Is anyone looking forward to watch Voltron force?

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Re: Is anyone looking forward to watch Voltron force?

Postby Sabrblade » Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:24 am

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deathy wrote:the 3rd dimension voltron CGI series suffered because it attempted to continue off a cartoon that ended nearly 15+years ago. expecting viewers to play catch up & being lost as most had no clue nor didn't see the original 1980's voltron series was a bad movie on the 3rd dimension voltron writters/creaters part.

This newer 2011 Voltron sries seems to follow in the 3rd dimension footsteps as the original bad guy king is gone & the kings son is leading the bad guys. again expecting viewers to do research,catch up & watch the older series eisodes is just is just bad writting & bad everything. trying to continue the main story from 25+years ago makes even less sense.

It would have made sense to do a reboot & start a fresh slate.
Both shows gave enough backstory in their first episodes to introduce new viewers to the story of Voltron and to help get them caught up with all that they needed to know.

Plus, The Third Dimension actually had it better than this series, since Defender of the Universe reruns were still playing in the early 90s under the name "The New Adventures of Voltron", complete with a new opening sequence (with even more disgusting-looking CGI than what The Third Dimension used). Your claim that it came on as a follow-up to an old show is voided when the old show it was following was still on the air only a few short years before it.

With this new series, all any new viewers need to know about the old show is told in the first episode: Voltron was a mighty robot savior formed by five piloted robot lions. He defeated the evil King Lotor (no mention of Zarkon because he's not important at this time) and his forces of Doom some years ago, but then was decommissioned due to the unpredictability of the lions. What more does one need to know that isn't covered later on in the episodes?
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Re: Is anyone looking forward to watch Voltron force?

Postby Sustain » Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:44 am

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I really need to watch this. *Runs off to find it*
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