Generations Warpath & Arcee?

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Re: Generations Warpath & Arcee?

Postby Badassimus Prime » Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:15 pm

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Optimus1138 wrote:
Blitzsword wrote:
headsortails wrote:
DecepticonFinishline wrote:Agreed. Both need their own molds. Especially Arcee. It always bothered me that there were hardly any female Transformers, and it bothers me even more that I don't HAVE any.... :/

Exactly- her and Slipstream for that matter.........

I agree with this notion - especially with having a Generations/RTS Slipstream ;) In times like these, I honestly wish Hasbro would take notes from these forums.

I would love a Classics styled Slipstream. We do need more female Transformers in general, but we especially need some female Decepticons.

Definitely true. I can't think of any Fembots that are currently in the CHUG line. It's a much needed subgroup.

funklizard wrote:
Blitzsword wrote:I agree with this notion - especially with having a Generations/RTS Slipstream ;) In times like these, I honestly wish Hasbro would take notes from these forums.

Slipstream would be great; but only if done justice. I can't think of a mold that could be repurposed to work for her; and I'd especially hate to see her in the seeker mold.

A WFC Slipstream would rock. But, sadly, I don't think it will happen. Not this round, anyway. That is, WFC2 is in the works and hopefully that will inspire some more game-derived figures. That's probably at least 18 months away, though.

That's sadly true. Although, if speculation is correct and the upcoming Warpath, Arcee, and Starscream figures are from WFC, then there may yet be a glimmer of hope for Slipstream :D
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Re: Generations Warpath & Arcee?

Postby NTESHFT » Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:29 pm

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I think Slipstream will wind up a Botcon or Transformers Collector's Cclub exclusive repaint from the seeker mold, or if they do a WFC figure, one of those.
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