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Auditions for Headmasters Ep.8 "Six Shades of Terror"

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Auditions for Headmasters Ep.8 "Six Shades of Terror"

Postby Hot_Rod 2.0 » Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:00 pm

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Prime Productions is proud to open up auditions for characters in a new Transformers Headmasters episode that is being dubbed outside of Asia for the very first time! With these auditions, you will have the opportunity to bring to life new characters with your voice becoming the identifying voice for that character to English speaking audiences. Our goal with this series is to give fans the season 4 that they never got in the original generation of Transformers, and maintane a high quality production. For an example about the prodcution, please watch the promotional video below...

The Transformers: Headmasters Trailer (Extended Version) - YouTube

Characters for this audition can be seen in the trailer above at given times. I will write the times that they appear within their audition descriptions below.
This is a long term production. All candidates should expect to fulfill a long term commitment to their characters and remain in contact for future episodes that are produced as much as years down the road. Microphone quality will play a factor in casting. Please be aware of your recording technique and your room's surroundings while recording your auditions for best results. We may also request alternate takes in a close audition and to test your commitment to the role. All auditions will be determined after the deadline by 3 of our production crew, myself being one of the 3.

Of all characters in this audition, Rail Racer is the biggest recurring role and plays a significant part through out the series. He is also a very prominent character with a good number of lines in the current episode we are producing. Soundblaster is the only established voice to an English speaking audience. The other 3 characters are new to the English language and you have the opportunity to give them an original voice that will become the established voice to English speaking audiences.

Details for your auditions are below at the completion of this post. The deadline for all auditions is June 30th, at 11:59 PST. The episode is already in mid production and has been recorded by the rest of the cast. If you are chosen, you will receive your lines as soon as the role has been confirmed.

And now for the auditions!




BIO - The Decepticon formerly known as Soundwave. Restored to a fully functioning state by the loyalty of his minions and the cunning of Zarak using the arcane science of an alien world, Soundwave takes a new name to reflect his new lease on life. No longer content to simply manage electronic communications for the Decepticons, he actively leads espionage missions against the Autobots and charges into battle, using devastating sonic attacks to disable and disorient his enemies, so that his minions can finish them off. So cold and calculating, Soundblaster appears to be immune from his emotions, as if he truly had any to begin with.

Appearance Times seen in Trailer Video: 3:06, 3:31, 3:51

Voice type: Deep and Gravely. Sounds like Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget. Voice will be vocoded like Soundwave.
Voice range: Male. Low, Deep
VOICE EXAMPLE: the link to listen)

LINE 1: "Lord Galvatron: Alert!.. Autobots approaching. Force: Excessive. Attack: Imminent. Calculated solution: Scramble Combaticons!"
LINE 2: "Challenge: Irrelevant. Threat: Minimal. ..Inquiry: Do you wish to die so soon?!"
LINE 3: "Rumble, Frenzy... Ravage, Ratbat: Eject. Operation: Tidal wave. Goal: Eliminate resistance."




BIO - Blaze is the strongest of all the Railbots and he is extremely proud of this fact. He's got the punch, and he can really bring on the heat, literally... This sometimes puts him at odds with his cold-loving teammate Railspike, especially since they have to physically link together when they form Raiden. At times he can be short tempered and hot headed, but his team commander, Rail Racer, wouldn't have it any other way. Rail Racer views his brashness as an asset and often looks to Blaze as the team's enforcer. Blaze is always quick to defend the Railbot's honor when questioned or challenged. This will sometimes put him at odds with other Autobots who just don't seem to understand his sense of pride. Some are envious of his physical strength and think that he's just a little bit cocky. However this does not at all phase Rodimus Prime who understands Blaze's instincts to protect his closest allies, especially when it comes to their common young friend, Daniel.

Time Appeared in Trailer video: 4:15

Voice Type: Powerful, Feisty, Brash
Voice Range: Male. Medium Low, Low

LINE 1: (Angry) When it comes to power you can't beat me!"
LINE 2: "Hang with us Daniel... as long as Raiden is watching over you, there‘s nothing to fear."
LINE 3: (Sarcastic, Irritated) You think you're real cool, don't you? Yeah... you're so cool that you can't take the heat!




BIO - Rail Racer is the commander and leader of the Railbots', and the elder brother to Railspike. He's among the fastest of the team, especially when he's linked to Railspike in train mode. Unfortunately, due to his inexperience and relative youth compared to other unit commanders, he is also occasionally brash and irresponsible in his duties as leader of the team. This however, is more than compensated for with his uncommonly good sense during pivotal moments, which is why Optimus Prime believed enough in his potential to assign him as commander of the team.

Appearance times in trailer - 3:08. 3:55

Voice Type: Leader
Voice range: Male. Medium to Low.

LINE 1: "Railbots, transform and unite to form Raiden!"
LINE 2: "Just relax, Daniel. You’re backed by six Railbots, and don’t ever forget it."
LINE 3: (Cheerful and Amused) "Better keep these with you; souvenirs are only good if they make it home."
LINE 4: (Frustrated) "None of them are objective and that could cost lives in collateral damage!"




BIO - Raiden is the combined form of all six Railbots. The main function of the Railbots is transport, but when an obstruction arises that prevents them from delivering their passengers, they won't hesitate to combine into the mighty Raiden to clear the tracks. No obstacle is too big for Raiden's uncanny strength and firepower and he's not afraid to use it in order to get to his destination on time. No one will ever question his punctuality, nor could they deny his intelligence when compared to older combiners. Raiden is a surprisingly articulate combiner. It's obvious that he's the most recently constructed combiner as he has a very stable personality, and trades speed and maneuverability to brute strength and resilience. He's easy to knock down, but easy to reassemble, and the fact that his vehicle mode is faster and more fuel efficient than Omega Supreme makes him a full blown asset. These abilities are made possible from his highly advanced engineering utilizing the latest hi-tech components built in Japan via scientific break throughs, spear-headed by renowned scientist Dr. Fujiyama. Not only is Raiden the newest combiner, but he is also the most ambitious. He maintains an active rivalry with Devastator and plans on defeating the Decepticon giant Predaking next.

Appearance Times in Trailer - 3:07, 4:01, 4:05, 4:18

Voice Type: Bold, Strong,
Voice Range: Medium to Deep

LINE 1: "That's as far as you go!"
LINE 2: "What are you waiting for?! Just shoot him!"
LINE 3: (Strained. Under duress as he gets shot.) *Gasps* "Ugh! System's integrity... compromised. Must maintain.. transformation..."



-Please record lines in mp3 or wave format, in high quality.
-Please email all auditions to [email=""][/email]
-As mentioned, the deadline for all auditions is June 30th 11:59 PST
-Aslo previously mentioned, Rail Racer is the largest role.
-With the exception to Soundblaster because he's a known voice, we are most looking for overall ability and proper line reads more than a particular voice type.

Good luck guys, and thank you for your interest!

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to ask! We always try to accomidate our actors when ever possible!


UnionPacific7004 - Blaze, Rail Racer, Raiden
Star Cracker - Soundblaster
Adam White - Blaze, Raiden, Rail Racer
Torry Clark - Rail Racer, Soundblaster, Blaze, Hardhead
Eggplant Wizard - Rail Racer, Sounblaster, Blaze
chefspiral - Blaze - Raiden
Pokejedservo - Blaze, Raiden, Rail Racer, Soundblaster
skeletonking1234 - Soundblaster
Hartcore3x - Blaze
Soundwave SG-1- Soundblaster
Dan Delarosa - Blaze, Railer
Joe Newman Jr. - Blaze, Raiden, Rail Racer
Stuart Harris - Raiden, Rail Racer, Soundblaster
Talesofalliance - Blaze, Rail Racer, Raiden
Chris Mills - Blaze, Raiden, Rail Racer, Soundblaster
Daglot Alta - Soundblaster
ExiaBlade - Rail Racer, Blaze
Robert Haynes - Blaze, Raiden
Kenneth Love - Rail Racer
Matt Lehmann - Blaze, Raiden, Rail Racer, Soundblaster
Connor Silva - Soudblaster
Matthew Otto - Blaze, Raiden, Rail Racer, Soundblaster
AnimeTailz - Soundblaster, Blaze
Skullgrin140 - Blaze, Raiden, Rail Racer, Hardhead
Shockdingo - Blaze
David Edwards - Blaze, Raiden, Rail Racer, Soundblaster
Jon H - Raiden, Soundblaster
Matthew Alexander - Raiden
Krem - Blaze, Raiden, Rail Racer, Soundblaster
mbader - Soundblaster, Hardhead
Brian Neal - Blaze, Raiden, Rail Racer, Soundblaster
David John - Blaze, Raiden, Rail Racer, Soundblaster
Jason Beaumont - Blaze, Rail Racer
Adrian - Soundblaster
Joseph Thao - Blaze
Fairfieldfencer - Blaze, Raiden, Rail Racer
Chris Petree - Blaze, Raiden, Rail Racer, Soundblaster
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