Everything must go

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Everything must go

Postby Krackazilla-prime » Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:20 pm

Hey everyone I have a few transformers I've grown apart from.
All are in great condition, some are missing weapons, otherwise are complete.
Some figures have instruction and figure that require a cyber planet key will have one.
Also available is a box of parts and pieces, and a movie prime voice changing mask.

To avoid this post being picture heavy I will Include one picture of the lot. If interested in more pictures or further information please contact me.


please disregard prices, as this is an edit.
Please make offers
Action figures shipped from ontario Canada

Lockdown 10$
Jazz 5$ (missing right hand and weapons)
Soundwave 10$ (missing weapon)
Prowl 10$
Longview 5$
Sunsteaker 10$
Rampage 10$
Sentinel prime 10$ (missing weapon)
Shockwave 15$
Leobreaker 20$
Vector prime 20$
Scourge 25$
Armada starscream 15$
Energon starscream 10$
Movie starscream 20$
Animated Optimus 25$
Skids 10$
Movie megaton 5$ (no wings)
Swerve 10$
Snarl 10$
Quickmix 20$
High score 100 5$
Jetfire 25$
Egg bot 5$
Camcorder bot 2$
Rhino bot 1$
Small megaton 2$

More to be listed,

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Re: Everything must go

Postby Krackazilla-prime » Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:38 am

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