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A question about one of my childhood toys

Feel free to discuss anything about any of the thousands of Transformer toys here. Anything from Generation 1 all the way to the soon to be released, the never to be released or the hope to be released is fair game! Want to show off your stuff? Please post your's and see others in the Transformers Collections Forum.

Re: A question about one of my childhood toys

Postby Megs for pres » Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:33 am

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mbd88prime wrote:ill answer with an analogy. I've got a 2004 ram 1500 5.7 hemi. Ive always wanted a truck like this. I have it paid off and have been promoted to a job that makes more money since i got it. This truck is the first vehicle i've bought with my own money.

there is now a new ram with updated features and a hemi engine that has more base horsepower. The dealership keeps telling me i ought to trade it in and my friends all think the new hemi is awesome, which it is, but they just keep pointing it out. my truck has almost 150,000 on it. ive got more money now and i could get the new one but....

I will NEVER replace this truck. Why? because of the sentimental value of it. The memories, the thrill of owning and upgrading it myself (to have as much or more horsepower than the new hemi), and to have something that you just know is yours and not just the new best thing is something that I think people don't really consider much these days. I will always have this truck because to lose it or get rid of it means to lose, literally, the parts of my life that have been devoted to paying for it and enjoying it.

the same applies here. I also have MANY transformers that my parents bought me when i was young. While they may be used and abused from play I look at them and its just so nice to have a cool transformer that has so many memories attached to it. no other transformer in the world can be the same, a new version would be an empty shell.

If your transformer is beat up or missing parts than get the parts! think of it as helping an old friend that's been with you since you were a kid get back up on his feet!

Just sayin....... haha

I love this! Great analogy and your 100% correct IMO.
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Re: A question about one of my childhood toys

Postby Flux Convoy » Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:24 am

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Honestly, unless you're lucky, Scamper's gun will cost you more than it is worth. I pieced together a Metroplex a few years back. He was in great shape too. However, the investment felt like wasted effort and money once the reissue hit. I've since sold the vintage one and kept the Encore. I have no regrets whatsoever.
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