Hasbro Transformers Website Update: Transformers Prime Character Profiles Added

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Re: Hasbro Transformers Website Update: Transformers Prime Character Profiles Added

Postby starscreamprime1010 » Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:34 pm

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Sabrblade wrote:
starscreamprime1010 wrote:It says Optimus has seen Megatron "use dark energon before, but never like this." It seems like they are trying to connect WFC and Prime even more, but it kind of contradicts the show in that the Autobots didn't seem to know what Dark Energon was before. Hmm. I'm just glad they are trying to connect the dots. (BTW I'm a firm believer in the Aligned Continuity)
Here's some clarification on this.

In "Darkness Rising, Part 2", Starscream seemed to be the one unfamiliar with the stuff, but he was really just giving exposition to the audience. There's still some elbow room in his words for him to be familiar with Dark Energon.

Later in the same episode, Arcee doesn't outright recognize Dark Energon by name, but by its similarity to experiments performed by the cons during the war, which did involve Dark Energon.

Then, in "Part 3", Ratchet doesn't recognize Dark Energon at first, but Optimus does. and once Optimus says what it is, Ratchet speaks knowledgeably about it, but notes of it having been said to be scarce in quantity. This jibes well enough with games and books as production of Dark Energon on Cybetron was halted near the end of the war, which could have led to its becoming rare by the time of the present.

Perhaps the reason Arcee and Ratchet didn't identity the stuff at first was due to its effects in the show (zombifying the dead) differing from those of the games/books (addictive drug that corrupted the mind and body). And with this new bio saying "OPTIMUS PRIME has seen MEGATRON use DARK ENERGON before, but never like this," that could very well refer to how the cartoon's Dark Energon acts differently to the Dark Energon of the games/book. Optimus had seen the old version of the stuff in the books, but not the new version of the stuff in the toon.

At least, that's my theory. ;) :-B

This... makes perfect sense. Thank You :grin:
I'm not extremely well versed with the use of Dark Enregon in WFC, but I've read Exodus plenty of times to see the difference. Not sure why I didn't put this all together in my mind before :-?
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