Screams orders at his Autobot subordinates. Dominates any conversation because he's louder than everyone else. Binary-bonded to the Nebulan, Quig, a soft-spoken librarian who jumps whenever Siren starts bellowing. Armed with sawed-off CO2 shotgun that shoots bursts of high-impact frozen gas. Also armed with two armor-piercing, sonic-screamer pistols.

Total: 54
Transformers Tech Spec: Siren
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Siren comes from the Sonic Canyons of southern Cybertron, a region where the deafening sound of underground machinery wells up from below and loudly echoes among the canyon walls, causing a constant deluge of scrap metal to come tumbling down. Given this deafening, dangerous environment, he learned to be both loud of mouth and nimble of feet. He has the reputation of being overbearing, but much of that comes from his tendency to scream rather than talk, particularly to his Autobot subordinates who help him in emergency situations. He likes to think that he's at his best in these situations: a no-nonsense, take-charge Transformer whose decisiveness under pressure has saved the lives of many Autobots and humans. Actually, he often makes a problem worse by refusing to put aside his own narrow point of view and confronting the problem from a fresh prospective. He's very stubborn. He's also forthright and opinionated, and dominates any conversation if for no other reason than he's louder than everyone else. Quig was Librarian Master of Nebulos before he became a Headmaster. He oversaw the Optical Storage Archives, a repository of knowledge that is famous across half the galaxy. Realizing that the act of quiet study would become a thing of the past if the Decepticons were allowed to ravage his world, he volunteered to help the Autobots in their efforts to stop their age-old enemies. Unfortunately for him, after he was bio-engineered to have the ability to convert to a robotic head, he was paired with the bellowing Siren, whose every utterance makes the soft-spoken Nebulan jump. Acting as Siren's head module, Quig is influenced by Siren's latent thought patterns to talk much more loudly than he is comfortable with.
Abilities: Siren wields a sawed-off C02 shotgun, which shoots high-powered bursts of freezing carbon dioxide gas that can turn an opponent into a frosted statue on impact. He also is armed with two sonic scream pistols, which can shatter steel with their high-decibel output. These are mounted on his hood in car mode, in which he can achieve speeds of up to 480 miles per hour and has a range of 1000 miles.
Weaknesses: Siren has no notable weaknesses. Quig, however, must take frequent rests from acting as Siren's head module in order to give his sensitive ears a rest. Not surprisingly, he suffers from frequent headaches.
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Cartoon Appearances

Siren appeared in the following 32 cartoon episodes:

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