Cheap Gundams For Sale

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Cheap Gundams For Sale

Postby UFO » Fri Apr 27, 2007 11:13 am


Please See Pictures Before Buying
(Parenthesis Itentify Them By Picture)
No instructions or packages on any of them.
At Least 95% Complete Items:
Burning Gundam 7 inch Figure - $6 (pics 13-14)
Char's Z'Gok Lv 3 Model Kit Assembled Figure - $5 (pics 1-2)
Battle Scarred Zeong Figure - $5 (pics 11-12)
SD Golden Burning Gundam Figure - $3 (pics 21-22)
SD Fullburnerer Gundam Figure - $3 (pics 23-24)
SD Destroyer Dom Figure - $4 (pics 33-34)
Viking Gundam Figure - $4 (pics 41-42)
Toy Red Motorcycle made by Tonka - $2 (pics 9-10)
Bike Thing From a DBZ Set - $2 (pics 43-44)

Incomplete or Broken:
Dom II Lv 3 Model Kit Assembled Figure -$3 (pics 3-4)
Master Gundam 7 inch Figure - $4 (pics 5-6)
Cobra Gundam Figure - $5 (pics 7-8)
Mandala Gundam Figure - $4 (pics 17-18)
Battle Scarred Rose Gundam Figure - $3 (pics 15-16)
The Blue Robot with Rose Gundam's Head Figure (see pics 25-26) - $2
Blue Close Combat MS Lv 3 Model Kit Assembled Figure (see pics 27-28) - $2
Wing Zero Custom Figure - $2 (pics 29-30)
Tan Gundam Figure (see pics 31-32) - $2
Shadow Gundam and General Grevious Figures - $3 (pics 35-36)
SD Zako Figure - $3 (pics 37-38)
Blue Zaku Figure - $3 (pics 39-40)
Random Parts Lot - $3 (pics 45-46)
Battle Scarred Deatscythe Custom Gundam Figure - $2 (pics 47-48)

Buy Everthing for $60 + Shipping. Save $15.


I take Money Orders only!
If you are feeling brave, you can send cash.
Shipping is $5 for each item wordwide.
You send the money first.
Once I recieve it, then I'll send off the item.
Items come from a smoke free home.
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