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Weapon: Plasma Cannon
Name: Inferno

Allegiance: Autobot

Function: Search and Rescue

Alt. mode: Fire Truck

Weapons: Flame Suppressing Foam, Energy Dampening Beam, Surface to Air Missiles

Special Abilities: Ceramic Infused Armor, allowing Inferno to withstand up to 8000 degrees farenheit

Height: 30 feet, 10 meeters (this is a guess and subject to change)

Quote: 'The hotter it gets, the better I like it.'

RANK: 5 (according to profile

Profile: The hotter things get, the better I like it!" When Inferno says this, he's not merely referring to fires. His love for combat increases with its intensity as well, a fact appreciated by both friend and foe alike. Although his primary role is search and rescue, performing it usually takes him into the heat of battle where he is often distracted into participating. If Optimus Prime has any complaint about Inferno, it's that he doesn't stick to his assigned task. But that's because he wants to do too much, not too little, and Optimus can't really complain about that.

On Cybertron, Inferno was the top search and rescue bot either side had during the war. Hxe has a great care for his team mates and other species and has no problem putting himself in harms way for others. An ideal trait for his particular field. Unlike some medics and rescuers though, Inferno has no personal objections or pacsifist agendas about entering a hot combat zone or engaging the enemy in battle. In fact, he prefers to scrap a few decepticons while ensuring the safety of others. while new to Earth, he is eager to learn the culture and od whatever is necessary to protect the human populace from the war his Autobots have brought to this world, and to stomp a few Decepticons as well.

Abilities: In vehicular mode, Inferno has all the capabilities of a normal Earth fire truck. In robot mode, Inferno's strength is among the greatest of the Autobots. His ceramic-plated armored skin makes him resistant to temperatures of up to 8000� C. His extinguisher rifle not only shoots a stream of flame-suppressing foam, but can also stop beams of various types of electromagnetic radiation with its own energy-damping beam. By detaching his hands, he can use his forearms to launch short-range surface-to-air missiles.

The energy dampening beam, when used in combat can rapidly drain an enemy's shields or personal energon levels. While equipped with short range surface to air missiles, they are not overly effective against fast moving aerial targets and Inferno should not be considered a mobile anti aircraft bot. They are effective in taking out blockades though, and can be used as a defensive measure to throw aerial attackers off their intended course. At best, they are a nuissance to flying transformers.

Inferno's avatarin vehicular mode is that of a rather tall human male. This human refers to himself as Firefighter Daniels. He is dressed head to toe in traditional black rubber firefighter garbs. Mr. Daniels is bald with a scrappy beard, has blue eyes, and is in his mid thirties.

Weaknesses: Inferno isn't too good at following orders, which can lead to problems in performing his job as well as on the battlefield. His particular configuration makes him one of the least mobile of the Autobots when he's in robot mode.
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