I quit - selling 90% of everything

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I quit - selling 90% of everything

Postby Swindle01 » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:04 am

Im based in the uk but can send to America or anywere else if you want me to, just remember postage will be a little more

Ive basically had enough of how retarded this hobby can be price wise. Everything 3rd party just costs a sodding fortune these days and Hasbro just keep releasing shitty toy lines with weird ass looking characters like the animated and prime crap

I don't enjoy this hobby any longer so im gona sell everything as I would rather have the money and use it for something good rather than usless figures sitting on a shelf collecting dust

Prices are not set in stone but just don't take the piss if you gimme a low ball offer. prices are in UK Pounds as I am in the uk. As said before I will send to other places no problem

OK heres what im selling (BTW there mainly all classics)


CHMS dark yellow sunstorm - £25
Skullgrin - £25
Henkei Megatron (1st release) - £40
Rotf Bludgeon - £35
darkmount - £20
bts Nemesis Prime trailer with roller MIB (1st release) - £40
CHMS Henkei Rainmakers - sunstorm+acidstorm+icestorm - £70

Perfect Effect shadow warrior - red one - I THINK this is the yellow one but someone has painted the yellow parts red, I THINK as im not 100% sure on this one as he comes with the yellow edition box -£25

Thunderwing - £20

FansProject Insecticons - all 3 MIB - all 3 official FP items and NOT KOS - £150

Octane - £24

Custom Classics Trypticon - I made this using the zoids Giga figure and basically anyone who has seen ChibbyWaves version which sold for $900+ should be able to see ive followed pretty much 80% of the same method. With mine I added a gun tounge and my dino spikes don't bend 90 degrees.
Mine walks and has the same sound effects etc and the eyes also light up. He has his shoulder mounted cannons which also act as the base mode towers. Paint doesn't chip and everything has been sealed. Im not sure how to price this one If im honest, I was gona ask around 250-300 but I was told I could get more than that....so im leaving this one open to offers.

Ive added lots of little extra touches with trypticon. As u can see from the pictures his towers can flip outwards for attack mode and also can bend over the shoulders. The back of the rocket area also has exhaust flames inside the boosters themselves. Below that area is also a transforming cog. The vents on the leg section have also been painted a darker shade of purple. There is also a rub sign decepticon symbol on trypticons head and 2 other con symbols on his legs


BiS Hotrod -£14
G2 legends Ko Beachcomber - £12
Hasbro ratchet £40
Hasbro ironhide (1st release blue face edition) £20
countdown - £25
jetfire - £55
grimlock - £19
bumblebee (1st release) no jetski - £12
henkei cosmos - £12
henkei powerglide - £25
Gears of war weapon set 1 - Inferno ladder+missile launchers+mirage hologrambox+tape+crystals etc - £25 MIB

Rotf Superion with FP aerial crossfire superion kit MIB - I wasn't sure how to list this price wise as ive seen a MIB crossfire kit alone sell for £140 and the superion bots for £30. Yet at the same time ive also seen a complete set of both the superion guys AND the crossfire kit sell for around £230.

Im not sure if this is just because its mega hard to get ahold of so im leaving the superion and crossfire FP kit together open for offers.

Anything that doesn't sell I will just upload to ebay as I have already sold a huge amount of my collection on there already. This is pretty much whats left
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Re: I quit - selling 90% of everything

Postby Swindle01 » Wed May 01, 2013 10:35 am

listed a lot on ebay - didn't have time to list everything but heres some

http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/paulcook316/m ... 7675.l2562
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Re: I quit - selling 90% of everything

Postby Swindle01 » Mon May 06, 2013 8:50 am

megatron-ratchet-grimlock-powerglide-megs mace are now SOLD

ive added some other stuff on the ebay page if anyone is interested
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Re: I quit - selling 90% of everything

Postby pakuanhaji » Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:11 pm


Do you still have fansproject insecticons?
Can you sell as per item not set?
How much shipping to indonesia?

Thank you
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