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Energon Rack n' Ruin

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Energon Rack n' Ruin

Postby The Librarian » Mon Apr 03, 2006 12:35 pm

Haven't posted in some time but I've at last got a 'proper' kitbash to show off.

During my quest for the all green Devestator (that's Constructicon Maximus for Hasbro's benefit) I was toying about with my twin Wideloads when I suddenly noticed that it was possible to join them together. You just have to remove the crane from one and the hand from another and they plug together perfectly.

So, with a bit of practice, a bit of lego, some spare stickers and a few strips of double-sided sticky tape, I give you:

Rack n? Ruin

Whilst the Decepticon?s attempts to replicate the Powerlinx process eventually led to the Cosntructicons, numerous earlier experiments resulted in the creation of highly unstable mechanoids who were quickly discarded as failures. Two such ?prototypes? were Rack and Ruin. Permanently fused together, they escaped from the scrap heap and eventually found their way to an Autobot base. Though the soldiers took them in, it soon became apparent that no one really knew what to do with the strange, conjoined robots. They were passed from squad to squad until they eventually ended up in the elite battle unit known as the Wreckers.

Harbouring deep-seated hatred for their creators, Rack n? Ruin have turned that anger into an impressive Decepticon body count. Indeed, the sight of the two small Autobots charging across the battlefield wielding a turbo-hammer and a laser anvil is something most of Megatron?s lieutenants have come to dread.




Using the anvil as a laser:


Ouch! Wrecking and ruling in their own, unique style:


They shouldn't really have an alt-mode but I gave them one anyway. And yes, it actually rolls along like that:


This would look a lot better if I could a) paint or b) kitbash properly but I can't, so just view its as a cheap and cheerful way to update that most unusual of Wreckers.

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Postby RavageX-9 » Mon Apr 03, 2006 3:06 pm

nice. interesting.
maybe you could also have a combined vehicle mode if you turned the hips around and turned the legs around as well, and joined the leg from either of the two sides.
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Energon Rack n' Ruin

Postby Dark_Fool » Mon Apr 03, 2006 3:54 pm

this is insane! I love it!
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