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Batman Arkham Origins Series 3 - 3 & 4 Packs .

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Batman Arkham Origins Series 3 - 3 & 4 Packs .

Postby Genocide G2.0 » Sat Mar 01, 2014 8:02 pm

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This is one of my favorite lines ever , for a computer game franchise DCD have not disappointed in delivering a huge! cast of characters . I just ordered series 2 which looks quality in terms of sculpt as always , should have them next week i can't wait .

What i was slow to find out about is that series 3 is a 3 pack including Red Hood , Copperhead and a Deathstroke Varient , Due August , Price only £45.99 imo that is cheap .


Also a 4 pack , Due August . £49.99 again very cheap , Excellent for those who missed out or just starting as these figures will rack up a much bigger bill buying them separate .

Looks to be some slight re-painting mainly noticeable on Harley it's a much lighter paint scheme this time round similar to the recent Arkham city Harley 2 pack .

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