Ultra Magnus

Series: G1 1986, Transformers: 2010
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Miscellaneous
G1 1986 Ultra Magnus gallery

Tech Specs

ULTRA MAGNUS is all soldier. Most comfortable when carrying out Optimus Prime's orders. Possesses magnificent fighting skills, courage, and a gift for battlefield improvisation. Uncomfortable in the mantle of leadership, but presents strong profile as a commander. Carries missile launchers capable of hitting a target 30 miles away. Resolute, fair, and courageous beyond reproach. Ever ready to sacrifice himself for the good of men and mission.

Total: 65
Transformers Tech Spec: Ultra Magnus
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Ultra Magnus is all soldier. He is most comfortable when he is carrying out Optimus Prime's orders- giving it all of his magnificent fighting skills, courage and gift for battlefield improvisation. And he is uncomfortable when the mantle of leadership is placed over his broad shoulders. He sees himself as a follower, not a commander, and is reluctant to assume authority until it is clear that he has no choice but to lead. And when he does finally lead, he is resolute, fair and courageous beyond reproach. He is ever-ready to sacrifice himself for the good of his companions and mission, and unstinting in his preparedness so that his "people" will be as protected as possible.
Abilities: Ultra Magnus carries missile launchers capable of hitting a target 30 miles away.
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Cartoon Appearances

Ultra Magnus appeared in the following 47 cartoon episodes:

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