Chicago Cubs World Series 2016 8-Disc Collector's Edition Set from Shout! Factory


Series: G1 Commemorative Series, Transformers Collection
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Seekers

Tech Specs

The sound of his engines causes petrifying fear in those who hear him. He's a master at handling fear. Other DECEPTICONS put off by his mornful, silent ways. "He give mes the creeps," says DIRGE. He carries two concussion missiles. Needs to control a situation otherwise he, too, falls victim to fear - making him useless as a warrior!

Total: 55
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: The chilling rumble of Dirge's engines as they approach from a distance is merely a prelude to the petrifying fear they induce in whomever is unlucky enough to hear as they pass overhead. And fear is something with which Dirge is quite familiar. He knows its all-consuming power; he understands how it can defeat even the mightiest of armies. He handles it with the same exacting proficiency that a concert pianist handles his piano's keys. Even his fellow Decepticons are put off a bit by his mournful, silent manner. Ramjet sums up everyone's feelings: "He gives me the creeps."
Abilities: In jet mode, the sound from Dirge's engines has the uncanny effect of producing spinetingling (circuit-tingling, in the cases of other robots) fear in nearly everyone who hears it. Apparently, the engines emit a combination of frequencies that has a disorienting, fear-provoking effect on the nervous systems of all those within earshot. He also carries two air-to-air missiles and two automatic machine guns.
Weaknesses: In order to perform well as a warrior, Dirge needs to feel that he's in control of a situation. When things get out of hand, Dirge is prone to suffer from the very weapon he himself wields so effectively- fear. Dirge's usefulness evaporates under these conditions.
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