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Masterpiece Acid Storm Custom

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Masterpiece Acid Storm Custom

Postby Transformers Hoarder » Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:44 pm

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I managed to secure myself a custom Masterpiece Acid Storm. I'll take some more pictures as soon as it gets here.




Here's the description.

You are bidding on an absolutely awesome Custom Transformers Masterpiece Acid Storm, one of the three legendary Transformer rainmaker seekers and the only one able to not only withstand but control the ability of acid rain to melt and corrode any material unfortunate enough to come in contact with him, Acidstorm is not one decepticon to be messed around with!!!  basing myself on a concept created some time ago, Acidstorm was customized with the highest quality automotive grade lacquer paint available and was modified on his hips to remove that undesirable hip kibble which when fixed not only gives him a more complete and streamlined appearance but better poseability not possible before! Acidstorm was also heavily modified his wings into a new batwing like shape to give him a more menacing look that sets him apart from his seeker brethren, and utilizing a unique method, I was able to replicate a truly awe- inspiring three dimensional acidic corrosion effect across his body,wings and tailfins  with the added benefit of awesome glow in the dark effects to really give a warning message to any autobot that dares come close! just charge it up with exposure to light and watch his menacing effect glow!  he was given several washes with high quality acrylics to bring out detail on panel lines in his body and circuitry details and was also applied with a subtle camo effect on his body that might not be so apparent in the pictures,then again it wouldn't be camo if it wasn't subtle! lol. Finally he was sealed throughout his painting process with Krylon UV resistant matte finish for a very durable and very long lasting paint job, although  while Acidstorm is fully transformable, VERY careful and limited transformation must be done to keep the paint from chipping or scratching, making this figure ideal for responsible adult collectors only. Figure measures about 9-10 inches tall in scale withothermasterpiece and leader class figures, comes 100% complete with instructions as well as custom painted null rays, missiles and base.      
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