DOTM Ultimate Optimus Prime

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DOTM Ultimate Optimus Prime

Postby Autobot032 » Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:54 pm

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We'll start off with the combined form, since that's how he's packaged.


MASSIVE. (No, seriously, he's ginormous.)

LOOKS fantastic. (Looks. Not so sure that he really is.)

Ankles that move. (Provides stability, which is required.)

Gun/helmet is awesome. (Has Peter Cullen's voice, several different blasting noises using different buttons.)


Aside from the arms and head, there is no, and I mean NO articulation. (Pretty looking brick? CHECK. I mean, this is bricktastic.)

Heavy. (Seriously, this guy weighs quite a dang bit.)

Wings will pop off if you look at them funny. (They pop off if you breathe hard.)

Some neat features, definitely looks imposing, the weapon is really neat, and he's just chock full of Mechtech ports. Ho. Lee. Crap. The weight and lack or articulation definitely knock it down a few pegs. Still, the combined form has enough cool factor to keep it from being a total loss.



Simplistic and easy to master. (Kids will be able to learn this with a bit of patience.)

Everything fits well, and holds firmly. (Considering all the tabs and slots, that's pretty impressive.)


Too simplistic. (Kids will be able to master it, adults will cringe at the lack of oomph in the design.)

Due to the bulk, handling him during transformation can be a pain. (So much is going on at the same time, while dealing with the weight.)

The tabs and slots that hold together, are somewhat of a pain to line up and it's ridiculous the first time. (Especially when forming the roof and sides of the trailer. Grr...)

Overall: The cab's transformation is easy, a little too easy, and there's really nothing to the trailer aside from lining up some tabs and slots, but it can be aggravating. Kids will get it with some help, adults will groan at the simplicity once it's all figured out.

Vehicle mode:


The trailer looks fantastic. (It really does, plenty of detailing, they spared no expense.)

The trailer looks good with Leader Optimus. (Though the connection isn't secure, but for display? Oh yeah.)


The cab is pathetically small, too small for the trailer and it looks a little ridiculous, to be honest. (Plus the Mechtech ports on the cab look awful.)


Pretty for display, with the Leader, as is not so much.

Final verdict:

A mixed bag, honestly. The super mode has some level of coolness, but not quite enough to win me over, the trailer looks nice with the Leader in vehicle mode, and the transformation is just awkward. I'm not sure it's a keeper. I'll give it a bit more time, but I'm just not sure.

I'd say clearance would definitely be the best option for this guy. I mean, $65.00 ain't terrible for the size, but it definitely could do a LOT more.

There have been some comparisons to Armada Superbase Optimus and I have to say that Armada Optimus is the better choice of the two.

A.O. has a base mode that's interactive, an auto-transformation that's impressive, plus he can combine with other figures.

DOTM O. has a trailer that transforms, a giant gun, and well...that's about it.
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Re: DOTM Ultimate Optimus Prime

Postby Cyberseven » Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:11 am

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I agree with all of your pros and cons of Ultimate Optimus Prime.

He is not very pose able at all, and his alt mode is a little out of proportion like you said.

My overall opinion, is that Ultimate Optimus is a great display piece, for his sheer size and wingspan, and his fricken gun is huge, but is not all that when it comes to complexity and intricacy in transformation, and or pose ability

If you are looking to have the biggest and latest DOTM figure in your collection, he is a must, but if you're looking for more interactive fun in your transformers, spend you're 70-80 dollars on a bundle of voyager figures.

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Re: DOTM Ultimate Optimus Prime

Postby Skywarp64 » Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:09 pm

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Good thing I kept the receipt. :P
PLEASE contact me if you have any of the following, or know where I can find them:
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[*]Powermaster Optimus Prime's Supermode Head
[*]Powermaster Optimus Prime's "Super Smokestacks", or whatever those big grey guns on his Supermode shoulders are called
[*]G1 Optimus Prime's left arm, preferably with the long smokestack

Thank you.

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Re: DOTM Ultimate Optimus Prime

Postby Dogma » Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:39 pm

I love it as a display piece.

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