Megatron the Musican

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Megatron the Musican

Postby Starscream's Girl » Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:22 pm

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The Decepticons on earth were at their base listening to some earth music, rock n' roll to be precise, on Soundwave. For Soundwave had transformed into his boom box mode.
Megatron was trying to come up with a new plan when he heard this racket. He stormed in to where the other Decepticons were, very pissed off.

"I can't think with all that noise!" he yelled as he walked to where Soundwave sat on a table. The music stopped as Soundwave jump up and transformed.

"We were just taking a break," the one Decepticon said to him.

"Yeah, Soundwave was letting us listen to some earth music called…" the other went on, "What was it called again?"

"Rock N' Roll," Soundwave said.

"Well it drives me nuts!" Megatron said. "If you must listen to music, if that is what they call that noise, then find something better!" He told them as he left, going back to his office area. The three of them looked at each and shrugged. Soundwave transformed again and they began to look for something different. They found some rap, looked at each other like, what's this crap! Then changed the station. They found some country, nah, to whiny. Then it was soft music. One of them gave a yawn. Nah, change it again. So they went back to the rock station.

Megatron was getting so close to coming with the perfect plan to take control of the Autobots, when he heard that music again. He storms right back into the area where the three were.

"I thought I told you to turn that crap off!" He yelled at them. Soundwave turned the music off but stayed in boom box mode.

"We tried to find something different, sir. But the other earth music is, well, how can I put this, boring!" The one Decepticon told him. The other one nodded.

Megatron sighed to himself. He tried to find something on Soundwaves' dial. And saw what they meant.

"How long were you planning on listening to music?" he asked them.

"Not that long."

Megatron left the room with a sigh. A few moments passed when he came back with a set of bongo drums. Soundwave transformed and the three Decepticons looked at each then back to their leader.

"Don't ask!" he told them. "And don't tell this to anyone!"

"Yes sir!" the three said.

Megatron started up, making a good beat. The three had never heard this before and they all kind of liked it. Though it didn't last long as Starscream walked in and saw what was going on. He busted out laughing.

Megatron heard his laughter and stopped. He gave Starscream a look that would freeze someone in their place. Starscream was about to run away when Megatron grabbed him.

"You finish! I've got planning to do!" He told him as he shoved Starscream in front of the drums. Starscream didn't say anything. Megatron left.

Soundwave and the two Decepticons looked at him.

"Play us something!" one of them yelled.


Starscream looked at them, then the drums, then back at them. Starscream tried playing them but wasn't that good.

"Megatron was better!" Soundwave said. Megatron came back after hearing that he had some fans, and he didn't feel ashamed anymore. Megatron came and pushed Starscream out of the way.

"Must I do everything around here!" He yelled. He started up again and they all just stood around watching and listening to him.


Authors note: This was written years ago with the idea of Megatron playing an instrument. It was for a contest.
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Re: Megatron the Musican

Postby BeastProwl » Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:44 pm

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Id'e say this works better in another universe aside from G1, maybe, Beast wars megatron? No starscream though... only in the episode possesion... Still, It's funny how they like bongo drums more than rock and roll, or at least as much as...
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Re: Megatron the Musican

Postby Wing Saber II » Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:47 pm

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BeastProwl wrote:Id'e say this works better in another universe aside from G1, maybe, Beast wars megatron? No starscream though... only in the episode possesion... Still, It's funny how they like bongo drums more than rock and roll, or at least as much as...

I see this working in Prime
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