Red Hot

Series: G1 1989, Victory
Faction: Autobot
Subgroups: Micromaster Rescue PatrolMicromasters
G1 1989 Fire gallery

Tech Specs

Total: 53
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Of all the members of the Rescue Patrol, Red Hot enjoys battle the most. While his status as a member of the Rescue Patrol strictly forbids him from engaging in a fight, he does his best to, anyhow. He longs to be rebuilt as a warrior and to fight alongside the other Cybertrons. He believes that if he can prove himself as a member of the Rescue Squad his wish will be granted. He enjoys spending his free time entertaining the human, Jan, and hanging out with the rest of the Rescue Patrol.
Abilities: In vehicle mode, Red Hot becomes a small fire engine capable of spraying a variety of liquids from water, to soapy foam. In robot mode he has no major weapons except a small energy pistol. However, he can use his liquid cannon while in robot mode.
Weaknesses: Much to his dismay Red Hot was built for rescue, not for battle. He knows this and if he believes an enemy s too much for him he will either ask for help or retreat to safety.
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