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War For Cybertron

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Reveal The Shield (Classics Universe)

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Transformers (2007)

Air Raid, Arcee, Arcee, Arcee (G1), Armorhide, Axe Attack Ratchet, Backtrack, Battle Damaged Arcee, Battle Damaged Bumblebee, Battle Damaged Optimus Prime, Battle Damaged Optimus Prime (Robot Replicas), Battle Jazz, Big Daddy, Black Arcee, Breakaway, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee (Concept Camaro), Bumblebee (Robot Replicas), Bumblebee (Unleashed), Camshaft, Cannon Blast Ironhide, Cliffjumper, Cliffjumper, Cliffjumper, Clocker, Cosmos, Crosshairs, Elita-One, Evac, Final Battle Jazz, Fire Blast Optimus Prime, First Strike Optimus Prime, Grindcore, High Score 100, Inferno, Ion Blast Jazz, Ironhide, Ironhide, Ironhide, Ironhide, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz (G1), Jazz (Robot Replicas), Jetfire, Jolt, Landmine, Landshark, Longarm, Longarm, Longview, Mikaela Banes, Night Beat 7, Nightwatch Optimus Prime, Nightwatch Optimus Prime, Offroad Ironhide, Optimash Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime (Freeway Brawl), Optimus Prime (Protoform), Optimus Prime (Robot Replicas), Optimus Prime (Unleashed), Plasma Punch Bumblebee, Power Hook Optimus Prime, Premium Bumblebee, Premium Ironhide, Premium Jazz, Premium Optimus Prime, Premium Ratchet (Best Buy), Prowl, Pulse Cannon Ironhide, Rally Rocket Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ratchet, Ratchet, Ratchet, Rescue Ratchet, Rescue Ratchet, Rescue Torch Ratchet, Robo-Vision Optimus Prime, Salvage, Sam Witwicky, Screen Battles: Capture of Bumblebee, Screen Battles: Final Stand, Signal Flare, Skyblast, Sonic Shock Smokescreen, Speed Dial 800, Spy Shot 6, Spychanger Optimus Prime, Stealth Bumblebee, Strongarm, Target Gift Card Optimus Prime, Ultimate Bumblebee, Warpath, Wingblade

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Air Raid, Airazor, Alliance Bumblebee, Arcee, Arcee, Arcee, Armorhide, Battle Blade Sideswipe, Battle Damaged Optimus Prime, Battlefield Bumblebee, Beachcomber, Beam Blast Ratchet, Black Optimus Prime, Blades, Blazemaster, Blowpipe, Bluesteel Sideswipe, Bolt Bumblebee, Brakedown, Brawn, Breakaway, Bumble Spud, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee (2 pack), Bumblebee (ROTF), Bumblebee (ROTF) vehicle, Bumblebee Plasma Cannon, Bumblebee Voice Mixer Helmet, Buster Optimus Prime (Jetpower 2-pack), Cannon Bumblebee, Cannon Force Ironhide, Chromia, Chromia, Chromia (ROTF), Cyber Pursuit Arcee, Defender Optimus Prime, Depthcharge, Desert Tracker Ratchet, Double Blade Optimus Prime, Dune Runner, Electro Whip Jolt, Enforcer Ironhide, Evac, Fireflight, Flareup, Gears, Grapple Grip Mudflap, Hoist, Ironhide, Ironhide, Ironhide (ROTF), Ironhide (ROTF) vehicle, Jetfire, Jetfire, Jetfire, Jetfire (Jetpower 2-pack), Jetfire (redeco), Jetpower Optimus Prime, Jetpower Optimus Prime, Jetpower Optimus Prime, Jetpower Optimus Prime (Jetpower 2-pack), Jetpower Optimus Prime (ROTF), Jolt, Jolt, Jolt (ROTF), Knock Out, Mikaela Banes, Mikaela Banes, Missile Blast Skids, Mudflap, Mudflap, Mudflap, Mudflap, Mudflap (Ice Cream Truck), Mudflap (ROTF), Mudflap (Shanghai Showdown), Mudflap (Straightaway Shootout), Mudflap (The Fury of Fearswoop), Night Blades Sideswipe, Nightbeat, Offroad Skids, Offroad Skids, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime (ROTF), Optimus Prime (ROTF) vehicle, Optimus Prime Limited Clear Color Edition, Photon Missile Jetfire, Power Armor Optimus Prime, Power Armor Optimus Prime, Pulse Blast Bumblebee, Rally Mudflap, Rally Mudflap, Ratchet, Ratchet, Ratchet, Ratchet (ROTF), Ratchet (ROTF) w/ gun, Recon Bumblebee, Rollbar, Sam Witwicky, Sam Witwicky, Sam Witwicky (ROTF), Sand Attack Bumblebee, Scattorshot, Sideswipe, Sideswipe, Sideswipe, Sideswipe, Sideswipe, Sideswipe, Sideswipe, Sideswipe (ROTF), Sideswipe (The Fury of Fearswoop), Silverbolt, Skids, Skids, Skids, Skids, Skids, Skids (Ice Cream Truck), Skids (ROTF), Skids (Shanghai Showdown), Skydive, Slap Dash, Smokescreen, Smokescreen, Spark Blast Jolt, Springer, Springer (ROTF), Stealth Bumblebee, Stealth Bumblebee, Stratosphere, Strike Mission Sideswipe, Superion, Swerve, Swerve, Tech Sergeant Robert Epps, Tuner Mudflap, Ultimate Bumblebee Battle Charged, Wheelie, Wheelie, Whirl, Wideload

Hunt For The Decepticons

Reveal The Shield (Movie Universe)

Dark of the Moon

Air Raid, Air Raid, Arcee, Arcee, Ark, Armor Topspin, Backfire, Backfire (Daredevil Squad), Battle Steel Optimus Prime, Bolt Bumblebee, Bumble Egg, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee (Daredevil Squad), Bumblebee (Scan Series), Bumblebee (Target), Bumblebee (Target), Bumblebee (Walmart), Bumblebee (Walmart), Bumblee (Battlefield), Buster Optimus Prime (Jetpower 2-pack), Cannon Force Ironhide, Carly, Catilla, Comettor, Cyberfire Bumblebee, Dark Sentinel Prime, Dino, Dualor, Eggtimus Prime, Elita-1, Fireburst Optimus Prime, Flak, Guzzle, Ironhide, Ironhide, Ironhide, Ironhide (Scan Series), Ironhide (Target), Jazz, Jetfire (Jetpower 2-pack), Jetpower Optimus Prime (Jetpower 2-pack), Jetwing Optimus Prime, Jetwing Optimus Prime (Black Version), Jolt, Leadfoot, Leadfoot, Leadfoot, Leadfoot (Target), Lunarfire Optimus Prime, Major Sparkplug, Major Tungsten, Mudflap, Mudflap, Neo Scanning Bumblebee, Nitro Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime (DOTM), Optimus Prime (In Space), Optimus Prime (Wal-Mart), Optimus Prime with Armored Weapon Platform, Optimus Prime with Energon Swords, Optimus Prime with Mechtech Trailer, Powerglide, Private Dedcliff, Ratchet, Ratchet, Ratchet, Ratchet (Scan Series), Ratchet with Lunar Crawler, Rav, Roadbuster, Roadbuster, Roadbuster, Rodimus, Roller, Sam Witwicky, Sam Witwicky (Daredevil Squad), Sandstorm, Sentinel Prime, Sentinel Prime, Sergeant Detour, Sergeant Noble, Sergeant Recon, Sideswipe, Sideswipe, Sideswipe, Sideswipe (Flash Freeze Assault), Sideswipe (Scan Series), Sideswipe (Walmart), Skids, Skids, Skids, Skyhammer, Specialist Ratchet, Spike Witwicky, Stealth Bumblebee, Steeljaw, Striker Optimus Prime, Tailpipe, Tech Sergeant Robert Epps, Thunderhead, Topspin, Track Battle Roadbuster, Triceradon, Ultimate Optimus Prime, Wheeljack, Whirl

Movie Trilogy Series

Transformers Universal Studios

Age of Extinction

Age of Extinction: Generations

Age of Extinction: Construct-Bots

Age of Extinction: Robots In Disguise

Takara Tomy: Movie Advanced

Transformers Animated

Power Core Combiners

Reveal The Shield

Transformers Prime

Transformers Prime: First Edition

Transformers Prime: Cyberverse

Transformers Prime: Robots In Disguise

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse

Beast Hunters Construct-Bots

Transformers: Robots In Disguise

Clash of the Transformers

Transformers Rescue Bots

Axel Frazier, Axel Frazier & Microcopter, Blades the Copter-bot, Blades the Flight-Bot, Blades the Flight-Bot, Blades the Flight-Bot, Blades the Flight-Bot & Dani Burns, Blades the Flight-Bot (Small), Blurr, Blurr, Blurr, Bots and Robbers Playset, Boulder the Construction-Bot, Boulder the Construction-Bot, Boulder the Construction-Bot, Boulder the Construction-Bot (Small), Bumblebee, Bumblebee & MorBot, Bumblebee & Scrapmaster, Bumblebee (Black), Bumblebee (Bumblebee Rescue Garage), Bumblebee (Rescan), Bumblebee (Small), Bumblebee Rescue Garage, Capture Claw Chase, Chase the Police-Bot, Chase the Police-Bot, Chase the Police-Bot, Chase the Police-Bot (Bots and Robbers Playset), Chase the Police-Bot (Small), Chief Charlie Burns & Rescue Cutter, Chief Charlie Burns (Station Playset), Cody Burns, Cody Burns & Rescue Axe, Cody Burns & Rescue Hose, Cody Burns (Electronic Heatwave the Fire-Bot Set), Cody Burns (Fire Station Prime), Cody Burns (Hoverboard), Cody Burns (Rescue Bots Mobile Headquarters), Dani Burns, Deep Water Rescue High Tide, Drake the Dragon-Bot, Elite Rescue Heatwave, Epic Optimus Prime, Fire Station Prime, Griffin Rock Garage, Griffin Rock Police Station, Heatwave the Fire-Bot, Heatwave the Fire-Bot, Heatwave the Fire-Bot, Heatwave the Fire-Bot, Heatwave the Fire-Bot & Cody Burns, Heatwave the Fire-Bot (Ambulance), Heatwave the Fire-Bot (Fire Station Prime), Heatwave the Fire-Bot (Rescan), High Tide, High Tide, High Tide, High Tide, Hoist, Hook and Ladder Heatwave, Jack Tracker & Jet Pack, Jack Tracker (Electronic Chase the Police-Bot Set), Kade Burns (Garage Playset), Medix, Medix the Doc-Bot, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime (Rescue Bots Mobile Headquarters), Optimus Prime (Small), Optimus Prime (Tow Truck), Quickshadow, Racer Bumblebee, Rescan Boulder the Construction-Bot, Rescan Bumblebee, Rescan Chase the Police-Bot, Rescan Heatwave the Fire-Bot, Rescan Hoist, Rescan Optimus Prime, Rescan Salvage, Rescue Bots Mobile Headquarters, Rescue Dog, Salvage, Salvage, Sawyer Storm & Rescue Winch, Servo, Shark Sub Capture, Sideswipe, Silver Force Bumblebee, Silver Force Optimus Prime, Silver Force Optimus Prime & Bumblebee, Tunnel Rescue Drill, Walker Cleveland & Jackhammer, Walker Cleveland & Rescue Saw

Rescue Bots Energize

Rescue Bots Roar and Rescue

Mr. Potato Head

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #145 - May Mayhem
Twincast / Podcast #145:
"May Mayhem"
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Posted: Thursday, May 26th, 2016