FoC Optimus gets a upgrade

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Re: FoC Optimus gets a upgrade

Postby funklizard » Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:17 pm

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GuyIncognito wrote:
robotmel wrote:
Talking of size comparisons, the recent FoC screen shots show Ultra Magnus as being considerably smaller than Perceptor? Whats all that about? :???:

I think I saw a screenshot where Perceptor was labeled as a "Titan" class character. Doesn't seem right to me, either.

Yes; Perceptor is "Titan" class while Ultra Magnus is "Destroyer" class (same as Optimus). Tanks are by definition Titans; just like "Scientists" are by definition aircraft. It's part of the game mechanics; especially the multi-player part. I imagine that they decided that Perceptor would have a tank alt mode (based on the character's history) and dropped him into the game's existing class accordingly.

Obviously, the character functions as a scientist (historically as well as in the game); that just doesn't happen to be the character class his alt mode fits into.
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