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Motto: "Transform and smoke 'em!"
Weapon: Twin Shoulder-Mounted Rocket Launchers
Name: Hardhead
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Ground Assault
Alt. Mode: Stryker Armored Vehicle
Weapons: 2 Shatterblasters, 120mm Laser-guided Cannon
Height: 33ft./10m.
Quote: "It's either MY way - or NO way!"

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 06
Dexterity: 05
Speed: 05
Endurance: 09
Courage: 09
Firepower: 08
Accuracy: 08
Melee: 07
Tech Skill: 03
Charisma: 05
Rank: 06

Profile: Hardhead is a career soldier and a problem solver who gets things done hard and fast. To him, this means that he has no future once the war ends someday. Then he'll just be a walking reminder of it to be quietly done away with. In the meantime, the only way to get Hardhead to follow advice is to persuade him he came up with the idea himself. He knows only one way to do anything - his way. He's as stubborn as a Buick with a six year old battery on a cold winter's morning. He doesn't talk too much, but when he does he's usually brief and to the point, never sparing the emotions of others. Some would say he's businesslike, others would say rude. Soldiering is his life and on the battlefield, he's just as stubborn as anywhere else. Retreat is a dirty word to him. He'll fight until there's nothing left of his enemy... or himself for that matter.

Hardhead comes from a military background. However, before the war there were few threats and fewer battles. Most of his time was spent on guard duty, a job Hardhead grew to despise but put up with. However, when the Decepticon uprising began, Hardhead suddenly found himself right where he belonged. Under Optimus Prime's leadership, Hardhead has become significantly more confident in the Autobot way of doing things, appreciating Prime's understanding of the situation they find themselves in.

Abilities: In his armored vehicle mode, Hardhead has a maximum road speed of 155 mph. He's impervious to most armor-piercing artillery and is resistant to most thermal and electromagnetic beam weapons. His range is 450 miles. Mounted on top is a 120mm laser-guided cannon that shoots a variety of incendiary, sonic and explosive shells. In robot mode, he uses two shatterblasters, guns that shoot diamond-hard crystal shards that can shred a foot-thick steel wall with one burst. Furthermore, his vehicle mode exhaust gases can melt the finish of any vehicle or robot following too closely behind him.

Weaknesses: Although resistant to most exterior fire, Hardhead often suffers internal injuries from the recoil of his own weapons. His stubbornness has often been his downfall in many battles, often leading to battle plans being ruined and, whilst he has rarely been deactivated, has prevented his advancement into the higher echelons of the faction.

Holomatter Avatar: Hardhead's avatar is a human soldier wearing a camouflage army combat uniform.
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