FS - Transformers Generation 1 Act 4 PVC (eBay)

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FS - Transformers Generation 1 Act 4 PVC (eBay)

Postby DrLegend » Thu Nov 01, 2012 12:50 pm


I'm selling a complete set of the Act 4 PVC Transformers Pewter figures on eBay. These things have been sitting in their respective boxes while with no place on my shelf to call their own. Included in the set are:

Ultra Magnus
Acree (color version includes Daniel in Exo Suit but there is no pewter version of him)
Thundercracker (but honestly, in pewter, he could pass for Skywarp or Starscream lol)
Rodimus Prime w/Matrix of Leadership
Optimus Prime
Megatron with Laserbeak

If you end up winning the auction (or buying it now), send me a message that you are from Seibertron.com before you pay and I'll send you a new invoice with free shipping! I'm also willing to negotiate a reduced Buy it Now cost for Seibertron.com members so let me know if you're interested!

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