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Animated, Classics, HA Basics, Generations, Movieverse, PCC For Sale

Postby Mykltron » Mon May 13, 2013 12:12 pm

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I'm in the UK but I can post worldwide if the extra cost is covered.

- All Transformers come with instructions (except legends Bumblebee).
- All Transformers come with all their original accessories, if they had any.
- All Transformers come with the cardboard backing from the package (small figures) or the outside of the box (larger figures), except Bumblebee.
- All Transformers are in mint condition, except Devastator who, due to a manufacturing problem, had to have some adjustments made.

Prices include shipping and are competitive with ebay prices. You can try making an offer but there's no guarantee I'll accept lower than the prices stated.

Pics are available on request but I'll need a private email to send them to.

The list:

Blitzwing: voyager from the cartoon Transformers: Animated. Transforms from Jet to Tank to Robot. Has three faces.

Brakedown: Scout, transforms from white car to robot.

Bumblebee: legends figure from the 2007 film. No package or instructions available.

Chopsaw: scout chopper motorbike to robot.

Devastator: five construction vehicles that transform into robots also combine to form a giant robot from the cartoon Transformers Armada. Includes weapons and energon stars, used for power boosts in the cartoon.
- Due to a design fault some plastic had to be trimmed away around Scavenger's shoulders to allow transformation to steam shovel. It's almost invisible.
- Grey parts on some robots have been hand painted silver (with a VERY hard-wearing paint) to look more like the box photos (Hasbro don't put as much paint on the toys as they show in the box photos to save money).
- One purple hand for the combined robot has had his two fingers separated by saw to allow more pose-ability.

Hailstorm: deluxe rocket launcher tank to robot. Missiles have been shortened so he takes up less space in robot mode. They still fire. Instructions not available.

Heavy Load: voyager from the cartoon Transformers Cybertron, repainted and released as Classics. Transforms from Cement Mixer to Robot. Comes with Minicon partner Drillbit, who transforms from Drill to Robot. Also includes Cyberkey to unlock the weapon.

Icepick: HA Basic jet ski to robot. Includes human partner. Can be used as a chainsaw weapon by larger figures (see pic Icepick 3). Has numerous 3mm C-clip ports - compatible with Lego.

Lockdown: deluxe brown spiky car to robot. Spikes are made of rubber.

Prowl: deluxe from the cartoon Transformers: Animated. Transforms from Motorbike to Robot.

Searchlight: PCC scout helicopter to robot. Includes minicon 'Backwind', who transforms from light attachment to gun to robot.

Sledge: PCC scout digger/rock cutter to robot. Includes minion 'Throttler', who transforms from drill to robot.

Starscream: voyager from the cartoon Transformers: Animated. Transforms from Jet to Robot.

Tailpipe and Pinpointer: HA Basic Tailpipe transforms from motorbike to robot while Pinpointer transforms from weapon to robot. Includes human partner. Pinpointer can also be used as a weapon by larger figures. Has numerous 3mm C-clip ports - compatible with Lego.

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