Series: G1 1986, Transformers: 2010
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Predacons
G1 1986 Rampage gallery

Tech Specs

Barrels through life with an uncontrolled fury. Has difficulty talking coherently for more than a few seconds before violently lashing out at anything near him, friend or foe. TV calms hims...stares at rock music videos for hours. As tiger can leap 300 ft. in height, 500 ft. in length. A kick from his foreleg can crumble a cinder block wall. As robot, carries 60,000 volt lightning rifle, 5000 degree thermo-sword. Combines with fellow Predacons to form Predaking.

Total: 50
Transformers Tech Spec: RampageTransformers Tech Spec: RampageTransformers Tech Spec: Rampage
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Like an elemental force of nature, Rampage barrels through life with unabated, uncontrolled fury. He has difficulty talking coherently for more the a few seconds at a time before he reverts to his "normal" state, violently lashing out at anything or anyone nearby, even fellow Predacons. Wherever he goes, he leaves a trail of wreckage that's as clear-cut as a black line on white paper. Although feared by his comrades, he's appreciated even more so for the unequaled ferocity with which he fights. Strangely enough, the only thing that has any calming effect on this mechanical menace is television. The more mindless the program, the more Rampage is entranced. He's been known to stare for hours at rock music videos.
Abilities: In tiger mode, Rampage can leap to a height of 300 feet over a distance of 500 feet. He's incredibly strong- a kick from one of his forelegs can crumble a cinder block wall. He has four twin gun-ports, one mounted above each of his legs, and each capable of shooting 300 rounds of small-caliber ammunition per minute. In robot mode, he also uses a powerful lightning rifle, which shoots beams of 60,000-volt electricity. He also has a thermo-sword, which has a blade that heats up to 5000 degrees Centigrade, allowing it to cut through most metals like butter. He combines with his fellow Predacons to to Predaking.
Weaknesses: As a consequence of the punishment they take from his constant leaping, the springs and suspension system in Rampage's four legs often break down and require near-constant maintenance.
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