Blue Sky Male Eagle Report

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Blue Sky Male Eagle Report

Postby BigDaddy776 » Tue Jan 30, 2007 4:36 pm

Finally, after a month in transit, I just received my two "Blue Sky Male Eagles" (read: RM Starscream knockoffs). If you're looking for a masterpiece of TF plastic engineering, you're going to be sadly disappointed (you think?), but if you just want passable versions of Thundercracker and Skywarp to round out your RM Seeker squad, these'll do the job. Plastic is a bit brittle, but not as bad as most of the Big Lots KOs. Neither one has the bi-colored torsos of the originals, and as for metal parts--HA!. Watch the arms--they'll pop out in robot mode (but are easily replaced). In jet mode, there is a distinct problem with fit--parts are slightly missmatched and can use a touch of the emery board and xacto to improve them (tonight's project). This makes them a bit harder to keep the the form clean and smooth. For all of that, they stand reasonably well, with only a bit of rocking on the feet. Decal wise--forget about it. Decorated in decals resembling something from the Chinese Air Force, you'll want to dump these and get some Decepticon stickers from Reprolabels--and you'll need one to cover the mold scar on the nosecone. All in all, worth the 8 bucks I paid for them, but not much more.
Pictures to follow later tonight.
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