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Illinois Transformers Sightings

Share your Transformers sightings here with other fellow Seibertronians in your area, meet other fans, plan meetups, and help each other find the latest new figure or great bargain at stores in your area. Feel free to help each other out finding other popular toys in your area as well.

Re: Illinois Transformers Sightings

Postby Seibertron » Wed Jun 25, 2014 10:51 pm

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Seibertron wrote:Any of you interested in going to the 3D RealD showing of Transformers Age of Extinction at Muvico in Rosemont on Thursday night at 9pm?

PG-13, 2 hr 37 min
Thursday, Jun 26
9:00 PM
Digital 3D | Reserved seating | MuviXL
Muvico Rosemont 18
9701 Bryn Mawr Ave
Rosemont, IL 60018

Bought our tickets last night. We are sitting in the 21+ section at the 9pm RealD 3D showing. Can't wait! Should be over right about now 24 hours from now. :D

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Re: Illinois Transformers Sightings

Postby philswitch engage » Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:30 pm

I know this may not be the right place for this, but I wanted to type out my Chicago related thoughts about AoE.

Mild spoilers ahead.

Despite being the rallying cry for the humans in the movie Chicago was rebuilt extraordinarily well, almost like it was never damaged at all.

If you have ever been to the auto show or C2E2, you have been on the floor of a transformers factory.

The chase scene through the skies of the city was absolutely beautiful.

The editing crew did a nice job of showing "Hong kong" in the background of the old factory north of the Stevenson, except for one split second shot where you clearly see the Sears Tower.
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Re: Illinois Transformers Sightings

Postby philswitch engage » Sun Jul 06, 2014 11:37 am

North riverside toys r us had hero masher grimlock and the bumblebee/swoop hero masher 2 pack.
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Re: Illinois Transformers Sightings

Postby char_leigh » Tue Jul 08, 2014 4:18 pm

Not sure if it's readily available -- but I purchased the last Quick N Change Drift at the Streamwood Walmart. So, if you're into Drift, the Quick N Change figure is out. Stopped by Quake West in Schaumburg. Aaron had a loose Commemorative G1 Optimus Prime. It's in great shape, but I think it's missing the blaster and the gas pump and hose thingie. Otherwise, the figure looks to be in great shape as is the trailer.
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Re: Illinois Transformers Sightings

Postby Hip-Hoptimus Rime » Thu Jul 17, 2014 7:27 pm

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Walmart in Villa Park, Rt. 83, had a few of the newer One-Step figs, Lockdown, Bee, Hound, and Slash (I think). I bought Bee and Hound. Hound uses OP's transformation, while Bee's is all new and surprisingly good. His fists fold out, his forearms rotate, and his arms swing forward.
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Re: Illinois Transformers Sightings

Postby dahpadre » Sat Jul 26, 2014 5:20 am

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Happy hunting guys. Here in IL & NW Indiana we always seem to get the first sighting of the TRU MP's that get released during SDCC.


I got mine yesterday afternoon from the Woodridge store and another friend of mine found some in Joliet as well as Hobart. If you know your local stores truck schedule this should be an easy grab.
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Re: Illinois Transformers Sightings

Postby philswitch engage » Sat Jul 26, 2014 6:42 am

Did they have prowl too?
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