Cloud Atlas discussion...also Megatron

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Cloud Atlas discussion...also Megatron

Postby YRQRM0 » Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:45 am

If you haven't seen Cloud Atlas yet, go see it, it's brilliant. At the very least, it's incredibly unique. Also, if you haven't seen it, stop reading this, for there will be spoilers ahead.

Before I mention the details of the movie, I must first mention the obvious. Surely nobody on this site was not distracted by Hugo Weaving's character in the distopian future, in which he used the exact same voice that he used as Megatron. Highly distracting during those scenes, but not a genuine complaint on his part or anything.

Okay, so on to the actual movie. I loved it. It's amazing that at that running time, it so rarely was slow. It was easy to keep up with all the stories, when it should've been impossible. The way everything flowed, out of order, was terrific. I especially loved the futures, where we see the typically imagined flying-car future, but then way after we see a time where things seem both more advanced and more primitive, a setting I think humans will reach at some point in the distant future. I also loved the way you saw a religion created, too.

A few complaints/questions:

I wish the distopian future featured different accents. For one, it was hard to understand. Also, I know it will come off as ridiculous to a lot of people. I guess they were trying to convey how maybe there’ll be a point in the future, where humans might not be intelligent on the level we consider to be intelligent, or something along those lines? I don’t know how to explain it, but I get why they did it. Still..

The 70′s story felt just a little bit empty to me, at least under-developed. As did the abolitionist element of the other story. There should’ve been a little part where it showed that Luisa and the abolitionist guy had greatly contributed to their goals, like Somni did.

Question: So, most of the stories seem to have close connections. In order, how does the abolitionist story connect to the music composer story? The music composer story features the thing with the letters, and the lover of the guy who committed suicide meeting Luisa, I get that. And then, how does the 70's Luisa story connect to the 2012 Timothy story? I know Timothy's life gets made into a film, which impacts Somni's being freed, which of course her movement is a huge part of the far future.

I'm a little unclear of what's happening in the far future as well. The tribe lives under a religion where Somni is a god, and the Megatron devil basically plays the role of the Christian devil, interfering and tempting in people's lives. Then you've got the hunter cannibals, that are not all-to-important. But then, what is the purpose of Halle Berry's people, and her coming to that tribe? Is she trying to figure out where that place is that Somni recorded her message, is that the place with the satellite is? And to find it she has to convince villager Tom Hanks to take her, but he believes that's like a place of the devil? I don't see how her advanced people couldn't just find it on their own. I also don't know what the purpose of that satellite was...had Somni's message never have been sent before then? Why did the people who captured Somni not destroy that whole place?

Anyways, what did y'all think of the movie?
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Re: Cloud Atlas discussion...also Megatron

Postby Rodimus Prime » Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:03 am

The previews looked like a clusterf**k. An intriguing clusterf**k. I might go see it next week. I want to see Fun Size 1st.
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