Hundreds of TFs for Trade/Sale!

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Hundreds of TFs for Trade/Sale!

Postby Vin Ghostal » Fri Sep 13, 2013 4:44 pm

Weapon: Acid Spray Gun
If you have nothing to trade, just make an offer! Anything reasonable considered.

Transformers (all MISB, mint condition)

Thundercracker (MISB, C10)
Acid Storm (MISB, C10)

Dark of the Moon
Optimus Prime Battle Helmet
Sentinel Prime (Leader)
Roadbuster (Human Alliance)
Leadfoot (Human Alliance)
Sideswipe (Deluxe)
Roadbuster (Deluxe)
Air Raid (Deluxe)
Optimus Prime with trailer (Movie Trilogy)

Revenge of the Fallen
Megatron (Leader)
Mixmaster (Voyager)
Wheelie (Deluxe)
Rampage (Deluxe)
Ravage (Deluxe)
Sideways (Deluxe)
Demolishor (Voyager)

Transformers (2007)
Barricade (Premium Deluxe)
Bumblebee (Evolution of a Hero 2-pack)
Bumblebee (1974 Camaro)
Bumblebee (Concept Camaro)
Bonecrusher (Deluxe)
Arcee (Deluxe)
Brawl (Deluxe)
Dropkick (Deluxe)
Longarm (Deluxe)
Payload (Deluxe)
Scorponok (Deluxe)
Swindle (Deluxe)
Wreckage (Deluxe)
Starscream (Voyager)
Ratchet (Voyager)
Blackout (Voyager)
Megatron (Leader)
Optimus Prime (Leader)
Big Daddy (Deluxe)
Cliffjumper (Deluxe)
Stockade (Deluxe)
Blackout (Premium Voyager)


Ironhide (Scout)
Starscream (Scout)
Optimus Prime/Megatron (Ultimate Gift Set)

Transformers Prime
Bumblebee (Deluxe)
Cliffjumper (Deluxe)
Knock Out (Deluxe)
Vehicon (Deluxe)
Wheeljack (Deluxe)
Starscream (Voyager)
Thundertron (Voyager)
Ultra Magnus (Voyager)
Breakdown (Cyberverse Legion)

Fall of Cybertron
Soundwave (Voyager)
Blaster (Voyager)
Springer (Voyager)
Sandstorm (Voyager)
Blitzwing (Voyager)
Optimus Prime (Deluxe)
Shockwave (Deluxe)
Jazz (Deluxe)
Eject and Ramhorn (Basic)
Frenzy and Ratbat (Basic)
Rewind and Sunder (Basic)
Rumble and Ravage (Basic)

Prime: Beast Hunters
Optimus Prime (Ultimate Class)
Predaking (Ultimate Class)
Ultra Magnus (Voyager)
Grimwing (Voyager)
Predaking (Voyager)
Sharkticon Megatron (Voyager)
Shockwave (Voyager)
Abominus (Legion Giftset)
Airachnid (Legion)
Blight (Legion)
Hun-Grrr (Legion)
Rippersnapper (Legion)
Twinstrike (Legion)
Windrazor (Legion)
Hardshell (Commander)
Bulkhead (Deluxe)
Dreadwing (Deluxe)
Lazerback (Deluxe)
Ripclaw (Deluxe)
Skylynx (Deluxe)
Smokescreen (Deluxe)
Soundwave (Deluxe)
Starscream (Deluxe)
Wheeljack (Deluxe)

Prowl (Deluxe)
Lockdown (Deluxe)
Snarl (Deluxe)
Sentinel Prime (Deluxe)
Jazz (Deluxe)
Rodimus Minor (Deluxe)
Swindle (Deluxe)
Ultra Magnus (Leader)
Bulkhead (Leader)
Megatron (Leader)
Bulkhead (Voyager)
Starscream (Voyager)
Blitzwing (Voyager)
Lugnut (Voyager)
Grimlock (Voyager)

Beast Wars
Rattrap (Transmetal)

Beast Machines
Mirage (Basic)
Scavenger (Basic)
Megatron (Mega)
Tankor (Mega)

Robots in Disguise
Megatron (Ultra)
Armorhide (Basic)
Movor (Basic)
Ro-tor (Basic)
Rollbar (Basic)
Grimlock (Deluxe)
Heavy Load (Deluxe)
Hightower (Deluxe)
Mega-Octane (Deluxe)
Prowl (Deluxe)
Side Burn (Deluxe)
Skid-Z vs. Windsheer (Gift Set)
Tow-Line v. Skyfire (Gift Set)
Wedge (Deluxe)
X-Brawn (Deluxe)
Dark Scream, Gas Skunk, Slapper (Mega)
Mindnight Express (Mega)
Optimus Prime (Super)
Ultra Magnus (Super)
Optimus Prime (Basic, Spychanger)
Ultra Magnus (Basic, Spychanger)
Nightcruz, Mirage GT (Mega)

Red Alert (Maxcon)
Starscream (Maxcon)
Cyclonus (Supercon)
Megatron (Gigacon)


Any G1/G2 MISB
TF07 Fracture
TF Prime Takara Breakdown
TF Prime Dreadwing (Voyager)
TF Prime Skyquake (Voyager)
ROTF Bludgeon (Voyager)
ROTF Mindwipe (Voyager)
Masterpiece Grimlock
Masterpiece Starscream
Masterpiece Rodimus Prime
Masterpiece Skywarp
Masterpiece Megatron
Make an offer!
Vin Ghostal
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Re: Hundreds of TFs for Trade/Sale!

Postby thechosenprime » Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:17 am

What do you think you could do for everything?
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Re: Hundreds of TFs for Trade/Sale!

Postby Vin Ghostal » Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:36 am

Weapon: Acid Spray Gun
Um...Fort Knox? :)
Vin Ghostal
Posts: 16
Joined: Wed Jul 30, 2003 12:57 pm
Strength: 8
Intelligence: 10+
Speed: 10+
Endurance: 6
Rank: 8
Courage: 3
Firepower: 8
Skill: 8

Re: Hundreds of TFs for Trade/Sale!

Postby xXbonecrushXx » Fri Oct 11, 2013 6:18 am

I am willing to buy some of your figures:

Animated Prowl: 8-10

Animated Lockdown: 8-10

Animated Sentinel Prime: 8-10

Animated Jazz: 8-10

Animated Ultra Magnus: 15-22

Animated Megatron: 15-22

Animated Starscream: 12-15

Animated Blitzwing: 12-15

Animated Lugnut: 12-15

RID Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus 35-45

I am willing to negotiate the price of them on there price of them or i will buy all the above for 125-135 dollars so could you please tell me your response.
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