Generations FOC Wreckers and Beast Hunters Sharkticon Megatron Spotted In Retail!

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Re: Generations FOC Wreckers and Beast Hunters Sharkticon Megatron Spotted In Retail!

Postby megatronus » Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:32 pm

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AceMilo wrote:I live in NY and I usually hunt in NJ. I found them at the TRU on US22 and I figured they must be common now because I NEVER find stuff early here, too many scalpers. When I saw they wanted pics, I was shocked that no one sent any. Luckily I found a whole case so I got em all.

Very nice! Outside of Grimlock (which I snagged a few months ago), I am personally uninterested in Hasbro's FOC figures. If they go on crazy 'buy 1 get 2 free' clearance, which may very well happen around holiday time, I'll pick up a few, just for the sake of having them. We'll see.

I live in NYC, and hunt at the various Targets and TRUs accessible by bus/subway. I'm from NJ myself, and as such, I applaud your apparent ownership of a motor vehicle :APPLAUSE:

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Re: Generations FOC Wreckers and Beast Hunters Sharkticon Megatron Spotted In Retail!

Postby Hip-Hoptimus Rime » Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:37 am

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I just saw the FOC Wreckers at Walmart in Villa Park, IL, Rt. 83. There was one compelte set, and another minus Roadbuster.

They look really great in person, better than even Seibertron's great pics. Amazing but true!
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