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Canon Autobot character profiles are listed here.

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Postby Smokescreen85 » Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:36 pm

Motto: "Transform and smoke 'em!"
Weapon: Twin Shoulder-Mounted Rocket Launchers
Name: Doublecross
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Supply Procurer
Alt. mode: Winged Two-headed Dragon
Weapons: 2 fusion-generated flamethrowers in mouths, rust-ray rifle
Special Abilities: Fuel efficient
Height: 33ft / 10.05m
Quote: “Decepticon destruction is my favorite sport…and mine, too."

Strength: 4
Intelligence: 6
Dexterity: 6
Speed: 2
Endurance: 8
Courage: 9
Firepower: 6
Accuracy: 6
Melee: 7
Tech Skill: 7
Charisma: 2
Rank: 6

Profile: Although Doublecross has above-average skills at his actual job, no one seems to realize that he is inflicted with a serious cranial glitch. His alternate mode was designed to allow each of his heads to process input individually to maximize efficiency, but an unexpected side effect of this was the development of a split personality that now carries over even when the Monsterbot is in robot mode. Fellow Autobots are never sure “which” Doublecross they’re making a deal with, and there is no guarantee that the other personality will honor or even remember it as the dual identities seldom agree on anything. Many haven’t even noticed this defect yet and just assume the two-headed Monsterbot is inherently untrustworthy. These problems don’t impede the ferocity and savage nature that Doublecross exhibits as a warrior, however.

Abilities: Subject transforms into a winged two-headed dragon mode that can fly 80 miles per hour for over 800 miles. Each head in this mode has razor-sharp teeth and a fusion-generated flamethrower. In robot mode, subject wields a rust-ray rifle that corrodes enemy armor until it disintegrates. He is highly fuel-efficient but physically the weakest of the Monsterbots.

Weaknesses: Subject’s split personality causes minor and major mishaps. Although he’s a fierce fighter, his lack of physical strength makes him vulnerable to an aggressive counterattack.
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Strength: 4
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 7
Endurance: 6
Rank: 6
Courage: 8
Firepower: 7
Skill: 9

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