Kreon Micro-Changers Galleries: Galvatron, Spinister, Scorponok, Waspinator, Crankstart and Sunstorm

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Re: Kreon Micro-Changers Galleries: Galvatron, Spinister, Scorponok, Waspinator, Crankstart and Sunstorm

Postby Gauntlet101010 » Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:37 am

RAcast wrote:
Gauntlet101010 wrote:This reminds me to be annoyed that Hasbro or Takara still haven't made a Classics Sunstorm yet. I mean ... why have a Sunstrom in eveyr single way possible EXCEPT classics?

E-Hobby Sunstorm would like a word with you.
There's also a Titanium Sunstorm.

Again, why have Sunstorm in every single way possible except for Classics? It's just baffling to me. The closest thing we have is the CHMS KOs.
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